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Tess (Character)
from "Touched by an Angel" (1994)

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"Touched by an Angel: Rock 'N' Roll Dad (#2.14)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: [reading gravestones] "Rest in peace"..."Rest in peace"..."Rest in peace."
Tess: Well, most of the time that's the only rest that anybody ever gets.

Monica: [of cemeteries] If people knew what was waiting for them, they wouldn't make these places so sad.
Tess: Well, grieving is a very powerful thing, Miss Wings. It's a good thing. It's a healthy thing. It's a healing thing. And it helps you get rid of a lot of pain. But It's something you should go through, not something you should hold onto.
Monica: I don't understand why human beings hold onto things that hurt.
Tess: Well, it's like if you give up the pain, you give up the person you've lost. It's a hard lesson, but there's only one way to learn it.

Tess: It's a music video, and I use the word music very loosely.

Tess: [watching him dance] Andrew, what're you doin' to yourself?
Monica: Lookin' good!

Tess: Let me guess: rock'n'roll is dead and the Angel of Death has come to bring us the glad tidings.

Andrew: I'm one of his biggest fans.
Tess: Well, you're his silliest.

Tess: [of rock] Music.
Tess: She's been a little cranky since the death of swing.
Andrew: Yes, and I'm still grieving, so don't you give me any trash, Mr. Angel Boy.

Dylan Mateos: I'm sorry, if you're making a delivery go to the service entrance; no autographs or pictures, please; and if you haven't announced yourself at the gate I must ask you to leave.
Tess: I am your new nanny.
Dylan Mateos: I didn't have an old nanny.
Tess: Well, you got a new one now. Let me talk to your mother.
Dylan Mateos: I'm sorry, if you're making a delivery go to the service...
Tess: Back off... and get your mama.
Dylan Mateos: OK...
Tess: ...And what are you snickering at?
Monica: You have such a wonderful way with children, Tess. They respond so well to you.
Tess: You keep that up and watch how I respond to *you*, Miss Wings.

Dylan Mateos: God is dead.
Tess: Says who?
Dylan Mateos: My dad.
Tess: Is that so; well, I'd like to see his research.

Tess: This is a beautiful letter. God loves good penmanship.
Dylan Mateos: I figured.

Dylan Mateos: Monica says when you're mad you should write a letter to God.
Samantha Mateos: That is so lame.
Tess: Well, lame or not, it would do you good; you'd be surprised at what He can write back.
Dylan Mateos: Ya gotta have good handwriting, though.

"Touched by an Angel: Show Me the Way Home (#1.2)" (1994)
Monica: [the day of the big game] Tess, any last-minute pointers?
Tess: Well, same thing I told the Babe. Hit far and run fast.
Monica: That's it?
Tess: Well, I never got any complaints outta him.

Tess: I told you he needed an umbrella but I didn't tell you to hit him on the head with it.
Monica: I know. I got angry.
Tess: Well, anger's not so bad. You just gotta be careful where you put it. So now you're sitting out here contemplating the infinite, huh?
Monica: And what it takes to run it. I can't see the plan, Tess. I know I'm supposed to be doing something but I don't know what. He said so many awful things.
Tess: You see, that anger's clouding your brain. Forget what he said. What did you hear?
Monica: I heard fear. Fear that his life has been a waste. He knows that he's dying and he knows that he's dying by himself.
Tess: Oh, honey, we all die by ourselves. It's living by ourselves that hurts. What is he leaving behind that will last?
Monica: I don't know.
Tess: Some of our best living is done by the people we leave behind.

Tess: You're speaking to the angel who showed the Babe which way to point. And you know who kept Kirk Gibson in that locker room 'til he was ready to hit that home run?

Tess: This week you'll be substituting for the history teacher. He's on jury duty.
Monica: Perfect. I'll simply reminisce.

Tess: A mighty storm is rising. And the rains are about to fall hard on that man. And he's gonna need an angel to hold the umbrella.

Laura Enloe: Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder, did I say the right thing to my son? Should I have let him do this? Should I have said no that? What would Frank have done?
Tess: He would be doing the same things you're doing.

Laura Enloe: You said you got a job, but a barkeeper!
Tess: Well, she didn't need a stripper.

Laura Enloe: The other boy the scout's considering? That's him.
[points to the pitcher batting for Peter]
Tess: It's never simple, is it?

Laura Enloe: You have worked as a bartender, right?
Tess: Honey, you know the martini? You know the olive? You know that little red thing in the middle? That was my idea - the little red thing.

Monica: I can't change him.
Tess: Of course not. That's not your job.

"Touched by an Angel: Out of the Darkness (#2.17)" (1996)
Tess: You've had quite a nap.
Steve Bell: Yeah, I guess so. Although, there haven't been any breakthroughs in hospital food while I've been gone.

