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King George V (Character)
from "Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years" (1981)

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Wallis & Edward (2005) (TV)
King George V: Some day the whole ruddy Empire will look to you for guidance, and God help it when it does.

Edward: I work damned hard when I'm on duty, and when I'm off duty...
King George V: You are *never* off duty!

Bertie and Elizabeth (2002) (TV)
King George V: I have no pretensions of being able to run anything. But I do know a few fellows who can. I'm a very ordinary sort of chap... as are you, David. The difference between us is that you seem to be unaware of this very important fact.

[talking at dinner about the forthcoming marriage of Bertie and Elizabeth]
Archbishop Lang: My feeling, Sir, is that the wedding of these two young people - the Duke and Duchess of York - should be filmed, if that is thought appropriate, but not be allowed to be recorded over the wireless. The people might listen to it in *inappropriate* places.
King George VI, aka 'Bertie': What exactly do you mean by that?
Archbishop Lang: Public houses, for example. They might also not remove their hats at solemn moments.
David - Edward VIII: [scornfully] Why this obsession with ritual?
King George V: Monarchy *is* ritual - Boy! That's why. Doing things in the prescribed manner. You've read your Badgett. Monarchy is magical, and you can't let daylight in upon the magic. Little by little the newspaper boys and the wireless boys will be flashing their cameras, poking their microphones under your noses, and one morning you'll wake up and there won't *be* any magic. There won't be any monarchy, either.

The King's Speech (2010)
Stanley Baldwin: Sir, I have asked to see you today in order to tender my resignation as Prime Minister.
King George VI: I'm so sorry to hear that... Mr Baldwin.
Stanley Baldwin: Neville Chamberlain will take my place as Prime Minister. It's a matter of principle. I was mistaken. I have found it impossible to believe that there is any man in the world so lacking in moral feeling as Hitler that the world may be hurled for a second time into the abyss of destructive war.
King George V: [hearing the voice of his father] Churchill was right all along. This was always Hitler's intention.
Stanley Baldwin: I'm only very sorry to leave you at this great time of crisis. I'm very much afraid, sir, that your greatest test is yet to come.

King George V: In the past, all a King had to do was look respectable in uniform and not fall off his horse. Now we must invade people's homes and ingratiate ourselves with them. This family's been reduced to those lowest, basest of all creatures. We've become actors!

The Lost Prince (2003) (TV)
Prince George: [Speaking about Prince John] He was the only one of us who was able to be himself.