Drew Carey
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Drew Carey (Character)
from "The Drew Carey Show" (1995)

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"The Drew Carey Show: Playing a Unified Field (#1.18)" (1996)
Drew Carey: [introducing his new girlfriend to Mimi] Mimi, this is Sioux with an X, Sioux, this is Mimi with an extra chromosome.

"The Drew Carey Show: Drew's Holiday Punch (#4.13)" (1998)
Drew Carey: [to Mimi] When they made you they broke the mold, cut the head off the mold maker and put his head on a stake.

"The Drew Carey Show: Drew Goes to Hell (#5.18)" (2000)
Mimi Bobeck: I want a pony.
Drew Carey: To ride or to feed on?

"The Drew Carey Show: Drew Live (#5.8)" (1999)
Drew Carey: Well, I better go tell Eugene it's over between us.
Lewis Kiniski: Eugene just told me my butt looks like a cupcake.
Drew Carey: That bitch!