Tess: Uh, this is Monica; she's your physical therepist.
Steve Bell: Look, everything seems to be workin' fine.
Tess: Well, I'm sure it is. But you haven't walked or run or lifted, or moved at all, for five years. And so your muscles are gonna have to be retrained. That's where Monica comes in.
Monica: Yes, I'll be, um... physically therepizing you.

Tess: Now you keep up with your walking; if I find out you that haven't Doctor Tess is gonna come and run you ragged. Don't make me put on my Air Jordans.

Tess: [meeting Monica at the hospital] Baby, the doctor's in.

Tess: I haven't seen you this down since the time the cappuccino machine broke... That was a joke, by the way.

Al: Is this a crisis?
Tess: It is now.

Al: I like to think of myself as an angel's angel.
Tess: Yeah. She does, too.

Al: Tess, darling, you don't mind if I use your office, do you?
Tess: Yes, I do.
Al: Always the kidder.

Tess: [leaving Monica with Al] Baby, this is outta my hands now. But I will be praying for you.

Monica: [of Al] How did she get this job?
Tess: I think she knew somebody.

"Touched by an Angel: An Unexpected Snow (#1.7)" (1994)
Tess: [Adam is attempting to play the piano, but isn't doing well] Where did you learn to play?
Adam: Funerals.

Tess: Adam, I got a job for you.
[Stands up and shows Adam a turkey wandering nearby]
Tess: See that turkey over there?
Adam: Alexander?
Tess: What did I tell you; don't go getting sentimental on me. That's Thanksgiving dinner walking away right there.
Adam: [realizes Tess wants him to kill the bird since he's the Angel of Death] Oh, nooo...
Tess: Send him to his Reward and do it quickly.
Adam: Come on, Tess, not me...
Tess: Who else? If anyone should know when his time is up, it's you.

Adam: Behold, the noble turkey. You do realize that Benjamin Franklin actually proposed the turkey as the national bird.
Tess: Ben was a nosy motormouth who didn't have sense enough to come out of the rain.

Adam: What is in the stuffing?
Tess: Oh, that's an old recipe that I got a little while back.

Tess: Adam - do you take requests?
Adam: Absolutely.
Tess: Stop Playing.

Monica: Tess... would you sing somethin' for me?
Tess: I'm tired.
Monica: Oh, please. My soul misses it so.

Tess: I am an angel. Sent by God. Now you can accept that or not. But what you will accept when I'm finished, is the concept of fidelity, lock, stock, and barrel. Do I make myself clear?
[he's too shocked to speak]
Tess: I'll take that as a yes.

Tess: [to Adam of Jack] Get him to tell you his theory on the Male Syndrome Death thing. Might be an education for you.

[last lines]
Monica: I'm really thankful for you, ya know, Tess.
Tess: [putting an arm around her shoulders] Well, thankful is as thankful does, Miss Wings; I simply adore you. I adore you so much.

"Touched by an Angel: Fear Not (#1.9)" (1994)
[first lines]
Monica: [at a stained-glass window] Don't you just love the way the sun pours through?
Tess: But they got the nose all wrong.

Tess: People have been painting pictures and writing songs and making movies about Heaven and all, ever since they could breathe. And they never come close.

Monica: Now Serena's music - that comes pretty close to the real thing.
Tess: Yeah she and Johann Sebastian have a lot in common. You give them a little glimpse of Heaven and they're off and singin'. But some people, you coan put Heaven right smack dab in front of 'em...
Wayne: [as they're watching him] Joey...
Tess: And they still can't see anything to sing about.

Tess: We're from the Seraphim Organ Service.
Edna: We didn't call any service. You should talk with the pastor. Deacon Jamison, did Pastor Mike mention anything to you about organ service?
Deacon Jamison: Mm-mm.
Tess: But this is covered by a service agreement.
Edna: [chuckling] But this organ's a hundred years old.
Tess: Ah, but it was a lifetime guarantee.

Edna: Shepherds, back to the field; wise men, places.
Tess: Uh - the shepherds were over here and the wise men were over there.
Edna: ...Back - to the altar.
Tess: No, they were to the west of the manger, and Balthazar was in the front.
Wiseman: Say what?
Edna: There was Balthazar, there was Melchia, and there was Gasper. And the shepherds were just sort of - cowering, right about here.
Edna: Is this from your imagination or from memory?
Tess: [Chuckles] Honey, you'd be surprised what I can remember.

Tess: The only light in that little boy's life is his friend. But light is a powerful thing, baby. And the light from that little girl is gonna reach into all the dark corners of Joey's life. It's gonna strengthen his faith. It's going to illuminate his brother's soul. That light has got to shine brighter than it's ever shone before. Before it goes out.

Tess: You see that big red boat over there? That's my car. And not everybody gets a chance to ride in that.

Edna: Are you sure you've done this before?
Tess: Oh, it's gonna be just like bein' there.

Tess: When life keeps you in the dark, baby, that's when you start looking at the stars.

