John Rolfe
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John Rolfe (Character)
from The New World (2005)

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The New World (2005)
John Rolfe: [voice over] Sweet wife, love made the bond, love can break it too.

John Rolfe: I think you still love the man, and that you will not be at peace until you see him. In my vanity I thought I could make you love me, and one cannot do that or should not. You have walked blindly into a situation that you did not anticipate.
Pocahontas: You are the man I thought you were and more.

John Rolfe: [voice over] Who are you, what do you dream of?
Pocahontas: We are like grass.

John Smith: Who are you?
Pocahontas: Who are you?
John Rolfe: Who are you?

John Rolfe: [voiceover] When first I saw her she was regarded as someone finished, lost, broken. She seemed barely to notice of the others about her.

Pocahontas: [Rolfe wraps his arm around her waist from behind and kisses the back of her neck] I cannot do that.
John Rolfe: Why not?
Pocahontas: It would mean something I do not feel.
John Rolfe: What has come over you?
Pocahontas: I am already married... to him. He lives. I heard it by the fort.
John Rolfe: Married? You said you did not know the meaning of the word exactly.
Pocahontas: But I am.

John Rolfe: She weaves all things together.

[last lines]
Pocahontas: Mother, now I know where you live.
John Rolfe: [reading letter] "13th of April, 1616. Dear son, I write this so that someday in the future you might understand a circumstance which shall be but a far memory to you. Your dear mother, Rebecca, fell ill in our outward passage at Gravesend. She gently reminded me that all must die. 'Tis enough, she said, that you our child, should live.'"

Newport's Assistant: You're not ignorant to the heavy displeasure which almighty God conceived against the sons of Levi and Israel for marrying strange wives?
John Rolfe: No.
Newport's Assistant: Would you do anything necessary to bring this about?
John Rolfe: Yes.
Newport's Assistant: Would you write a petition explaining, as the wealthiest Planter in Virginia, the benefit this would offer the cause?
John Rolfe: [Thinking] The governor requires of me a letter stating acceptable reasons for our union.
Newport's Assistant: Could you state your hope that this might be the beginning of the great work of converting the Naturals? That this idea came to you in no way through any carnal affection, but for the good of the plantation, for the honor of your country? And your own soul, humiliated, saving an unbelieving creature and moving you and your general assembly to a new generation?
John Rolfe: [Thinking] And yet she does not touch me.
Newport's Assistant: If this be not your true intent, would you do that?
John Rolfe: Yes.
Captain Christopher Newport: Then surely you do love her, Mr. Rolfe.

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998) (V)
Pocahontas: [comes out of her room wearing panties and blouse] How do I look?
John Rolfe: [looks down] Lovely... in your underwear. Didn't Mrs. Jenkins...? Mrs. Jenkins!

John Rolfe: The Jenkins have been serving the Rolfe family for centuries. Careful, she's about to put on some tea.
Mrs. Jenkins: I'll put on some tea!

John Smith: [Pocahontas runs off] Pocahontas!
[he tries to run after her, John restrains him]
John Rolfe: Let her go.
John Smith: You may not care about her safety...
John Rolfe: [rounding on him] Don't you dare tell me I don't care about her!
John Smith: [realizes the truth] You love her.

John Rolfe: Well, you didn't say, "Thank you," either. Whatever happened to manners and etiquette?
Pocahontas: Well, since you are new here I don't expect you to have them yet.

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas (1953)
Rolfe: [Referring to Nantaquas] This rogue means to kill you.
Capt. John Smith: It's plain he has no love for me.

Rolfe: [Referring to Smith's marriage to Pocahantas] It's sacrilege for John Smith to do this thing!
Fleming: May hap, my friend, but it'll be most pleasant on a cold night.