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Pollyanna Whittier (Character)
from Pollyanna (1960)

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Pollyanna (1960)
Pollyanna Whittier: [after Jimmy Bean jumps out of the tree and scares her] Why don't you come out of the front door like normal people?
Jimmy Bean: They won't let us. I can come out anytime I want with my tree.
Pollyanna Whittier: You could also fall and hurt yourself badly. You shouldn't play in trees.
Jimmy Bean: That's stupid. Don't you believe in God?
Pollyanna Whittier: [offended] Of course I do! But what's that got to do with it?
Jimmy Bean: He grew it there, didn't He? So I can climb it anytime I want.
Pollyanna Whittier: You're much too young to go around discussing things you don't know anything about.
[coolly walks away]
Jimmy Bean: [chasing after her] He did too! Why else would it be there?
Pollyanna Whittier: Shows you're very juvenile.
Jimmy Bean: You aren't so much, you girl! 'Sides, I'm something you can't be. I'm an orphan.
Pollyanna Whittier: [exaggerated patience] Go away from me, please, little boy.
Jimmy Bean: [mimicking her] Go away from please, little boy!
Pollyanna Whittier: [finally losing her cool] What is it you want?
Jimmy Bean: [suddenly all smiles] I wanna go fishin'! You wanna come along?

Pollyanna Whittier: My father used to say that if we ever had the money you have, we would eat steak and ice cream three times everyday!

Pollyanna Whittier: Aunt Polly? Do you ever have steak and ice cream?
Aunt Polly Harrington: Are you complaining about the food?
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, no, it's delicious! I just wondered. My father always used to say that if we ever had the money you have, we'd have steak and ice cream three times every day!
Aunt Polly Harrington: Pollyanna, I think we ought to get one thing straight right now. I don't want you constantly quoting what your father used to say. Do I make myself clear?
Pollyanna Whittier: Mm-hm.

Nancy Furman: Miss Pollyanna?
Pollyanna Whittier: Yes? Aunt Polly?
Nancy Furman: No, I'm Nancy. I work for your aunt and I came here to fetch you.
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh. How do you do?
Nancy Furman: This is Thomas, the gardener.
Pollyanna Whittier: How do you do?
Mr. Thomas: Hello, young lady.
Nancy Furman: Oh, Thomas will take your luggage for you. Put it in the back seat. Oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Tarbell.
Mrs. Amelia Tarbell: Is that Jenny Harrington's child?
Nancy Furman: Yes, it is.
Mrs. Amelia Tarbell: Doesn't look a thing like any of the Harringtons. What's your name, girl?
[Pollyanna says nothing]
Nancy Furman: Speak up!
Pollyanna Whittier: Pollyanna Whittier, mam.
Mrs. Amelia Tarbell: You're a very fortunate little girl. Most children who have lost their parents would be sent to an orphange.
[Pollyanna looks away]
Mrs. Amelia Tarbell: You know that, don't you?
Pollyanna Whittier: Yes, mam.
Mrs. Amelia Tarbell: Thank your lucky stars for a good woman such as your aunt taking you in.

Aunt Polly Harrington: I'm your Aunt Polly.
Pollyanna Whittier: How do you do?
Aunt Polly Harrington: This is the pastor of our church, Reverend Ford.
Reverend Ford: How do you do? I can see there's a family resemblance.
Aunt Polly Harrington: She looks very much like her mother.
Pollyanna Whittier: Mother always used to say I looked like you!
Aunt Polly Harrington: Would you be good enough to stand erect and in a proper manner, please? And where in the world did you get that dress?
Pollyanna Whittier: It came in the missionary barrels.
Reverend Ford: Missionary barrels?
Aunt Polly Harrington: Yes, her father was a minister. As a matter of fact, he was a missionary in the British West Indies.