"Touched by an Angel: Portrait of Mrs. Campbell (#2.20)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: Makes you think, doesn't it?
Tess: Yeah. Makes me think this man's in the wrong line o'work.
[Monica chuckles]

Monica: This looks like an interesting work. It's as if there's another painting underneath.
Tess: Pentimento.
Monica: The wee red thing in an olive?
Tess: No, that's a pimento.

Tess: Pentimento is when one painting is painted over another. It's like, the artist started painting a sunny day. And something changed, and she painted right over top of it.
Monica: Well, why wouldn't she just start a new canvas?
Tess: 'Cause she thought she could hide it. People do that all the time, baby, whether they're artists or not.

Monica: [seeing a child's drawing] Now that's the kind of art I'm good at.
Tess: I know; you're gonna have to work on that.

Monica: Well, how can I keep track of two assignments?
Tess: Don't worry. You can always find them at each other's throats.

Tess: Three things to remember. I love you. Number two: you're not here for the art, you're here for the people. Number three...
[removes Monica's beret]
Tess: take off that hat.

Tess: You think by dying you can protect somebody else. You die, you can't protect anybody.

Tess: Tess is a beautiful name for a girl.
Andrew: [reading the test results] Yes!
Tess: Thank you, Andrew.

[last lines]
April Campbell: Monica, how did you d-?
Monica: I prayed.
Tess: Imagine that.

"Touched by an Angel: Til We Meet Again (#2.13)" (1996)
Tess: I will never get over how humans find ways to grieve.

Tess: [of Monica and Andrew] It's gonna be a long night but you have got the best angels in the business working on this.

Tess: That's the trouble with secrets, sweetie. If you let somebody in your heart, they're gonna find out what's in there.

Elizabeth Carpenter: Will someone please explain what's going on?
Tess: Well, first, in case it's still not clear, I am not an interior decorator, and Monica is not a nurse.

Tess: God has sent us here to bring your father home. To be perfectly accurate, there's another angel that will escort him when the time comes. But, all of us, we've got a lot of business to take care of before then.

Kate Carpenter: I'm confused.
Tess: Well, that's abundantly clear. But - God is not the author of confusion. He likes to write happy endings.

Chris Carpenter: Then, Dad is OK and this is some kind of miracle?
Tess: Well, technically this is what we call a special dispensation. Your father is going to die, Chris. And you can conclude from the presence of the angels that: this is not a bad thing. Or at least it doesn't have to be.

Tess: There's a moment when humans remove themselves from this place, and get down to the business of dying. You see, his spirit is straining to remove itself from a body that won't release him.
Elizabeth Carpenter: Is he in pain?
Tess: Oh, no, no. The pain's all gone; there's more death here than life.
Kate Carpenter: The other angel. Is he here?
Monica: Yes, Andrew is here. And he's in touch with that part of your father's spirit that you can't communicate wtih.

Tess: It is Mr. Carpenter's time.
Monica: Andrew is here. Why do you need me?
Andrew: [tossing the football to himself] Well, what's a good receiver without a good passer?

"Touched by an Angel: Angel of Death (#3.17)" (1997)
Tess: Stay away from a thing called junk food. And stay away from coffee. I've got enough trouble with another angel already. She's on vacation picking coffee beans. Miss Wings cannot get enough of that double mocha latte.

Tess: O blessed Lord, give me patience and give this child some rhythm.

Celeste: Is it true if one breaks off another one'll just grow right back?
Tess: The fingernails, yes. The fingers, no.

Celeste: Why do people care about magic, when God creates miracles?
Tess: Eric loves illusions. It keeps him from having to face the truth.

Andrew: And now I've got five minutes to find someone... to find someone who looks good in tights.
Tess: Well, don't look at me. But I think I know someone.
[he laughs]

Monica: Aush, you know that nothing's ever really lost.
Tess: God knows where he is but, He isn't tellin' me.

Monica: I didn't even think you liked that wee mutt.
Tess: He's not a mutt. He's a special blend like this coffee you drink.

Tess: That's what happens when people have secrets. They end up being haunted by the truth. And it won't go away until they face it.

Tess: God wants Eric to choose life, and no one can do that for him, not even God Himself.

"Touched by an Angel: The Quality of Mercy (#2.21)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: "To be, or not to be."
Tess: I would definitely say: not to be.

Tess: [of Shakespeare] He was a strange little man. He kept writin' down everything and sayin' "Alas." He really talked like that. Drove the local folks crazy.

Tess: If Shakespeare was alive, he'd drop dead.

Monica: Tess, is Andrew here on business?
Tess: Well, he's certainly gonna do a death scene. We just don't know if it's on stage or off.

Tess: God made us angels, not police. Now we can hope and pray that he makes the right decision, but the choice is his.

