Kyle Brody
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Kyle Brody (Character)
from "Charmed" (1998)

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"Charmed: Charmed Noir (#7.8)" (2004)
Kyle Brody: You turned me into a felon, you know that, right? Breaking and entering, vandalism, theft.
Paige Matthews: It's a fiction story in a fiction world. I highly doubt we're breaking any laws.
Kyle Brody: It may be a fictional world, but those bullets seemed pretty damn real to me.

Kyle Brody: Oh. What is he?
Paige Matthews: He is a gnome. And one of my teachers.
Kyle Brody: Gnome. Great. Now I suppose you're gonna tell me leprechauns and fairies exist now too?
Paige Matthews: Well, actually, yeah-...
Kyle Brody: Never mind. I can only take so much at a time.

Paige Matthews: They're dicks.
Kyle Brody: [chuckles] Dicks.
Paige Matthews: No, like private eyes. Detectives. Don't you see? They wrote themselves in as the heroes of their own books. Like Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe.

Johnny the Gent: Everyone's on edge on account of the falcon.
Paige Matthews: The falcon, as in the Maltese falcon?
Eddie Mullen: Nah, everyone knows the Maltese was a fake. This one's the real deal. The Burmese falcon.
Kyle Brody: Burmese, you can't be serious. It's a total rip off.

Kyle Brody: Why haven't you left yet?
Eddie Mullen: I can't. The only way out is to end the story. Can't do that until the falcon's found.
Paige Matthews: You don't know where it is?
Eddie Mullen: No. Dan and I laid down the fundamentals at the beginning. The story's got a life of its own now.

"Charmed: Someone to Witch Over Me (#7.7)" (2004)
FBI Agent Kyle Brody: With all the scrapes that I've slipped out of, it's the only reason I think why I'm still alive. My guess is that's the power the dark figure wants. People have, especially strong protectors. That explains why someone would miraculously survive something and in the next moment, don't. What?

FBI Agent Kyle Brody: Every time something unusual happens, I investigate. The more unusual it is, the more it tends to lead me towards this new power that I was telling you about.
Phoebe Halliwell: Does this new power have a name?
FBI Agent Kyle Brody: I don't know yet

Paige Matthews: So you think that whole thing is what's killing these innocents?
FBI Agent Kyle Brody: Well, I don't think they're literally running it down if that's what you're asking. But I do think they're doing something to cause them being killed.
Phoebe Halliwell: Hmm, what kind of something?
FBI Agent Kyle Brody: I don't know. But whatever it is it's got something to do with taking powers. That's what they're all about.
Phoebe Halliwell: Wait. Powers? Innocents don't have powers. If they did, they wouldn't need us.

"Charmed: Charrrmed! (#7.4)" (2004)
Darryl Morris: What Agency did they say he was from?
Inspector Sheridan: Homeland Security.
Darryl Morris: What Division?
Kyle Brody: The classified one.

"Charmed: Once in a Blue Moon (#7.6)" (2004)
Kyle Brody: [Paige accidentally orbs in front of Brody] Can you do that whenever you want to?
Paige: Yeah. And apparently when I don't want. Piper's gonna kill me.