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Nerva (Character)
from Caligula (1979)

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Caligula (1979)
Nerva: Tiberius, you were wise once.
Tiberius: Don't taunt me! I am old.
Nerva: I've watched you grow into a monster! One by one, I've seen you murder your whole family, your friends, the noblest men in Rome.
Caligula: That is treason!
Nerva: No, it's the truth.
Tiberius: I am and always have been surrounded by enemies. In my own family, in the senate... You are cruel!
Nerva: Honest old men can sometimes see the future. So, from the evils past, and the evils yet to come, I now choose to escape.

[Nerva is dying]
Caligula: Nerva, what's it like?
Nerva: Warm, no pain... just drifting away.
Caligula: Can you see her?
Nerva: Who?
Caligula: The goddess, Isis?
Nerva: So you're one of those who believe...
Caligula: Do you see her?
Nerva: No.
Caligula: Are you sure? You're almost dead! What's it like, what's happening to you now?
Nerva: Slowly... drifting... like sleep...
Caligula: Liar... you can see her, I know you can! What is she like?
Nerva: No... Slowly...
Caligula: LIAR!

[seeing Nerva has cut his wrists]
Tiberius: Cretins... why did you permit him to do it?
[to two slaves looking on]
Tiberius: Bind his wrists... BIND HIS WRISTS!
[to Nerva]
Tiberius: You must not go, you must not leave me, you are my friend, my only friend.
Nerva: I've lived too long, Tiberius, I hate my life.
Tiberius: [to the two slaves] Leave us! Both of you!
Nerva: The man to choose the hour of his own death is the closest he will ever come to tricking fate. And fate decrees that when you die, Macro will kill me.
Tiberius: I'll arrest him, have him executed!
Nerva: You can't, he controls you. Anyway, even with Macro dead,
[looking at Caligula]
Nerva: how could I go on living with this... reptile?
Tiberius: [to Caligula] You will respect my friend always, won't you, reptile?

Nerva: When I am gone, Caligula will kill you. And then, someone will kill Caligula. Unless he is dead, before I am.