Joel Redding: What is this?
Tess: A chapel. Some people think of it as a place for reflection and meditation.
Joel Redding: Well, it doesn't look like he's in here.
Tess: Well, I think you oughta sit down.
Joel Redding: What?
Tess: To reflect and meditate. Sit on down.
Joel Redding: I beg your pardon?
Tess: Well, we'll get to that pardon part later.

Tess: Who you are and what you do matters to God. Now, how charming you are, and how many autographs you sign, and how many of those little gold statues you got sittin' on your copier table, will not impress the Creator of the Universe. Now you can play all the roles you wanna play. And it won't matter a bit. Because you're not playing the role God created especially for you.

Tess: What do you care about being loved as a TV star when you're already loved as a father, a husband, and a child of God?

Tess: God is your Helper, and He loves you, and He is listening.

"Touched by an Angel: The Big Bang (#2.9)" (1995)
Tess: [looking at Franklin's picture on the $100 bill] Benji never wore his hair like that.

Tess: [of money] I don't know why they put so much faith in that little piece of paper.

Tess: How much faith do you have?
Monica: Well, that's a silly question. I'm an angel.
Tess: Well, what would you do if I told you angels don't have any faith at all?
Monica: What?
Tess: Sooner or later every angel finds that out. Sooner or later.

Tess: Lord, give me patience and give it to me right now. And satisfaction, and make it soon.

Jackson Spears: You hate me, don't you?
Tess: No, hate has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it's never solved one yet.

Jackson Spears: An eye for an eye; that's what it says in the Bible, right?
Tess: You will not use the Good Book for your dirty work. God decides on rewards and punishments, not you.
Jackson Spears: I have the gun. That makes me God.
Tess: You may have turned your back on God but He's still facing you. Welcoming you.
Jackson Spears: Oh, here... A religious nut; here we go.
Tess: You think you're God and *I'm* the religious nut?

Jackson Spears: You know, you people crack me up, ya know that? I mean, you're afraid of the dark so you invent this thing and call it faith, and then - pretend to believe what you can't even see.
Tess: But the reward of faith is that you *see* what you believe.

Tess: You kept that faith. Or maybe you found it...
Monica: It wasn't easy.
Tess: Well, if it was easy, anybody could do it.

"Touched by an Angel: Lost and Found (#2.18)" (1996)
Monica: I can't even imagine which one is my assignment; they - they all need an angel.
Tess: And there's been an angel assigned to every case on the outside.

Monica: Elevators are such a great place for meetin' people, Tess; why can't they see that?
Tess: Well, people are suspicious; they don't know when you're gonna steal their money, or their car, or... or...
Monica: [Monica turns to see what she can: Kathleen] Or their souls.
Tess: Speaking of the Devil...

Tess: Computers. Give me a fine quill pen and hand-pressed parchment any day.

Tess: Trying to make sense outta evil will only give you a headache, Miss Wings. Evil is for evil's sake, period. Its goal is - chaos and destruction.

Tess: The miracle is there's no more evil in the world than there is.

Tess: "If" is the saddest word in the history of language.

Tess: You hang onto that "if" long enough, it can eat a hole right into your heart. But let it go. Tell people whatcha know, whether it sounds dumb or not. And then, that little word has no more power over ya. It's up to you.

"Touched by an Angel: Crisis of Faith (#3.16)" (1997)
Tess: Nothing is ever over and God is never finished. Humans see to that.

Tess: People cannot always see the ripples before they cast the stone into the universe.

Tess: [to the dog] I guess now I have time for you. The hobby that's supposed to relax me.

Tess: [to the dog] And don't go gettin' in that pound again; I'm not bailin' you out anymore.

Tess: You know, the secrets of these casseroles is to eat 'em, honey.

Tess: God has not left you alone in this. And He doesn't want you judging yourself or anybody else. He wants you to do what you've been doing. Be His child. Let Him comfort you. Nobody can comfort You better than He can right now.

Tess: [to Andrew then Monica] You better go tend the flock, while you go find the shepherd.

"Touched by an Angel: Beautiful Dreamer (#5.6)" (1998)
Tess: I dunno, Sam. There's a whole lot o'them and just one of me.
Sam: And here I thought you loved children.
Tess: I do love children; I'm an angel, that's what I do, but actually talking to them and things... Gettin' 'em to listen and stop 'em from runnin' around and fidgeting and, asking question after question after question...
Sam: Tess. Tess.
Tess: What?
Sam: When children stop asking questions, that's when you've got a problem.

Principal: Anyone not in their seat in five seconds is gonna spend the day with me in the principal's office.
Tess: [the kids scramble to their desks] How'd she do that?
[Sam chuckles]

Calvin: [quoting Booth] What was the bitter end like?
Tess: Are you sure you wanna know? It might change your career plans.

Tess: One man pulled the trigger, and broke every heart in America.

Calvin: So did John Wilkes Booth go to Hell?
Tess: Well, he had to make a decision. And he decided to separate himself from God. And that's about the worst Hell you can imagine. Lot of angry people do that.

