Dr. Wayne Fiscus
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Dr. Wayne Fiscus (Character)
from "St. Elsewhere" (1982)

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"St. Elsewhere: After Life (#5.9)" (1986)
[stepping through the door into a desert-like Purgatory]
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: Toto, I don't think we're in Boston anymore...

God: I created you in my image.
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: You could have done a better job on the nose.
God: Everyone's a critic.

"St. Elsewhere: Craig in Love (#1.20)" (1983)
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: I don't get it. It's a beautiful spring morning, the birds are chirping, we're off the clock and you're acting like Lady MacBeth.
Nurse Shirley Daniels: It's no fun reading about yourself in the morning paper. 'Family sues St. Eligius, site wrongful death'.
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: Aw, you're just upset because they spelled your name wrong.
Nurse Shirley Daniels: I am not.
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: Yes you are, 'Shriley'.