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Nobunaga Oda (Character)
from Ninja, a Band of Assassins (1962)

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Samurai Warriors (2004) (VG)
Nobunaga Oda: [using his True Musou attack] Fools! Return to dust!

Nobunaga Oda: [coldly, after ambushing Yoshimoto Imagawa at the Battle of Okehazama] Those who seek fear shall have it... in abundance.

Nobunaga Oda: [manically, after the fire attack on Ikko Buddhists at the Battle of Ise-Nagashima] If faith is what prevents you from fearing death, then I shall sever that faith from your bodies
[maniacal laugh]
Nobunaga Oda: . Retreat and find doom. Advance and find doom. Which will it be? You shall all perish in flames!

Nobunaga Oda: [calmly, after failing to save Nobunaga in Noh's Betrayal at Honnouji] A man's life is but 50 years. It is but a dream - an illusion in the great order of things. None given life in this world can escape destruction. So my life has come to an end, but the end of everything is only the beginning of everything.

Nobunaga Oda: [giving initial orders at the Battle of Nagashino] This battle is not only about victory or defeat! We need to prove that our muskets are superior to the Takeda cavalry!
Keiji Maeda: [frustrated] Who cares about winning in style? That's not why I fight!
Nobunaga Oda: [annoyed] We are waging war on history... do you not understand that, samurai?

Ieyasu Tokugawa, Kagetsuna Katakura: [before the Battle of Nagashino] I see...
Mitsuhide Akechi: Not even the foreign merchants spoke of a musket technique like this! Perhaps this really is the key to ending the chaos...
Nobunaga Oda: No. Without changing the people, there will be no end to chaos, or anything, for that matter.
[aims a musket towards Keiji, who is relaxing a few feet away]
Nobunaga Oda: Will you change? Or will you simply cease to be? Well, samurai?
[fires a shot at Keiji that grazes his cheek, then laughs]
Nobunaga Oda: So that is your answer.

Nobunaga Oda: [coldly] Without destruction, there is no creation... there is no change.

Nobunaga Oda: [coldly, after eliminating Ikko Buddhists at the Battle of Ise-Nagashima] Some fools are beyond salvation.

Nobunaga Oda: [angrily, during the siege of his own castle, Azuchi, from Mitsuhide] Azuchi is the embodiment of MY will, Mitsuhide. It will not be tamed by the likes of you.

Nobunaga Oda: [calmly] Life and death are all the same. Everything will remain the same.
Nobunaga Oda: To work so hard to live... that is so pointless.
Nobunaga Oda: Destroy everything equally.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (2002) (VG)
Nobunaga Oda: You're too late, Jubei. I just transferred my powers to this Golden Evil Statue, look at it! Anyone who witnesses it, shall kneel before its might!
Jubei Yagyu: Never! No-one will serve a man who has sold his soul to the demons!

Kagemusha (1980)
Nobunaga Oda: [Giving battle instructions to his messengers on horseback] Tell the gunners to shoot the horses first. The Takeda cavalry cannot fight without horses.

Warriors Orochi (2007) (VG)
[always says it when Nobunaga Oda defeats an enemy officer]
Nobunaga Oda: It's just that simple.