Tess: Where would this country be if the children stopped thinking of how to make it a better place to live?

Tess: God can make a hero out of you, if you let Him.

"Touched by an Angel: The Heart of the Matter (#1.6)" (1994)
Tess: Now I'm still gonna be hung up here for a while with this TV anchorman. I'm having a devil of a time convincing him he's not the Second Coming.

Tess: Now get going, baby, and remember: God loves lawyers too...

Tess: When are you going to learn to stop hearing and start listening, Miss Wings?

Tess: Don't you be worried about how much time he's got. That's all taken care of. You just worry about how he spends it.

Tess: Whatever happened to the Coupot? And the minuet; you remember the minuet? 1-2-3, 1-2-3, bow, and curtsey. Kept the hormones in a perpetual state of perpetual anticipation.

Tess: Nothing's really wrong with the man's heart, except he's terrified of lettin' it out again.

Tess: What if you ran away from home, and nobody noticed?
Monica: What if you gave away your heart, and nobody cared?

"Touched by an Angel: Fallen Angela (#1.4)" (1994)
Monica: I'm afraid of the water.
Tess: Say that again?
Monica: I never had to work near lakes and oceans. I always asked to be excused from those and I was. Bad memories of the Flood, I guess.
Tess: This is ridiculous! What is the first thing an angel says? "Fear not. Be not afraid. Except for large bodies of water." Is that it?
Monica: I know there's nothing to be afraid of. I know it doesn't make any sense.
Tess: Well, actually, it makes good sense now. The thing you're terrified of is something she loves.
Monica: Who?
Tess: Your next assignment, Angela Evans. She's fighting a terrible fear. The kind that comes in the night and whispers in your ear 'til dawn and then sends you running to the sea just to get the voices to quit for a little while. But Angela's voices won't quit. Not until her own voice drowns them out.

Tess: People only carry on in the dark when they don't want you to see what they're doing.

Tess: Well, we all have our little idiosyncrasies, don't we? You don't like water and I'm not much on patience.

Tess: Sometimes we're afraid of what we can't control.

Monica: I wish I could make that decision for her.
Tess: That's not what love is.

Monica: I've never had a friend before.
Tess: Who am I, chopped liver?
Monica: You know what I mean. The more I get to know about human beings, the more I get to know about myself.
Tess: Well, while you're learning about human beings, I wish you'd learn to make a good cup of coffee.

Monica: You know, Tess, sometimes you can be really pushy.
Tess: That's what friends are for.

"Touched by an Angel: The Feather (#2.11)" (1995)
Tess: The first day one believes can be the most beautiful and the most difficult.

Tess: A miracle is a very fragile thing. And if you don't take care of it you can let the truth get twisted out of it. And that's when it becomes dangerous.

Tess: Anything from God can become dangerous in the wrong hands.

Tess: The sad truth, baby, is that, wherever there's an opportunity, there's an opportunist. And nothing brings 'em out faster than a good old-fashioned miracle.

Tess: He's at a crossroads, baby. And you've gotta get him out of the intersection
Joey: [from downstairs] Wayne...
Wayne: Be right there, Joey.
Tess: Someone is speeding in is direction, and he's about to get hit head-on.

Tess: They're eager to embrace the miracle. And eagerness is what a conman loves best of all.

[last lines]
Tess: That's what I call a miracle.
Monica: How come people only notice them at Christmas?
Tess: Well, we're working on that. We're working on that.

"Touched by an Angel: The Southbound Bus (#1.1)" (1994)
Monica: [uf humans] How do they do it, Tess? They get up every morning and start all over again. Takes a lot of courage to do that. And they don't even know what we know.
Tess: God help 'em.

Monica: [getting off the bus, sees an angry Tess] Now, before you say anything...
Tess: Don't tell me what to say or when, Miss Wings. I want to know what you're doin' here!
Monica: Well, I just thought...
Tess: That's where you made your first mistake. Did I tell you to think north? No, I distinctly remember telling you to get on the bus and go north. GO north. Now, you get your little angel butt back to the city, and take care of business.
Monica: But I am. I'm helping David.
Tess: You were told to stay close to David. That's what he needs
Monica: What David needs is his mother, and all of a sudden my instincts were kicking in, and...
Tess: Wait just a minute. Let me see if I understand you correctly. You want me to go back to the Creator of the Universe, the Alpha, the Omega, the Great I Am and explain that the words of the Almighty were disobeyed because Monica's instincts kicked in?

Monica: It worked. Thank God it worked.
Tess: What'd you do?
Monica: I did something really radical, Tess. I prayed.
Tess: Now you know that's dangerous. But if you think that gets you out of that little mess of yours, you got another thing coming.
Monica: Oh, c'mon! Admit it. I pulled it off
Tess: You and Who else?

Tess: People are complicated things.
Monica: I know. That's what I love about them.

