Sgt. Saunders
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Sgt. Saunders (Character)
from "Combat!" (1962)

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"Combat!: Conflict (#5.11)" (1966)
[to Handley]
Sgt. Saunders: Lieutenant, you've never heard me give a beef before, but the men have had it!

Sgt. Saunders: All right, saddle up. We're going out again.
Littlejohn: You're kidding.

Doc: How much longer can they go without rest?
Sgt. Saunders: I don't know, Doc. I guess they're trying to find out.

[repeated line]
Sgt. Saunders: All right, move out.

Sgt. Saunders: [about Caje and Littlejohn] If they keep this up, they're gonna blow the whole mission.

Caje: At least it's stopped raining.
Sgt. Saunders: Around the Krauts, you wish it didn't.

Caje: Nice going. Now you've got your Kraut for the night.
Sgt. Saunders: Caje!... Let's go.

[Saunders order Littlejohn to lead and Caje to take the rear point]
McCall: We're getting pretty deep, Sarge. Dawn's not far away.
Sgt. Saunders: There's a farmhouse ahead. Let's go check it out.

Sgt. Saunders: We'll be able to see once we get past that lump of trees... We'll have to get closer.

Caje: Sure is quiet. Maybe there's someone there.
Sgt. Saunders: Maybe. Maybe not.
[the audience sees a German lurking and gesturing into a window; the farmhouse is controlled by the Germans]

Sgt. Saunders: We'll leapfrog. Me first, and you cover.

Sgt. Saunders: I put three transfers out. Nobody wants you. That's what I said: Nobody wants you.

"Combat!: The Furlough (#5.15)" (1966)
Ann Tinsley: Your eggs. How would you like them fixed?
Sgt. Saunders: Oh, uh, on a plate.