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King Louie (Character)
from The Jungle Book (1967)

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The Jungle Book (2016)
[from trailer]
King Louie: You're the man-cub who wants to stay in the jungle.
Mowgli: How do you know that?
King Louie: Kid, I got ears. My ears got ears. Only I can protect you.

King Louie: No one leaves!

King Louie: Seize him!

King Louie: Now you are a man cub who wants to live in the jungle.
Mowgli: How do you know that?
King Louie: Kid, I got ears. You wanna live here? You need people to protect you. Only I can protect you.

King Louie: [singing] Now you might think it's ridiculous/ That me, a gigantipithicus/ Would ever dream, I'd like to team/ With the likes of you, man-cub/ But together, we'd have powers/ All the jungle's treasures, ours/ I got desire, you got the fire/ But the dream I dream takes two. So, ooh, I wanna be like you/ I wanna use that flame just the same/ You can do/ Oh, how magnificus it would be/ A gigantipithicus like me/ Could learn to do like you humans do/ Can learn to be like someone like you/ Can learn to be like someone like me.

King Louie: You know who I am?
Mowgli: No.
King Louie: I am the king of the bander log. Call me Louie.

King Louie: Throw him off a cliff.

King Louie: Where are you going, man-cub?
Mowgli: Stay away from me!
King Louie: You got no one left i'm your only hope. Where else you gonna go?
Mowgli: I'll go back to the wolf pack. I'll go back to Akela.
King Louie: Akela? Oh you didn't hear. Shere Khan killed him. Must've been on account of you.
Mowgli: No! You're lying!

King Louie: Just one thing we need to reach our full potential, bring me the red flower.Then we will rule this jungle and i will protect you. And you will want for nothing ever again.
Mowgli: I can't.
King Louie: You can till you won't!
Mowgli: I can't!
King Louie: You will!

Baloo: [after seeing Louie for the first time] Oh my gosh is that King Louie?
[Louie looks annoyed]
Baloo: This is so exciting. The legend do you know justice sir? You are truly enormous!
[Chuckles nervously]
Baloo: Look at all that flesh just squatting there on that ancient throne. How majestic!
King Louie: [to his monkeys] Seize him!

Baloo: Hey! Hang on! Can you just hang on! I climbed up a mountain to see you just to be in your presence. For me this is a dream come true.
King Louie: Throw him off the cliff!

"TaleSpin: The Road to Macadamia (#1.60)" (1991)
Louie: [At the end of the episode; after saving the kingdom of Macadamia from a coup] So are we going back to Macadamia?
Baloo: Oh no, I've had enough of those nuts!
Louie: We going out on that joke?
Baloo: Looks like it.

King Amok: [after Trample is exposed] Well, anything to say, Trample?
Chancellor Trample: [bawling] Convict me! Jail me! Torture me!
Louie, Baloo, Princess Lotta Lamour: Sounds fair.

Baloo: Well, Here we are at last; On the Road to Macadamia.
Louie: Huh, That sounds suspciously like a song cue to me.
Baloo: Is that a request?
Louie: No, I was warnin' the camels so they could cover their ears!
[Camel brays]
Louie: See, your reputation precedes you.

Louie: [Seeing the Impoverished state of the Kingdom] Dig, Last time we was here Macadamia was knee-deep in dough.
[Three locals chase a chicken with cutlery]
Baloo: Well, it looks like the *Dough*, ran *low*.

Chancellor Trample: Your majesty; If you allow me to wed Princess Lotta Lamour, I will donate my fortune to save the Kingdom.
Princess Lotta Lamour: No! I will never marry Chancellor Trample! He is a loathsome, festering carbuncle on the face of our Kingdom!
Chancellor Trample: [undeterred] What are you *really* saying?
Princess Lotta Lamour: Touch me, and you're *dust*, buster.
Baloo: I like that girl's spark!
Louie: The rest of her ain't bad, either, man.

Princess Lotta Lamour: [after a Cobra appears under a hat] What'll we do?
Louie: Can't you *charm* a snake with music?
Baloo: Yeah! I'll *sing*!
Louie: I'll take my chances with the snake!

Chancellor Trample: En guard!
[takes sword from shield]
Louie: Whoa! My Mama didn't raise me to be no cold cut!

Princess Lotta Lamour: I don't know what I can do to thank you.
Louie: Well, I'd be happy to prepare a short list...
Baloo: [picks Louie up] And when it comes to *short*, He's an expert!
Louie: Isn't it time for you to *hibernate*?
[snaps Baloo's cap over his eyes]

Louie: Let's make like a nose and blow!