Tess: Don't start eatin' everything you see.
[Monica chuckles]
Tess: Now I spent my first assignment as a food-tester for one of the Caesars. Look at me.
[Monica chuckles again]
Tess: It takes a century to take it off.

Tess: You must be little David.
David Morrow: I'm not little.
Tess: Well, I never saw adults with dinosaurs on their underwear before.

"Touched by an Angel: In the Name of God (#2.6)" (1995)
Tess: Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

Tess: The world is full of people who don't want to get involved. That's how trash like this can happen.

Tess: Going from love to hate, that's easy. But going from hate to love, that's hard.

Tess: [on where Satan gets his power] That darn free will.
Frank Littleton: God screwed up; free will is a curse.
Tess: Free will is a gift. And love is a choice. And hate leaves you no choice at all.

Tess: He can't stay any longer than you let him. Don't let him hurt you anymore.

Tess: Do you want power or do you want truth?

"Touched by an Angel: There But for the Grace of God (#1.10)" (1995)
Tess: He doesn't want to need you or anybody else. His self-esteem may be shot but he still has his pride.

Tess: You don't even need to be an angel to give that man what he needs right now.

Tess: Just because you feel like you're invisible doesn't mean you are. Never give up, baby.

Tess: Shame just brings you down. True humility - that lifts ya high up.

Sophie: Now, uh-uh, where was it exactly we met again?
Tess: You remember when we lived on Cherry Street?
Sophie: Well, that's privileged information.
Tess: I know, but I have a high-level security clearance.

Sophie: [recognizing her] The cab-driver.
Tess: I got my own rig now. You oughta see it. It's a nice big red thing.

"Touched by an Angel: Trust (#2.2)" (1995)
Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: I'm just tryin' to figure out which flower you remind me of.
Tess: Snapdragon.

Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: They call me Cueball.
Tess: Cueball? Fine. You just sit in that little corner pocket and do your job, I'll sit here and do my job; we'll get along just fine.

Zack Bennett: Need backup, Sycamore and A Street
Tess: A as in Angel?
Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: You can be *my* angel.
Tess: Back off; I'm workin' here.

Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: [of himself and his wife] We're separated.
Tess: Well, maybe you wouldn't be if you tried your lines on her instead.
Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: What're ya sayin'?
Tess: Do you love her?
Henry W. 'Cueball' Seek: Course I love her.
Tess: When was the last time you *showed* her you loved her?... Mm-hm. Just what I thought.

Tess: The simplest things are the hardest to say.
Monica: Like "I'm sorry." Like "I didn't mean to hurt you." Like "I love you," like "We'll get through this somehow."
Tess: Like "Don't hog the bread."

Tess: You don't hit bottom... you hit God.

"Touched by an Angel: Birthmarks (#2.23)" (1996)
Whit Russell: I'm always around.
Tess: Funny - so am I.

Tess: Not much firm in this life.

Whit Russell: Toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup.
Tess: Hamburger with the works, just the way God intended.

Tess: We've probably got some good old days in common.

Tess: Never say never, baby.

"Touched by an Angel: Fighting the Good Fight (#5.24)" (1999)
Monica: Two boys, four angels.
Andrew: I've seen it take as many as six, seven angels.
Tess: Yeah, but it only takes one God, 'cause He's the one that's got the plan.

Tess: My name is Tess. This is my gym.
Tim: Well, who's Gronsky?
Tess: There is no Gronsky, but it sounds good, doesn't it?

Tess: Mr. Ali is a friend of ours, Tim. And I'm an angel. Just like Andrew, and Rafael.
Tim: An angel? Like a dead person?
Tess: Oh, no, like a live angel. Created for a purpose.

Tess: [of Muhammad Ali] He says if you're not fighting out of love, it's just a fight, and you'll never win.

Tess: Now you can float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. But if you wanna be a winner like Muhammad Ali, you'll fight the good that love can give. Because love is the greatest, and the best way to live.

"Touched by an Angel: Reunion (#2.7)" (1995)
Sam Mitchell: [on the roof] When I was a little kid I used to come up here to mull things over.
Tess: Well, did you ever mull over getting' another special place?

Tess: And I'm not typically exciting on these revelation things. Monica lights up like a Christmas tree half the time. But I've always put stock in plain old-fashioned facts. Even if sometimes they do come out a little rough.
Sam Mitchell: I guess you're only human, right?
Tess: Well, that's my point.

Tess: Well, there's nothing more dangerous than loving, unless it's not loving.

Tess: He didn't say it was gonna be easy. But he says it's surely gonna be worthwhile.

[last lines]
Monica: Roses are red, napkins are handy...
Tess: [revving up] That's my cue.
Monica: Weddings are nifty, 'cause they give ya free candy!
Tess: [causing her to laugh] O, God, why don't you help me? Please help me with this child.

"Touched by an Angel: Flesh and Blood (#2.22)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: I don't understand what people see in tea. How could they not prefer coffee? But, I suppose just as there are cat people and dog people there are tea people and coffee people.
Tess: And listening people and talking people.

