Tom Shayes
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Tom Shayes (Character)
from "Damages" (2007)

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"Damages: Do You Regret What We Did? (#1.9)" (2007)
[last lines]
Tom Shayes: [finding residence empty] Patty? Patty?
Tom Shayes: [leaving phone message] Patty, it's me again. Where the hell are you?

"Damages: Sort of Like a Family (#1.10)" (2007)
[last lines]
Tom Shayes: Patty is a lot of things, but she's not a murderer.
Ellen Parsons: I know things, Tom. Things that could destroy her.
Tom Shayes: You think Patty tried to kill you to protect herself?
Ellen Parsons: Well, the only way that I'm going to find out is if I talk to her. Face-to-face. So call her. Tell her I know she wants me dead.

"Damages: Hey! Mr. Pibb! (#2.4)" (2009)
Tom Shayes: Hey! Mr. Pibb.
[to Ellen, upon seeing a 'Mr. Pibb' vending machine]

"Damages: We Are Not Animals (#1.7)" (2007)
[last lines]
Tom Shayes: [on his cellphone] I just saw Ellen. You better not come back here, Patty.
Ellen Parsons: [on the prison telephone] Mr. Nye, Tom just left. He's full of shit. Stay on him. He'll lead you to Patty.