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Quotes for
Muffy St. Jacques (Character)
from Desperate Living (1977)

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Desperate Living (1977)
Queen Carlotta: [surveying her subjects as they participate in her own self-enforced "Backwards Day"] Look at those dummies! Hey, moron! You got your clothes on backwards! Ha ha ha! Oh, God, this is fun! Hi, stupid! Hi, ugly!
Shotsie: Ewww, that senile old cunt!
Mole McHenry: I wish I had a rifle with a telescopic lens.
Flipper: I'd help you pull the trigger, Mole!
Muffy St. Jacques: Squeaky Fromme, where are you when we need you?

Muffy St. Jacques: [recalling why she ended up on the lam in Mortville] I wasn't always like this. Oh, I mean, of course I was always visually stunning, but I was married to a man, and I had a baby named Freddy. It was about two years ago, and my husband and I were just returning from a cocktail party...

Muffy St. Jacques: [finding her babysitter nude in bed with a boy] OH MY GOD! What have you done with my baby?
Babysitter: I don't know; I'm trippin'.
Muffy St. Jacques: TRIPPUN? Where's Freddy?
Babysitter: I think I put him in the kitchen!
Muffy St. Jacques: The KITCHUN? Oh, Freddy!

Muffy St. Jacques: The press still calls me "The Dog Food Murderess". I can never go back, I couldn't bear the shame!