Jack Kerouac
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Jack Kerouac (Character)
from Beat (2000)

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"Quantum Leap: Rebel Without a Clue - September 1, 1958 (#3.9)" (1990)
Jack Kerouac: Man. I can't lie. I speak for it. I speak out for freedom. I speak out for experience. I speak out for life. I speak out for all the roads criss-crossing America in one immense, infinite dream that glides in one infinitesimal holy honey of creation. That vast sea of the brotherhood that underlies the essence, the unborn essence of everything. I speak out for the road. Zen, apple pie, hustlers, pimps, crazy jazz, truck stops, cops, criminals, and all the things that blast past you while you're beed-boppin' down that ol' highway to heaven and hell.

Becky: No, I've got to see, I've got to do.
Jack Kerouac: I've got to move, I've got to groove - away from the rumbling hooves of suffocating mediocrity. That's what you were thinking, wasn't it? -... - I was talking to a friend the other day about this very subject. He was illuminating - like a thunderstorm at midnight. And when I overheard your dilemma, on my quest for a cup of coffee, I couldn't help but be reminded of it, and other things. On the wheel of life, we all go around, we are many people, at many times. We all go through phases of motion, devotion of the notion, of living on the edge... of life, or of a continent. But the road is not made of asphalt, but of the people we meet. And each of us is on a different journey. And that's OK. So sometimes it's OK to get off the road we ride on wheels, and just... stay. Something will come of it. 'cause that's a world worth writing about too.

Big Sur (2013)
Jack Kerouac: A man needs truth like a machine needs oil.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)
Allen Ginsberg: [reading his poem] Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I've heard the strange madness long growing in your soul, in your isolation but you fortunate in your ignorance. You who have suffered find where love hides, give, share, lose, lest we die unbloomed.
Jack Kerouac: Allen, that was beautiful, kid.
Lucien Carr: You wrote that?
Allen Ginsberg: You asked me to.