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Johnny Staccato (Character)
from "Johnny Staccato" (1959)

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"Johnny Staccato: Tempted (#1.10)" (1959)
Fay Linn: Johnny, I'm scared.
Johnny Staccato: You're scared?
Fay Linn: I think I'm being followed.
Johnny Staccato: Well, that figures, doesn't it.
Fay Linn: No! They're not following me, they're following this.
[Fay shows Johnny a large diamond necklace]
Johnny Staccato: Huh. That figures, too.

Fay Linn: You know, this may sound silly, but I remember how you used to look at me when you talked.
Johnny Staccato: How did I look at you?
Fay Linn: Well, your voice said, "Hello, Eddie's wife." Your look said, "Hello, Woman."

Fulton: How long have you known the girl, Fay Linn?
Johnny Staccato: Oh, a couple of years.
Fulton: Have you known her well?
Johnny Staccato: No. I know her husband - ex-husband - pretty well.
Fulton: Oh. He was a musician?
Johnny Staccato: Still is. Never shake it once you dig it.

Johnny Staccato: I know I got slugged and I got robbed. Now you're making like I did the slugging and the robbing!

Johnny Staccato: Why does a man have to be honest all the time - cut and dried?
Waldo: Johnny, a man can cheat or man cannot cheat. I have known some men who liked who were cheaters and I know some men I don't like who would never cheat... but it is not important who I like and who I don't like, because the man who cheats, he doesn't like himself. And it is when a man does not like himself that he has cheated himself out of his own respect... and that is a sad thing.

Fay Linn: Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. How can you sit there playing that dreamy music with me and this...
[Fay holds up the diamond necklace]
Fay Linn: ...right in front of you just for the taking.
Johnny Staccato: Sometimes dreamy music can help a man. Music can be like a shower - clean, you know. And if you like music, you want to be able to play it tomorrow, next week, next month.

Fay Linn: Johnny, I've got something to show you.
[Fay pulls out a pistol and points it at Johnny]
Johnny Staccato: You better give that to somebody else. I already have one.