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Quotes for
Paul Robinson (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.5525" (2008)
Paul: [On the phone, as Susan enters] I'm going to have to call you back.Yeah, Mother Superior's just walked in.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.172" (1986)
Paul Robinson: [holding up $5 bill] You see this, gran? In Two Years, this will be 5 Million.
Helen Daniels: It's a nice dream.
Paul Robinson: Only fools dream, and that is exactly why I won't get fooled again.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.1298" (1990)
Paul Robinson: [a guest has found Mouse droppings in his room] I'd imagine they are just chocolate droppings.
Mr. Sylvester: Perhaps You'd care to *taste* them?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5493" (2008)
Paul: Woah, you're a bit angry.
Toadfish Rebecchi: I'd have to calm down a lot to be a bit angry.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.1" (1985)
Max Ramsay: [carrying a Drunken Paul home in an oversized Nappy] I believe the best man lives here!
Paul Robinson: [to Jim] Hi, Dad. Great Party.
[collapses into Jim's arms]

"Neighbours: A Fistful of Dobbers (#1.5023)" (2006)
Paul Robinson: [Showing off his new credit card] That's right. It's not gold, it's not platinum, black. They don't just give those to anyone.
Max Hoyland: Just like the colour of your heart, eh?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.308" (1986)
Helen Daniels: [Scott puts up a defaced photo of Paul in the garage which reads "Adolf Robinson"] I don't think that's very funny, Scott
Scott Robinson: Yeah, It wasn't meant to be; That's how he runs the place, Gran.
Helen Daniels: Settle down, please!
Scott Robinson: Why?
Paul Robinson: [Paul walks in] Leave it, Gran. Scott, take that down.
Scott Robinson: Get out of it, You do it yourself!
Paul Robinson: Listen to me; while Dad's away, I'm the boss
Scott Robinson: Yeah, and hasn't it gone to your head?
Paul Robinson: Somebody's gotta keep you in line!
[restrains Scott]
Scott Robinson: I gotta go to school!
Paul Robinson: You're not going anywhere until you apologize and take that down!
Helen Daniels: [trying to stop them fighting] Alright, Paul!
Scott Robinson: Get out of my way! No wonder your wife treated you like she did!
Helen Daniels: Stop it, both of you!
Paul Robinson: [pushes Scott then grabs him] You apologize!
Scott Robinson: Get off me!
Paul Robinson: I don't care! Apologize!
[is punched by Scott]
Helen Daniels: Stop it!