Fred Friendly
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Fred Friendly (Character)
from Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)

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Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)
Edward R. Murrow: Did you know that Shirley and Joe are married?
Fred Friendly: Yeah.
Edward R. Murrow: Did everybody know?

Colonel Anderson: Wouldn't you guess that the people who have seen the contents of that envelope might have a better idea of what makes someone a danger to his country, or do you think it should just be you, sir, who decides?
Fred Friendly: Who? Who? Who are these people, sir? Who are the people? Are they elected? Are they appointed? Is it you?

Fred Friendly: There's no news, boys, so go out there and make some news. Rob a bank, mug an old lady, whatever - just do something.

Edward R. Murrow: What'd the general have to say?
Fred Friendly: It was a colonel. Two of them.
Edward R. Murrow: That makes a general.

Edward R. Murrow: You always were yellow.
Fred Friendly: Better than red.

Fred Friendly: Did you write your closing piece?
Edward R. Murrow: It's Shakespeare.
Fred Friendly: Uh-huh. Write your closing piece.

CBS Page: [after they're all waiting anxiously for a phone call after a show] Should I turn the phones back on?
Jimmy: Yes, that would be helpful, thank you.
Fred Friendly: Turn the phones back on!

Fred Friendly: Shirley, honey, would you go across the street and get the early editions?
Shirley Wershba: All of them?
Edward R. Murrow: Just get O'Brian.

Edward R. Murrow: He's gonna hope a senator trumps a newsman.
Fred Friendly: He'll lose.
Edward R. Murrow: Not if we're playing bridge.

Edward R. Murrow: Milo Radulovich.
Fred Friendly: Italian?
Edward R. Murrow: Irish.

Edward R. Murrow: Did you know the most trusted man in America is Milton Berle?
Fred Friendly: See? You should have worn a dress.