Monica: She doesn't look like she needs an angel.
Tess: She doesn't. Right now she needs a friend.

Tess: [the reporters try to follow Kate and Monica through the door she closed] It's locked. Wonder how that happened.

Tess: Father, there are a lot of fired-up people here who need to be cooled down. Whatever You do will be greatly appreciated.
[Thunder crashes]
Tess: That's a nice touch.

Tess: The truth will set you free. The truth'll set everybody free. But that does not mean it's gonna drop in your lap; you've got to find it first.

"Touched by an Angel: Cassie's Choice (#1.5)" (1994)
Tess: You remember that man who lived around here about two, three-hundred years ag, got lost in a blizzardo
Monica: Yes. Yes, I do. I led 'im to a cave.
Tess: He spent that winter ice-fishing and concocting stories to tell to his tribe when he got back home.
Monica: I remember. He told them later that it was the most wonderful season of his life. He said that he had met himself that year.
Tess: Hm... People too busy to meet themselves anymore. Everybody's faxing and modeming and onlining and imputing and downloading and overnighting... You don't like it? Change the channel. Push the button. Escape. Delete. You know, you can say anything to anybody, anywhere in the world, in seconds. But it still takes as much time as it ever took to know a soul... mend a broken heart, or... give birth to a child. In this world of change, some things just don't. And children like her - they get lost in the in-between.

Tess: I'll transfer. Back to, Revelations and Annunciations. At least there what I said was taken seriously.

Tess: Well, taking people home to their reward can wear a soul down. Especially if you feel misunderstood.

Tess: I wasn't created yesterday, you know.

[last lines]
Monica: I made the pawnbroker an offer he couldn't refuse.
Tess: O, Lord, here it comes.
Monica: I took care of his siattica. Is that wrong, Tess?
Monica: Father, why will you not help me with this child?
[Monica laughs]

"Touched by an Angel: Manny (#1.8)" (1994)
Tess: Patience is a virtue. Virtue is a grace. Put them all together and they make a happy face.

Tess: [trying to choose a name for Tess' convertible] Helen.
Monica: Too mythological.

Tess: When you choose a name it's got to show who are. It's got to represent the nature of the thing you're namin'; don't you know that?

Monica: A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, right?
Tess: Yeah, but the problem is most people think more about the name than the rose.

Tess: Snobs aren't born. They're created.

"Touched by an Angel: Clipped Wings (#3.18)" (1997)
Tess: You know you're buckin' for the Angel of Annoyance award.

Tess: Ruth had her own special kind of pet angel. Like I have with Monica.
[Andrew raises his eyebrows]
Tess: A-and you too, baby.

Tess: I get caught up sometimes. Maybe I've been too hard on her.
Andrew: [wryly amused] That's right; she has been.
Tess: [nudging] Please, don't help.

Tess: Frightened people often hide behind anger.

"Touched by an Angel: The Driver (#2.4)" (1995)
Monica: They invent clocks, and then they become slaves to them. They invent - little jobs and then become prisoners to them; they - they build all sort of roads going nowhere and then they spend all their time going up and down and back and forth and, ya know, sometimes I could just shake them... Well,, in a nice way, I mean.
Tess: You been hittin' that coffee a little too hard lately, huh?

Tess: Well, the problem with most driven people is that they make the mistake of thinking they're doing the driving. That's how accidents happen.

Monica: I-I don't know that I can give blood.
Tess: Oh, I bet you can. I bet your blood is purer than the driven soul.

[last lines]
Monica: When are you finally going to relax when I'm in the driver's seat?
Tess: The driver's seat? Who knows; I'm waitin' for a sign.
Monica: There's one: BRAKE FOR SNAKES.
Tess: That's not the kinda sign I'm talkin' about.

"Touched by an Angel: Tough Love (#1.3)" (1994)
Tess: Honey, will you wake up and stop *smelling* the coffee?

Tess: [of coffee] It's like life. You never really know how good it is until you taste it.

Elizabeth Jessup: [sobbing] I'm sorry... I'm sorry... What am I gonna do?
Tess: You just did.

"Touched by an Angel: Angels on the Air (#2.5)" (1995)
Sandy Latham: I don't believe in God.
Tess: Well, that's too bad because He believes in you.

Tess: It's quite a world out there. Disposable careers, disposable wives... Disposable faith.

Tess: Sometimes the things that you think will never happen do.

"Touched by an Angel: Til Death Do Us Part (#6.5)" (1999)
[first lines]
Monica: What do you suppose God had in mind when He created cows, Tess?
Tess: Well, I wanna say hamburgers. But I don't think that's the right answer.

Tess: The Father doesn't want you to say good-bye, yet.
Andrew: What good could I possibly do here now?
Tess: Well, let's just see what good *He* can do.