Princess Lotta Lamour: [Sees Louie doing his "psychic" turn] What is he doing?
Baloo: An out-of-body experience; No wonder with a body like his.
Louie: Better out of my body than out of your mind.
[shines crystal ball in Baloo's eyes]
Princess Lotta Lamour: [groans] I may go out of *mine*, if I have to marry Trample.
Baloo: Now don't you worry blue-blooded head, ol' Babaloo will save you.
[attempts to kiss her but Louie cuts in]
Louie: En contraire, Babaloo,
[kicks him out of the way]
Louie: If anybody's gonna save her, it's gonna be me
[cuddles up to Lotta]
Baloo: Tut, tut, now run along and scare up a seance!
[shoves Louie out the way but, he returns and is about to hit him with the crystal ball]
Louie: Why, you Wolf in Bear's clothin'!
Princess Lotta Lamour: Don't fight; You see I'm very fond of you *both*.
[to Louie]
Princess Lotta Lamour: You're so Brave!
[to Baloo]
Princess Lotta Lamour: You're so Strong!
Louie, Baloo: You're so right!
Baloo: You can count on, us Princess.
Princess Lotta Lamour: Thank you.
[kisses Baloo]
Princess Lotta Lamour: and You.
[kisses Louie; both he and Baloo collapse love struck, Lotta sighs before leaving their suite, the guys run to the mirror to check themselves out]
Baloo: Guess I'm just her type.
Louie: Yeah, Dumb, Dark and Hairy! Puff up your pillow and *dream*, I'm the guy with the Magic!
Baloo: Good! Then why don't you just *disappear*!
[yanks Turban down over Louie's eyes]

"Jungle Cubs: Fool Me Once.../Trouble on the Waterfront (#1.13)" (1996)
Prince Louie: Now wait just one minute, Snarkle-snout.

Prince Louie: Absopositutely.

Baloo: Baggy could get hurt, or lost, or...
Prince Louie: Or miss dinner.

Prince Louie: I'll never forget this, pal.
Baloo: I'll make sure you don't.

Prince Louie: [of the prank they both played] I'll never forgive myself.
Baloo: I know, Lou. I'll never forgive ya either.

The Jungle Book (1967)
King Louie: [singing] Now, I'm the king of the swingers, whoa / The jungle V.I.P. / I've reached the top and had to stop / And that's what's botherin' me / I wanna be a man, Man Cub / And stroll right into town / And be just like the other men / I'm tired of monkeyin' around.

Mowgli: Gee, cousin Louie, you're doing real good.
King Louie: Now here's your part of the deal, cuz. Lay the secret on me of Man's Red Fire.
Mowgli: But I don't know how to make fire.
King Louie: [singing] Now don't try to kid me, Man Cub / I made a deal with you / What I desire is Man's Red Fire / To make my dream come true / Now give me the secret, Man Cub / Come on, clue me what to do / Give me the power of Man's Red Flower / So I can be like you.

King Louie: Ha-ha, so you're the mancub? Crazy.
Mowgli: I'm not as crazy as you are, put me down.

Mowgli: [to King Louie] What do you want me for?
King Louie: Word has grabbed my royal ear... Have a banana.
[he pops a banana neatly out of its skin and into Mowgli's mouth]
King Louie: ... that you want to stay in the jungle.
Mowgli: [his mouth full of banana] Stay in the jungle? I sure do.
King Louie: Good, and ol' King Louie...
King Louie: Ba-ba-do-bay-boo-boo-doo-doo...
[stops scatting]
King Louie: ... that's me, can fix it for you.
[he takes two bananas]
King Louie: Have two bananas.
[like the first one, he pops these two out of their skins and into Mowgli's mouth]
King Louie: Have we got a deal?
Mowgli: [his mouth full of banana] Yes, sir, I'll do...
[he swallows them]
Mowgli: I'll do anything to stay in the jungle.
King Louie: Well, then, I'll lay it on the line for you.
[he starts singing "I Wanna Be Like You"]

"Jungle Cubs: A Night in the Wasteland (#1.1)" (1996)
Prince Louie: This place is so quiet, it makes a graveyard look lively. Oh, what am I sayin'? It *is* a graveyard.

Prince Louie: [laghing at Kaa and Baloo stuck in an animal ribcage] I don't wanna rib you guys, but we can't stick around here.

Prince Louie: [the others are stuck in a skeleton where they went out to try and scare Khan] Hold on, fellas. I'm gettin' the bare bones of an idea.

[last lines]
Shere Khan: I'm not afraid of anything.
[a loud roar makes him gasp; meekly]
Shere Khan: Mommy.
Baloo: What's that, Khanie?
Shere Khan: Uhh, uh, nothin'. Uh... look guys, I gotta go; my... mom's callin' and, I mean I... See around, OK?
Prince Louie: [laughing with the others] I'd say Shere Khan's still a few stripes below the top of the food chain.

"TaleSpin: Louie's Last Stand (#1.50)" (1991)
Louie: [Rejecting Benson's offer to Buy his club] K-N-O-W. No.

"How It Should Have Ended: How the Jungle Book Should Have Ended (#11.7)" (2016)
Shere Khan: Bagheera, I heard you killed a man-cub that I so much despised. Thanks for the assist.
Bagheera: I did not assist, it was the wolves!
Colonel Hathi: What's this poppycock I hear about panthers murdering small children?
Bagheera: I did no such thing! It was the wolves!
King Louie: I do NOT wanna be like you-hoo-hoo!

"TaleSpin: For Whom the Bell Klangs: Part 1 (#1.39)" (1990)
Maitre'D: Wait gentlemen! Do you have a reservation?
Baloo: Oh that's okay, I'm with him.
Louie: And I'm with him.