Joseph Fouch
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Joseph Fouch (Character)
from "Napoleon and Love" (1974)

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Reign of Terror (1949)
Maximilian Robespierre: That's *my* chair you're sitting in, Fouche.
Fouché: I just wanted to see how it fits.
Maximilian Robespierre: Danton liked to sit in that chair, too.
Fouché: And to think that he had supper with us only last night. It's amazing how fast you lose friends these days.
Maximilian Robespierre: And you never know who's next on the list, Fouche.
Fouché: It must be quite a thrill, making out your death list every night.

Maximilian Robespierre: I can't decide whether to promote you or denounce you.
Fouché: Where in all Paris would you find anybody as disloyal, unscrupulous, scheming, treacherous, cunning, or deceitful as I? Oh, you'd have to do some tall looking, Max.

Maximilian Robespierre: There's a man in Strasbourg who isn't afraid of anything. A man named Duval.
Fouché: Duval?
Maximilian Robespierre: You know him?
Fouché: No, but I know his record. Five hundred executions in a single month. That's almost as good as yours, Max.
Maximilian Robespierre: I've sent for Duval. He arrives at the Blue Goose Inn tonight. You go there and bring him to the bakery. I'll meet him there.
Fouché: How will I know him?
Maximilian Robespierre: As one snake to another, you'll smell each other out.

Fouché: You had a visitor, I see.
Charles D'Aubigny: All work and no play?
Fouché: I thought you enjoyed your work.
Charles D'Aubigny: The real pleasure of my work went out with the guillotine. It's all over too fast now. Even hanging, that lasts for a few moments. No, Citizen Fouche. What this country needs is an elegant, slow death. Give a man four hours to die, it's worth watching.
Fouché: Let's try it sometime, shall we?
Charles D'Aubigny: Anyone in particular?
Fouché: Robespierre has a beautiful long list. We're gonna have some great times together, eh, Duval?
Charles D'Aubigny: Yes, I can hardly wait.

Fouché: One thing about Paris... never dull

Fouché: [D'Aubigny, leading Barras out a secret exit, is intercepted by Fouche and his men] Citizen Barras, you're under arrest.
Charles D'Aubigny: He's my prisoner.
Fouché: Was.
Charles D'Aubigny: Is.
Fouché: I'm afraid you're a little confused, Duval. *I'm* the Chief of Police.
Charles D'Aubigny: You *were* Chief of Police.
Charles D'Aubigny: [whips out a document from inside his coat] My authorization from Robespierre. Now, if you'll be so kind as to leave?

Fouché: There's a revolution going on... Don't stay out late.

Fouché: Robespierre planned on having statues built of himself. But all he leaves behind him... is stale bread.
Napoleon Bonaparte: The end is always being put to some use in France, citizen. The art of being a Frenchman is knowing what comes next.
Fouché: Have you any idea?
Napoleon Bonaparte: I am neither a Frenchman nor a politician. I am merely a soldier.
Fouché: Well, my friend, I must be off. Perhaps we shall meet again some time.
Fouché: [stops, turns around] Oh, uh, by the way, I don't believe I got your name.
Napoleon Bonaparte: My name is Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte.
Fouché: "Napoleon Bonaparte." I'll try to remember that.

Maximilian Robespierre: Get out of my chair.
Fouché: [gets up rather deliberately] Is that the way to talk to your Chief of Secret Police? I'm ashamed of you, Max.