Buffalo Bill Cody
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Buffalo Bill Cody (Character)
from Pony Express (1953)

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Buffalo Bill (1944)
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: What killed my son?
Doctor: Diptheria.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: What's that?
Doctor: A germ.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Where does it come from?
Doctor: Water systems... and sewage. It's a crowd disease. A disease of civilization.

William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Mr. President. Ladies and Gentlemen. I was afraid I was going to make a fool of myself in front of you tonight. But that would have been all right, because a man can make a fool of himself when he's off his own stamping grounds. But when a man makes a fool of himself on his own stamping grounds, there's no excuse for him. I don't hold with General Sherman that a good Indian is a dead Indian. From what I've seen, the Indian is a free-born American who'll fight for his folks, for his land and for his living... just like any other American.

Ned Buntline: You know the Indian, Cody, don't you?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Nobody knows the Indian. I've had to fight them since I was fourteen. Pony Express, stage driver, scouting. Indians never do what you'd expect.

William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: When you do an Indian a favor, he never forgets it. But if you do him bad, he never forgets that either.

Louisa Frederici Cody: What is she doing here all alone?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: She's just old. When Indians get too old to travel, why they're left behind with a little food and fuel.
Louisa Frederici Cody: To die?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Yeah.
Louisa Frederici Cody: That's terrible! Can't we do something for her?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: It's the way of the people. There's nothing we can do.
Louisa Frederici Cody: Here am I, going to bring a new life into the world, and leaving an old woman to die.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: That's nature's way, Louisa. When anything becomes too old to be useful, it's just pushed aside.
Louisa Frederici Cody: But it shouldn't be! That's why we have civilization!

Yellow Hand: Now there is no debt and no friendship between us. If we meet in battle, as a brave of the Cheyenne, I will take the scalp of Pahashka and hang it on his lodge pole.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: It may be easier to hang it than to take it, Yellow Hand.

Sgt. Chips: I've been waiting for you. Somebody has written you a letter.
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Who, me?
Sgt. Chips: That's right, my boy. Who in the world would be writing to you?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: I don't know, but if you give me the letter, I'll find out.
Sgt. Chips: You'll get yours in your proper turn. The mail is delivered according to rank. And there's plenty ranker than you!

Louisa Frederici Cody: Your fond of me powderface aren't you?
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Any Horse would be ma'am, you lite to carry and you sit quiet
Louisa Frederici Cody: That what you said the first time we met, you repeating yourself Bill
William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Powderface is a horse of sound judgment ma'am and his sentiments are alright with me anybody he fond of, I'm fond of

Hidalgo (2004)
Buffalo Bill Cody: Hidalgo is a legend. He's never lost a long distance race.

Buffalo Bill Cody: [about Hopkins] Can cross the country in thirty days but can't find his horse backstage!

Pony Express (1953)
Captain William Frank 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: [to Indians] Next time send your chief Yellow Hand after me.

Evelyn Hastings: Mr. Cody, Mr. Cody, I can never thank you enough.
Captain William Frank 'Buffalo Bill' Cody: Sure you can if you want to.

The Plainsman (1936)
Louisa Cody: Will, does he kill like that?
Buffalo Bill Cody: Ain't a corpse-maker like him, honey!

Wild Bill Hickok: How do you like your bacon, Bill?
Buffalo Bill Cody: I like my bacon fine.

The World Changes (1933)
Buffalo Bill Cody: Texas Longhorns are ornery critters.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
[Grant, on a train with Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok and Col. George Armstrong Custer, is commenting on the decimation of the buffalo]
President Ulysses S. Grant: What happened to all the buffalo?
Buffalo Bill Cody: I shot 'em.

"Murdoch Mysteries: Mild Mild West (#2.1)" (2009)
Buffalo Bill Cody: [Realizing that Murdoch suspected he was lying about his poor eyesight] And you thought I was lyin'!
Detective William Murdoch: With all due respect, Mr. Cody, you've built a whole show around lies.
Buffalo Bill Cody: Well, people don't want the truth. No, sir, they want something else. They want a good story, and a good story told often enough... that can become the truth.

"Little House on the Prairie: For the Love of Blanche (#9.20)" (1983)
Isaiah Edwards: My name's Edwards, Isaiah.
Buffalo Bill: Bill, Buffao.
Isaiah Edwards: Bill Buffalo.
Buffalo Bill: No, not Bill Buffalo. Your name Edwards Isaiah?

Pony Express Days (1940)
[last lines]
Nevada Jim: [to Johnny] I'm goin' back to huntin' buffalo where a man can use his brains. My young friend Buffalo Bill is comin' along with me.
[to Bill]
Nevada Jim: Ain't yuh, hunh?
Johnny Frey: [to Bill] So, you've been believin' ol' Nevady's lies all along?
Nevada Jim: Hunh?
Bill 'Billy' Cody: Buffalo Bill Cody? It's got kinda a nice sound, doesn't it, Johnny?

Flaming Frontiers (1938)
Buffalo Bill Cody: Cheyenne, eh?
Tex Houston: Yep. Looks like Howling Wolf is on the warpath again.
Buffalo Bill Cody: Sure does and the old devil signed the peace treaty barely a month ago.
Tex Houston: Just another problem for Buffalo Bill to uncoil.
Buffalo Bill Cody: But you better come with me, Tex.

"The Young Riders: Requiem for a Hero (#2.8)" (1990)
William F. Cody: The West is gettin' stronger. Cities are growin'... Progress is...
Hezekiah Horn: Progress? Let me tell you progress, boy. When the telegraph gets here, you and a lot of other folks are gonna be out of work. Progress! See what we've done to the Mexican, the Indian - how we're on the verge of a Civil War because of what we did to the African... In California, they're doin' the same to the Chinese. Is that progress? This rifle can kill people faster than any other. You call that progress? Come on, boy, can't you see where it's leadin'?
William F. Cody: No, I guess not.
Hezekiah Horn: Ashes... my book... this rifle... my body... ashes.