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Quotes for
Reggie Belafonte (Character)
from Surf's Up (2007)

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Surf's Up (2007)
Reggie Belafonte: [after seeing Cody wipe out] Oh, that was spectacular!

Mikey Abromowitz: They're in it for the joy of it and the rapture and the slow-motion instant replay, which is my...
Reggie Belafonte: Mikey, why don't you head on over to the snack bar and get yourself a big bowl of shut up?

Reggie Belafonte: Who wants to see the little guy take on the champion? Whoever rides the biggest wave wins.
Arnold: Little guys rule!

Reggie Belafonte: [angry] I promote happiness! Can you see the happiness emanating from me? What's wrong with you?

Reggie Belafonte: Young Cody Macenroe was a beacon for a new generation. May he rest in peace.
Reggie Belafonte: [Speaking fast like an auctioneer] So, what am I bid for the board? Do I hear thirty? Come on, thirty!

Reggie Belafonte: If it's all the same to you, I don't want to talk about Cody anymore. He lost. End of story.
Mikey Abromowitz: Don't you care about anybody else?
Reggie Belafonte: He'll be fine, he was born in the water. He's a penguin, for crying out loud.
Mikey Abromowitz: Didn't you see that big wave hit him?
Reggie Belafonte: Well, dude, that's the whole idea of surfing.
Mikey Abromowitz: [Storms off] You know, I care! I care!

Reggie Belafonte: Hay, check this out! You wanna talk talent scouts? People find talent, I bring them back from the dead! The now living legend...
Big Z: Reggie, shut up.
Reggie Belafonte: What? What do you mean shut up?
Big Z: I'm not a legend. I'm just a guy looking for a nice wave and some good friends.