Eleanor Roosevelt
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Eleanor Roosevelt (Character)
from Warm Springs (2005) (TV)

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Warm Springs (2005) (TV)
Eleanor Roosevelt: [beginning to cry] I think we've lost him, Louis!
Louis Howe: He's down there to be alone. Let's give him what he wants. Meantime we'll change our focus.
Eleanor Roosevelt: To what?
Louis Howe: To you.

Eleanor Roosevelt: [Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor are headed toward the pool in Warm Springs] Tell me again why we came here?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: [somewhat impatiently] For the waters. Are you coming?

Louis Howe: [FDR is supposed to make a speech] What's the matter?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: What if I fall?
Louis Howe: If you fall, you just get up again.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: If I fall in front of thousands of people, I'll lose everything - except their pity. They'll never see past my legs.
Eleanor Roosevelt: My darling, they'll never see past your legs - until you do.

Eleanor Roosevelt: [a medical convention is to be held in Atlanta] I'm suggesting we crash the party.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Don't talk to me as if I were a child!
Eleanor Roosevelt: How am I supposed to talk to you?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Like I *was*!
Eleanor Roosevelt: I don't know how to, any more.

[last lines]
1920's Reporter: Mrs. Roosevelt, do you think that polio has affected your husband's mind?
Eleanor Roosevelt: [with a huge smile on her face] Yes, I do! I certainly do!

Sunrise at Campobello (1960)
Eleanor Roosevelt: I have this naive view that you should pursue principles without calculating the consequences.
Louis Howe: You're no politician.

Louis Howe: You don't have to remember a thing. You just read it!
Eleanor Roosevelt: I don't like *reading* a speech.
Louis Howe: Did you think the Gettysburg Address was ad-libbed?

Eleanor Roosevelt: Franklin, may I say a word?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Certainly, if you're going to agree with me.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Then I have nothing to say.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: That is hardly a sign of wifely devotion.

Truman (1995) (TV)
Eleanor Roosevelt: Harry, the President is dead.
Harry S. Truman: Mrs. Roosevelt, is there anything I can do for you?
Eleanor Roosevelt: Oh! Is there anything *we* can do for *you*? You are the one in trouble now.

"Backstairs at the White House: Episode #1.3" (1979)
Eleanor Roosevelt: Don't ever give your word until you check with the weatherman.

FDR: American Badass! (2012)
Louis: Did you debrief him?
Eleanor Roosevelt: Yes.
Louis: Cool. I hate when I have to take his boxers off.