The Creeper
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Biography for
The Creeper (Character)
from Jeepers Creepers (2001)

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The Main Antagonist in "Jeepers Creepers" franchise.

The Creeper is an ancient demon, usually dressed in long, tattered duster and face-concealing stetson. In the first film, he also wears heavy boots and an old hat. In the sequel he appears barefoot, revealing slightly bird-like talons which he uses to pick up his victims. The Creeper has mottled green and brown skin, and a sports wing-like mandibles and skin flaps are located on each side of his face. He also has a huge pair of bat-like wings on his back, which fold up tightly enough that they are completely unnoticeable underneath his coat. The Creeper drives an old truck with a license plate that reads BEATNGU, which is first interpreted as "beating you," but later read as "be eating you" in the first film. His facial appearance varies, since the Creeper consumes the parts of people that he needs and takes on some characteristics of the consumed part.

While the Creeper's activities are largely focused on hunting, he is shown to have a twisted sense of aesthetics, and sets aside time from his short 23 day span of awake time to focus on creative endeavors. He makes grotesque art by sewing skin and bodies together, placing them on the walls and ceiling of his "home" as a form of decoration. He also carves pictures into the handles of his knives or attaches skin and teeth to his weapons in an attempt to decorate them. He also seems to possess a somewhat crude knowledge of human biology and medical practice as he is able to preserve human bodies in perfect form, by some unknown method, for centuries. He can cut out the organs of humans, sew them up and keep them alive in the process. The Creeper has the ability to drive and possibly some skill as a mechanic, as his truck is much faster than others of its make, model, and age. He uses the truck to determine the suitability of his victims, bumping into them from behind to frighten them, this is so that he can smell their fear, and pick out what part of the human he wants.

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