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Helen Girardi (Character)
from "Joan of Arcadia" (2003)

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"Joan of Arcadia: No Bad Guy (#1.17)" (2004)
Helen Girardi: OK, Luke, what was your involvement?
Luke: I hit a button... it was scientifically unsound...

Helen Girardi: ...our jobs as artists is to press on, continue creating, 'cause that's who we are - even if some critic does squash you like a bug, that's who we are.

"Joan of Arcadia: Silence (#1.23)" (2004)
Helen Girardi: [In a dream, Helen finds herself alone in a dark church] Look, here's the thing. You can't let my son die. You just can't. I know I haven't been good, but that's no reason to punish him. Take me, instead. Just don't punish him for what I've done wrong.
Cute Boy God: [Cute Boy God appears in the pew behind Helen] Do you think that's how I work, Helen?
Cute Boy God: [Helen turns around] Who are you?
Cute Boy God: I'm God.
Helen Girardi: As in God?
[He nods]
Helen Girardi: Burning bush, Tower of Babel, Ten Commandments, God?
Cute Boy God: I've been through this, with your daughter.
Helen Girardi: What does my daughter have to do with this?
Cute Boy God: Everything.

"Joan of Arcadia: Jump (#1.12)" (2004)
Helen Girardi: [reading Adam's mom's suicide note] "Dearest boy, my Adam. I dreamed a dream, you and I facing each other in a tiny yellow boat on green water under a blue sky. Me and my son and a yellow boat. And we laugh, and the boat rocks and the ripples spread from the boat to pond to sea to sky and nothing can stop them, and nothing ever will. When you think of me, Adam, know that in a world of pain, you were, and always will be my joy. Love, Mom."
Adam Rove: Thank you.
Joan Girardi: The ripples were good!

"Joan of Arcadia: State of Grace (#1.14)" (2004)
Helen Girardi: I am *so* scared, Will.
Will Girardi: You can't be brave if you're not scared.

"Joan of Arcadia: Bringeth It On (#1.6)" (2003)
Helen Girardi: There'd be a list of "bad girls" circulating around the school!
Will: We'd never have let that out.
Helen Girardi: The CIA couldn't keep a list like that from getting out in a high school!