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Cactus Jack (Character)
from "ECW Hardcore TV" (1995)

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"WCW World Championship Wrestling: Episode dated 15 January 1994" (1994)
Gene Okerlund: My guests at this time, as you know, just getting the duke in that tremendous tag team matchup, Maxx Payne and Cactus Jack. Gentlemen, I can call you gentlemen can I not Jack?
Cactus Jack: Sure.
Gene Okerlund: Can I talk about the Nasty Boys with you?
Cactus Jack: I'd like to talk about something else first. The Flintstones, Gene. I love the Flintstones. But you answer me this:
Cactus Jack: How many times does Fred have to buy the ribs before he realizes the car's gonna tip over?
Gene Okerlund: [laughing] I know that story! Give me a break!
Cactus Jack: Well let's check back into reality. The fact is that Fred Flintstone's a cartoon character and Cactus Jack is just a mortal man. But not when it comes to the Nasty Boys! I'm not mortal anymore! I'm Cactus Jack! and this is Maxx Payne. Which means January 27, Clash of the Champions, on live national TV! We're going to take those gold belts from around your disgusting, fat, putrid waists and put 'em on our fat putrid waists! Gene, trust me, it'll be a do time, a dabba do time, we'll have a gay old time! BANG BANG!
Maxx Payne: Sounds to me, Jack, like you just carved us out a place in history. Well let me tell you something, Nasty Boys, look at Jack and look at Maxx, because we are pitiful. Oh yeah we're despicable, we're as low as you'd ever want to go, and I'll tell you something Nasty Boys, you're looking at the team of the 90s, because, you know what, anybody could identify with us, man. Because we're madmen, and there's an insanity that runs among the two of I that's inexplicable. So Nasty Boys, when you look at Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne you better remember one thing man, how Nasty do you want to be, Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne will get as nasty as you want to be.
Gene Okerlund: All right gentlemen. Coming up in a week and a half on TBS, the 27th of January, these two men will meet the Nasty Boys on the Clash of the Champions.
Cactus Jack: [Interrupting] We'll have a gay old time! BANG BANG!
[the theme from "The Flintstones" starts playing as the show goes into a commercial break]

"WWE Smackdown!: Episode #1.22" (2000)
Mankind: Triple H, how much more do you want from me? First you take away my job, then you bring this idiot out there...
[pointing at "Mankind" in the ring with Hunter]
Mankind: ...and you take away my dignity. Then, Monday night, you take me and you ruin my face. And I'll be honest, you are the best in the business right now. Because you are, without a doubt, The Game. So it saddens me to say that after the beating you gave me on Monday night, one thing Mankind is not is ready to face you in a street fight at the Royal Rumble in Madison Square Garden. But I think the WWF fans deserve a substitute in that match. What I'm going to do, Triple H, is I'm gonna name him right now. As a matter of fact...
[Mankind pulls off his leather mask]
Mankind: ...I think you know the guy.
[Makind tears off his collared shirt to reveal a Cactus Jack "Wanted Dead or Alive" shirt, and the crowd cheers]
Cactus Jack: And I think you know him pretty damn well! His name... is Cactus Jack! And his first official act as part of the WWF is to kick your teeth all over the city of Chicago.