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Pompey (Character)
from "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (2010)

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"Rome: Pharsalus (#1.7)" (2005)
Pompey Magnus: Why so melancholy, Brutus?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh, do I seem so?
Pompey Magnus: Mmm.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Forgive me. No, Caesar's defeat is a blessing. We cannot endure tyrants. But I cannot celebrate it. Caesar was as my father to me.
Porcius Cato: I feel for you. When do we strike?

[after Brutus announces that he plans to go with Cicero]
Porcius Cato: Without the force of your name, the cause of the Re...
Marcus Junius Brutus: Do not! Do not talk to me of the Republic! If I had known what wretched company and rotten food I would endure, if I had known what an old fool is Pompey, I would never have left Rome...!
[He realizes Pompey is standing behind him]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Forgive my anger. I'm not myself.
Pompey Magnus: Think nothing of it. I merit your disappointment.

[after the rout at Pharsalus, an officer finds Pompey sitting with his back against a tree]
Officer: Sir! Caesar's men are coming!
Pompey Magnus: [absently] I've cut my hand.
Officer: We should go, sir!
Pompey Magnus: It's not deep, but it hurts.
Officer: They will kill you, sir!
Pompey Magnus: It's of no consequence.

[last lines; Pompey arrives on the beach in Alexandria]
Lucius Septimius: Sir! You probably don't remember me. Lucius Septimius. Centurion, Fourth Cohort in Spain.
Pompey Magnus: Lucius Septimius, of course, of course. Well, what are you doing here?
Lucius Septimius: Working for the gyppos, sir. It's not the legions, but one must earn's one's salt.
Pompey Magnus: Indeed he must. Well, onward, friend.
[He reaches out and takes Septimius's hand. Septimius seizes it and stabs Pompey in the chest. Pompey gasps]
Lucius Septimius: [whispering] I'm sorry, sir.
[He steps back and chops Pompey's head off]

Lucius Vorenus: Surely Pompey had Caesar at greater disadvantage.
Pompey Magnus: He did... he did. It didn't seem possible to lose. That's always a bad sign.
Pompey Magnus: [Pompey begins to use a stick to draw the battlefield in the dirt] The battlefield was on a plain by a river at the foot of some low hills. Like this, you see. The lines met here. My men held their ground well, so I sent my horses at his right flank. Which is perfectly correct, you'll agree.
Lucius Vorenus: I do.
Pompey Magnus: Only the cowards were repulsed. Repulsed by a single cohort of reserves. Turned and fled, 200 horses. Crashed directly into my left flank. Rolled up my line like a carpet. Put the whole damn army to flight. And here I am. That's how Pompey Magnus was defeated. That's how the Republic died.

"Rome: The Stolen Eagle (#1.1)" (2005)
Marcus Junius Brutus: Of course, you have to imagine, long hair down to here, huge moustasches, the most terriffic stench, they eat only raw meat and never wash. Though they do have one admirable custom, they settle their political disputes by a single combat to the death.
Pompey Magnus: Excellent idea.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Isn't it? Mother is always nagging me to attend politics.
Servilia of the Junii: Well it's been our family's tradition and duty for, uhm, five hundred years?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh it's such dreadfully dull stuff. Now you see, if our senate conducted business in the German style I should certainly go and watch. Yeah, no tedious laws and endless debates, just swords, and daggers...

Marcus Tullius Cicero: When confronted by a hungry wolf, it is unwise to goad the beast, as Cato would have us do. But it is equally unwise to imagine the snarling animal a friend and offer your hand, as Pompey does.
Pompey Magnus: Perhaps you would have us climb a tree!