Miss Julie
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Miss Julie (Character)
from Miss Julie (2014)

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Miss Julie (2014)
Miss Julie: I'd like to shoot you like a dog.

Miss Julie: Are you ever afraid to hear that you're no longer wanted? That you don't belong?
John: I shared a bed with my little brother, and one morning, when I was eight, I woke up and found him dead beside me. I saw death for the first time and yes, I was afraid. But not in the way you're talking about.

Miss Julie: Have you ever been in love?
John: [rigorously polishing a boot] We don't use that word. But I have liked a lot of girls. And once when I could not have one girl I wanted, I became sick, horribly sick.Sick like a prince in a fairy tale, a prince who cannot eat or drink because of love.
Miss Julie: Who was it?
John: It was you.

[last lines]
Miss Julie: [throwing flowers into the creek] I'm sending you out into the world. Look. You're like bright-colored stars. The water is your heaven. Do you know that, my flowers? Yes. Everything is so much bigger than the little pieces. Do you know that?

Miss Julie: On the other side of that wall, I have a place. A secret garden. There is no wind there. I go there when I'm anxious. I'm anxious all the time. I'm always longing for some other place. You cannot imagine how different I want my life to be.

John: You and me.
Miss Julie: Yes, we must leave.
John: To make life hell for each other?
Miss Julie: No. To be happy, smile on the inside. Enjoy ourselves a few years, as long as we can, and then... to die. Would you die with me?

[first lines]
Little Miss Julie: [reading] She had received a most beautiful doll as a present. Oh, what a glorious doll, so fair and delicate. She did not seem created for the sorrows of this world.