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Fitzcarraldo (Character)
from Fitzcarraldo (1982)

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Fitzcarraldo (1982)
[repeated lines]
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': I must stop my ship!

Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': This church remains closed until this town has its opera house. I want the opera house.
[shouting and ringing the church bells]
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': I want my opera house! I want the opera house! This church remains closed until this town has its opera house. I want my opera house! I want my opera house! I want my opera house!

Don Aquilino: Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry. This gentleman is harmless. He's just had a, a soul-stirring experience.
Rubber Baron: Sir. My servants will conduct you to the kitchen. My dogs' cook will prepare you a meal. Thank you very much, sir. You were superb.
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': To your dogs' cook.
[downs champagne glass]
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': To Verdi.
[downs champagne glass]
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': To Rossini.
[downs champagne glass]
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': To Caruso.
[downs champagne glass]
Rubber Baron: [picks up champagne glass] To Fitzcarraldo, the Conquistador of the Useless!
[raises glass]
Rubber Baron: Cheers!
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': As true as I am standing here, one day I shall bring grand opera to Iquitos. I will outgut you. I will outnumber you. I will outbillion you. I will outrubber you. I will outperform you. Sir, the reality of your world is nothing more than a rotten caricature of great opera.
Molly: Fitz, Fitz, let's go. This man is no opponent. He's as dead as a doornail.
Rubber Baron: Madam, I'm still standing firm on both my legs.
Molly: You're a big game hunter, aren't you?
Rubber Baron: What's that got to do with it?
Molly: Then you should know: When you shoot an elephant, he sometimes stays on his legs for ten days before he topples over. Good night!

Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': How can anyone learn patriotism from a school book?
Young Missionary: The Government requires it.
Old Missionary: The natives get used to it. Like vaccination.
Young Missionary: The children already feel like little Peruvians. The other day I asked them, "Are you Indians?" "No," they said, "not we, the ones up the river, they are Indians." And then I asked. "What are Indians?" "They said to me "Indians are people who can't read and who don't know how to wash their clothes."
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': And what about the older people?
Old Missionary: Well, we can't seem to cure them of the idea that our everyday life is only an illusion, behind which lies the reality of dreams.
Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald - 'Fitzcarraldo': Actually, I'm very interested in these ideas. I specialise in opera myself.