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Desaad (Character)
from "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians" (1985)

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"Smallville: Finale (#10.21)" (2011)
Granny Goodness: Your mark has been lifted.
Gordon Godfrey: That's impossible.
Green Arrow: I got this friend - cool leather jacket, blurs faster than a speeding bullet. He's pretty good at impossible.
Desaad: You were so close to experiencing the rapture, known only to those who will be serving our lord for eternity while all the others perish. Do you really think you possess the power to vanquish our lord from the souls that he saved?
Green Arrow: No. But I have friends in high places.
[fires his arrows at the trio vanquishing them]

"Smallville: Masquerade (#10.14)" (2011)
Desaad: I was wondering when we would meet again.
Clark Kent: What exactly are you, Desaad?
Desaad: A prophet. A servant, loyal to a far greater power.
Clark Kent: The darkness.
Desaad: To Darkseid. When he last laid his eyes upon you, you wore your sin openly. You're much more self-assured now. More love in your heart than when you faced Godfrey. Stronger than when you faced Granny, as well. Sadly incorruptible. They, much like I, have been preparing for something... amazing.
Clark Kent: And that's why the three of you have been burning Omega symbols in innocent people.
Desaad: You act as though the marks weren't there to begin with... but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

Justice League: War (2014) (V)
Desaad: [to Superman] The Parademon hives on Earth were ill-equipped to process your flesh, my prize. But here in my personal laboratory I can spice your Kryptonian genetic code to create a new form... a super-Parademon in the service of Darkseid. And once we have our champion... we will seize the other supers and break them as well. All hail Darkseid.

"Young Justice: Disordered (#1.17)" (2011)
Desaad: [Handing a box to Ugly] Now mortal deliver the father box.
Superboy: [Ugly tosses the father box to the Infinity Man] That can't be good.
Desaad: Kill the boy and his little dog too.

"Smallville: Abandoned (#10.8)" (2010)
Desaad: Godfrey has been chosen. Our Dark Lord has anointed him... made him like us - a prophet. He is Darkseid's third minion.
Gordon Godfrey: So I *do* have a higher purpose.
Desaad: Yes, Godfrey. Your golden voice is broadcast around the world.
Granny Goodness: Not impressed. And you - I see you're enjoying your clubs. They seem more popular than ever.
Desaad: Our unholy trinity is complete. I bind their bodies, Godfrey breaks their spirit, and you, my beloved friend, you clear their minds, preparing the way for Lord Darkseid.

"Justice League: Twilight (#2.1)" (2003)
General Steppenwolf: [as a hologram] Great Darkseid. The fleet ambushed us as soon as we hit the troposphere. Starkiller Four is gone, and we are in full retreat. They were waiting for us.
Desaad: [to Darkseid] You knew that going into that sector was a violation of our treaty with New Genesis.
Darkseid: It was a calculated risk. You have served me well, General. Take as many of them with you as you can.
[Steppenwolf stares for a second, then bows his head]
General Steppenwolf: As you command, my lord.