Andell Wilkerson
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Andell Wilkerson (Character)
from "Moesha" (1996)

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"Moesha: Baby Love (#1.13)" (1996)
Andell Wilkerson: Baby? After all the free advice I been slinging around here?
Moesha: Not me, Andell, my parents.
Andell Wilkerson: Whew, girl, I thought I was gonna have to regulate.

Andell Wilkerson: I think you need to reconsider that decision.
Moesha: Why? Me and The Den Think Tank have already discussed it.
Kim: Yeah, we done already moved to the refreshment part of this agenda.

"Moesha: Break a Leg (#2.16)" (1997)
Kimberly Ann Parker: [after Mo calls for her to leave] Girl, I can't miss my commercial!
Moesha Mitchell: But you're not even in the commercial.
Kimberly Ann Parker: Oh, yes I am; I cast my shadow during one of the scenes and I wanna see if I made the cut!
Andell Wilkerson: So We gonna have two more weeks of Winter?

Moesha Mitchell: [Miles comes in after being beaten up] Miles!
Hakeem Campbell: Ooh, Somebody bombed on him!
Dee Mitchell: What Happened?
Myles Mitchell: [bloodied and beat] It's Nothing; I just got into a little fight.
Hakeem Campbell: Did you win?
Frank Mitchell: Oh, Hakeem! Of course He did!
Dee Mitchell: What Happened?
Myles Mitchell: Some kids on the playground kept saying I thought I was all that, Just because I was in a commercial.
Dee Mitchell: Oh...
Myles Mitchell: But I went Steven Seagal on them.
Andell Wilkerson: Mmm... And somebody went Jackie Chan on *you*.

"Moesha: Halloween Part 1: Kim Revenge (#3.9)" (1997)
Andell Wilkerson: Come on, y'all this is supposed to be a party. You should be dancing. Hey Niecy, I think that Cyclops has his eye on you.
[Guy in Cyclops costume looks at Niecy]
Niecy Jackson: He got his eye on everybody!

"Moesha: Ohmigod, Fanatic (#4.13)" (1999)
Moesha: Kim, ohmygod. You're gonna meet your favorite singer LeAnn Rimes.
Andell Wilkerson, Niecy: The country singer?

"Moesha: Job (#1.8)" (1996)
Sara: [gathering pennies] Andell, if we split a Cherry Soda, can we still get the free refills?
Andell Wilkerson: No, Broke-ahontas.

"Moesha: Break It Down (#3.11)" (1997)
J.W.: [During a self-defence session at the Den; J.W. pretends to be an armed robber] This is a hold-up! Give me all your money!
Kimberly Ann Parker: [points to Andell] This is the Den, she doesn't have *any*!
J.W.: Alright! Against the wall!
Myles Mitchell: He doesn't have a gun; Let's get him!
[All the women and Myles attack J.W]
Dee Mitchell: [hitting him with cushion] You have not had enough until we *say* you have had enough!
[she stops and Myles unsmasks him]
Kimberly Ann Parker, Myles Mitchell, Dee Mitchell, Moesha Mitchell, Andell Wilkerson, Niecy Jackson: JW!
J.W.: See, I told y'all you was gonna forget all that Self-defence mess! Y'all went straight up Street!
Moesha Mitchell: And you got straight up *beat*!