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Dr. Jack Stewart (Character)
from "Diagnosis Murder" (1993)

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"Diagnosis Murder: Shanda's Song (#1.8)" (1994)
Dr. Jack Stewart: Hey, look at that, a message.
Detective Steve Sloan: I know.
Dr. Jack Stewart: Well, aren't we going to listen to it?
Detective Steve Sloan: No, we are not. To do so would constitute an illegal search.
Dr. Jack Stewart: [looks confused]
Detective Steve Sloan: Here's her parent's phone number. It's in Little Rock...
Dr. Jack Stewart: I don't get this. How come you're allowed to look through that book, but we can't play back her message?
Detective Steve Sloan: This is in plain site. That is not! It's an invasion of privacy without a warrant!
Dr. Jack Stewart: Oh, the law! It's very complex, I forget. But let me ask you this: What if someone, not a cop, but someone like, a doctor, were to accidentally...
[slams arm onto answering machine button]
Dr. Jack Stewart: Yeah, I mean, what then?
Detective Steve Sloan: Then the cop might strangle him!