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Quotes for
Mitzi Dalton-Huntley (Character)
from "Six Feet Under" (2001)

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"Six Feet Under: Out, Out, Brief Candle (#2.2)" (2002)
Mitzi Dalton Huntley: [David hands her a cup of coffee] Y'all didn't put rat poison on in here, did ya?
Nate Fisher: Drink it and find out.

Mitzi Dalton Huntley: Been running? It's bad on the knees.
Nate Fisher: Everything's bad for something.

"Six Feet Under: Knock, Knock (#1.13)" (2001)
Mitzi Dalton-Huntley: Hey, fuck you with the "ma'am" shit! You call me that one more time, I'll have your balls on a plate, your spleen on a stick, and your heart bubble-wrapped and Fedexed to your mama, all right?