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Dr. Mark Craig (Character)
from "St. Elsewhere" (1982)

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"St. Elsewhere: Down's Syndrome (#1.3)" (1982)
[one of the elevators is stuck between floors]
Dr. Mark Craig: What a rathole this is.

"St. Elsewhere: Entrapment (#2.7)" (1983)
Dr. Mark Craig: I'm a surgeon, not a sex object.

"St. Elsewhere: Bypass (#1.2)" (1982)
Dr. Mark Craig: [breezes into the room, almost bumping into a nurse on the way out] Excuse me.
[Immediately opens Broadwater's file]
Dr. Mark Craig: Mr Broadwater. How are we this morning?
Mr. Broadwater: Feelin' pretty good.
Dr. Mark Craig: Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad. Two of the major vessels to your heart, the left anterior descending artery, and the circumflex artery, are 90% obstructed.
Mr. Broadwater: [stunned] But I feel fine.
Dr. Mark Craig: You didn't feel "fine" when you had those chest pains walking up a flight of stairs, now did you?
Mr. Broadwater: Did I have a heart attack?
Dr. Mark Craig: No, but when we put you on the treadmill, your electrocardiogram indicated ischemia. And the angiography - do you remember when we put the dye through the heart? Revealed obstructions... VERY serious obstructions.
Mr. Broadwater: [clutches his chest, breathing heavily] 90% obstructed?
Dr. Mark Craig: [holds up a long rubber tube] Let me show you something, Mr Broadwater - what does this look like to you?
Mr. Broadwater: A rubber tube.
Dr. Mark Craig: Arteries are tubes. They carry the blood and oxygen from the heart. Now, bear with me. If we obstruct the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain...
[ties a tight knot in the tube]
Dr. Mark Craig: ... What do you think happens?
Mr. Broadwater: [gets up unsteadily] I-I don't believe this. I'm only 40 years old here. Doc, you...
Dr. Mark Craig: [curtly, shouting] You're fat. You smoke. Your father died of a heart attack when he was 42.
Mr. Broadwater: But Doctor, there must be SOMETHING...
Dr. Mark Craig: You are walking a tightrope, Mr Broadwater. If it isn't the stairs today, it'll be washing the car tomorrow, or bouncing your little boy on your knee - or, if you're lucky, when you're sleeping.
Mr. Broadwater: [sits back down weakly] Ohhhh, my dear God.
Dr. Mark Craig: Now, for the good news.
Dr. Mark Craig: I'm going to save you.
Mr. Broadwater: How?
Dr. Mark Craig: Triple bypass.
Mr. Broadwater: Surgery?
Dr. Mark Craig: [nods firmly] We'll give you a few moments to think about it, notify your loved ones. Do I have your complete cooperation?
[holds out his hand]
Mr. Broadwater: [shakes it half-heartedly] ... I guess so.
Dr. Mark Craig: Excellent.
[shakes Broadwater's hand, snaps the file shut, and breezes back out without further comment]

"St. Elsewhere: Lust Et Veritas (#2.2)" (1983)
Dr. Mark Craig: It's women like that that give the X chromosome a bad name.

"St. Elsewhere: Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day (#1.15)" (1983)
Dr. Mark Craig: This is not a stag party, Ehrlich. Get a date! And while you're at it, get a haircut.

"St. Elsewhere: Qui Transtulit Sustinet (#2.4)" (1983)
Dr. Mark Craig: [having just transplanted the heart of Jack's wife into Mrs. Leighton's body] If it's any comfort, your wife has given that woman a second chance. She's a living example of Nina's compassion for others.
Dr. Mark Craig: I'm sorry.