Kunta Kinte
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Kunta Kinte (Character)
from "Roots" (1977)

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"Roots: Part II (#1.2)" (1977)
[Ligonier crew members are letting the slaves out in order to muck out the hold]
Kunta Kinte: If they let me out of here, I'll jump off this canoe house, and swim to the riverbank!

Kunta Kinte: [seeing the Ligonier is in the middle of the ocean] There's no riverbank. Wrestler, where's the riverbank? Where's the earth? The earth is gone!

Wrestler: Kunta Kinte, you do not eat?
Kunta Kinte: When I eat the white man food, my stomach comes up.
Wrestler: So does mine. But eat the food, Kunta. Listen to me! Listen carefully. You are a warrior, and a warrior must eat because he must be strong to kill his enemy. So eat the white man's food. Live, Kunta. Live and be strong! Be strong to kill the white man!

"Roots: Part I (#1.1)" (1977)
Wrestler: Kunta Kinte, the panther has courage. So does the warthog. Which kind of courage should a man have?
Kunta Kinte: The best kind.
Wrestler: If it is for certain that you are not yet a man - and that is for certain - then it is more certain that you are not a philosopher. "The best kind" is not an answer, Kunta Kinte.
Kunta Kinte: Well... a warthog's courage, then.
Wrestler: Why?
Kunta Kinte: Well, a warthog never retreats, he never gives up.
Wrestler: And all the hunters admire that warthog's courage.
Kunta Kinte: That's right.
Wrestler: They all say what a brave animal that warthog is.
Kunta Kinte: That's right.
Wrestler: And all the hunters usually end up killing that warthog. They all usually end up eating that brave warthog.
Kunta Kinte: You think I should have given up today when we were wrestling?
Wrestler: We were not wrestling. I was wrestling. You were charging and flying and landing.