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Boyd Hoyland (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.4482" (2004)
Stingray: [Susan confronts Izzy at the Coffee shop] Give her the old one-two!
Boyd Hoyland: What, like you tried to give Meat Head today? This isn't a school yard, mate.
Izzy Hoyland: It's alright, Boyd
Stingray: [gets up and walks over to Boyd] You're worried about MY behaviour? What about your auntie getting it off with the doc? Talk about a home-wrecker!
Susan: Scott!
Izzy Hoyland: That home was a bombsite way before I arrived.
Susan: Didn't stop you wading in to pick through the wreckage.
Izzy Hoyland: For your information, Karl and I only got together recently. As far as I'm concerned, he's a single man.
Susan: In other words, fair game.
Izzy Hoyland: I've done nothing wrong to you! You've got no right to treat me like I'm some kind of piranha.
Susan: I think the word you're searching for is *pariah*. But you are right about one thing. I think we should eat somewhere else.
Stingray: But things are just getting interesting!
Susan: Get going or I'll give *you* the old one-two!

"Neighbours: Episode #1.4227" (2003)
[Max has the video camera]
Boyd: Come on, give me a break.
Max: Oh yeah, you know the family motto.
Summer: Humiliation is character building!