[last lines]
Tess: [to the cow nosing around her pockets] Go away, go away, I have nothin' for ya, nothing. Nothing.
Monica: [Chuckles] They're just friendly creatures, Tess.
Tess: Well, the flies certainly like 'em!
Andrew: Oh, come on Tess, go and make yourself a new friend.
Tess: I don't need a new friend but I might need some new shoes after this.
[the others chuckle]

"Touched by an Angel: Indigo Angel (#2.15)" (1996)
Tess: If you got soul, you sing the blues.
Monica: Anybody ever sing the yellows or the greens?

Tess: Well, times change. Humans call is progress. Sometimes progress is progress. But mostly it's just an excuse to tear something down.

Tess: Now there're gonna be hard times - war, money problems, and something called disco - but you're gonna make it through.

"Touched by an Angel: Unidentified Female (#2.10)" (1995)
[first lines]
Monica: Tess, if you could go back and do any day over again, what day would you choose?
Tess: [chuckling] Oh, I dunno. I've had some doozies. But it would be a happy one. And definitely sometime after the discovery of chocolate.
[Monica chuckles]

Monica: Sometimes the end is just the beginning, huh?
Tess: The end *usually* is just the beginning.

Tess: It hurts so awfully bad when a beautiful life is taken away from us. But it's never really taken away.

"Touched by an Angel: Dear God (#2.19)" (1996)
Tess: Thirty-two cents to send a piece of paper from here to there. Ben told me this would happen but I didn't believe him.
Monica: Ben?
Tess: My good old friend Ben Franklin. I helped him start the post office a couple centuries ago.
Monica: You told me he was a nosy motormouth.
Tess: Well, most of my best friends are motormouths if you get my meaning.

Tess: Nobody's communicating anymore. They're just wasting trees.

Monica: [reading mail for her] I'm a winner already!
Tess: Yes, you are, baby, and neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep you from your appointed assignment.

"Touched by an Angel: Operation Smile (#2.8)" (1995)
Monica: I'm workin' on a plan.
Tess: Well, that's good.
Monica: Can I borrow your car?
Tess: [reluctantly handing over the keys] ... I hate this plan already.

Tess: [knocking] Ding-dong. Angel calling.

Tess: Well, your problem is that you get too emotionally involved in your cases... Which is one of the things I love most about ya.

"Touched by an Angel: The Hero (#1.11)" (1995)
Tess: Any boy who studies that much is looking for answers that aren't in a book.

Tess: Honey, there is nothing more dangerous than a man taking pride in the wrong thing.

[last lines]
Tess: Now don't you go getting emotional on me. You can't go around crying over every job.
Monica: [choking through tears] Oh, you're a fine one to talk.
Tess: [watches her using a handkerchief] Save one for me.

"Touched by an Angel: The One That Got Away (#2.12)" (1996)
Tess: [as the wedding singer] This song is for my friend Andy.

Tess: Love is like air. There's plenty of it to go around for everybody.

[last lines]
Monica: If you really, really, *really* love somebody, always bring them back some meatballs from the weding.
Tess: Ohh, Miss Wings, I have trained you right. Don't be shy, baby; come on, dig in. Ooh, yes.

"Touched by an Angel: Sympathy for the Devil (#2.3)" (1995)
Tess: Where we'll going, it will be a study of the unnatural.

Tess: I like this new Monica. Tough. Aggressive, angel-with-an-attitude business.

Monica: [of Kathleen] Do you think if I dressed like that I'd be more successful?
Tess: Absolutely. I'm just afraid to think what you'd be successful at.

"Touched by an Angel: Statute of Limitations (#2.24)" (1996)
Tess: And if you need me I'll be at the mixing board; I just love punchin' them buttons.

Tess: God wants every person to be a whole person. A completely unique individual.

"Touched by an Angel: A Joyful Noise (#3.2)" (1996)
Tess: Jogging is just walking fast enough to be uncomfortable.

"Touched by an Angel: The Blue Angel (#8.14)" (2002)
Tess: Blue angel. Huh! I don't even want to think how she got that cold!
Gloria: Tess, why do human beings always say 'God bless you' when they sneeze?
Tess: It's from an old superstition from when people believed you might lose your soul when you sneeze.

"Touched by an Angel: The Sign of the Dove (#7.21)" (2001)
Adam: Tess. Little weenies in the, buns and everything that go with them.
Tess: Where?
Adam: Right over here.
Tess: I've been looking for them.

"Touched by an Angel: Angels Anonymous (#8.10)" (2001)
Tess: [exasperated after a run-in with an irate customer] Lord, just give me 5 minutes with that man. That's all I need, just 5 minutes!

"Touched by an Angel: Quality Time (#6.20)" (2000)
Monica: Anyone care for a slice of mocha?
Tess, Andrew: *No!*

"Touched by an Angel: Interview with an Angel (#2.1)" (1995)
Tess: Well, I know a lot of people who don't believe in angels. But I've never met a soul that didn't *want* to believe in them.