Pollyanna Whittier: I'm sorry about the dress, Aunt Polly. My Father said it was a size too big, but that I should be glad it wasn't a pair of boy's trousers.
Aunt Polly Harrington: Well, that's hardly anything to be glad about.
Pollyanna Whittier: Well, my father always used to say...
Aunt Polly Harrington: Yes, well, never mind what your father used to say. Pollyanna, this is going to be your new home now, and I hope you'll be very happy with me. Nancy will show you to your room.
Pollyanna Whittier: I'm very glad you sent for me, Aunt Polly. Your home is very lovely.
Aunt Polly Harrington: Thank you.
Pollyanna Whittier: It must make you awfully glad.
Aunt Polly Harrington: Glad?
Pollyanna Whittier: That you're so very rich!
[Reverend Ford starts to cough. Nancy takes Pollyanna out of the room]
Nancy Furman: Honestly!
Pollyanna Whittier: Did I say something wrong?
Nancy Furman: Well, let's just say there are about sixty-eleven things you could've said besides that!

Pollyanna Whittier: [petting her aunt's dog] Hello! What's his name, please?
Nancy Furman: *His* name happens to be Elizabeth!
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, you're a girl! You're lovely.
Nancy Furman: Leave her alone and come along.
Pollyanna Whittier: How - how do I address you, please?
Nancy Furman: Just call me Nancy, same as everyone else.

Pollyanna Whittier: [exploring her Aunt Polly's house] Who lives in all these?
Angelica: There's no one lives in them. They're just *there*.
Pollyanna Whittier: What for?
Angelica: That's what being wealthy is. You sure are a question-asker, aren't you?

Angelica: Stuffy in here. Not much of a room, is it?
Pollyanna Whittier: But it's my own, anyway. I'm glad of that. Ooh, and the bed's soft! And it's got a lovely window.
[Pollyanna looks out the window and sees Nancy embracing a man]
Pollyanna Whittier: Who's that man down there with Nancy?
Angelica: None of your business. Just be sure you're dressed in time for dinner. Think she'd do better than this for her own niece.

Aunt Polly Harrington: Pollyanna, I think we should talk about you and your position in this community. Do you know why it's called Harrington Town?
Pollyanna Whittier: Mother said it was named after my grandfather.
Aunt Polly Harrington: That's right. And everyone in this town looks to us to set a good example. In how we conduct ourselves, in our duties and manners, in what we think and even what we say.
[Angelica rolls her eyes in disgust]
Aunt Polly Harrington: So we must always try to be good examples to everyone in everything we do. Is that clear?
Pollyanna Whittier: Yes, Aunt Polly.
Aunt Polly Harrington: Just remember our family position and conduct yourself properly. And modestly.
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, you mean before? I understand that now. I'll never say that again!
Aunt Polly Harrington: You understand what?
Pollyanna Whittier: About the money. I'm not supposed to be glad we're so very rich. Huh?
Aunt Polly Harrington: Well, uh, I think it's time for you to get ready for bed, young lady.

Aunt Polly Harrington: That dress is disgraceful. Tomorrow we'll go into town and get you some decent clothes.
Pollyanna Whittier: [incredulous] Store-bought?
Aunt Polly Harrington: Why, of course. Where else would we get them?
Pollyanna Whittier: Out an actual store? *New* clothes?
Aunt Polly Harrington: You're a Harrington now. I want you to look like one.

Nancy Furman: Oh, Pollyanna, will you please get into the car? We've simply got to get home!
George Dodds: In a rush?
[George grabs Nancy and kisses her. Nancy pushes him away]
Nancy Furman: Oh! George, stop it! Oh, Pollyanna, you don't know my cousin Fred, do you?
George Dodds: Your cousin Fred?
Nancy Furman: This is Miss Harrington's niece.
Nancy Furman: [pointedly] The one who's come to live with her!
George Dodds: [realizing] Oh! Oh, that one! Well, hello, Pollyanna, how are you?
Pollyanna Whittier: Fine, thank you.
George Dodds: Well, how 'bout this? Running into you after... what's it been, six years? Say, how's your ma and pa?
Nancy Furman: Why, they're just fine.
George Dodds: You know, Pollyanna, I don't take too much to relatives, but this girl was always just like a sister to me. I tell you, I love, love this cousin.
[He kisses Nancy again]
Nancy Furman: Will you cut it out?

George Dodds: How'd you like to go down the street and get a great big dish of ice cream, my treat? Oh, no, that's a rotten idea. She probably hates the stuff.
Nancy Furman: Probably.
Pollyanna Whittier: Who, me? Oh, no, I love it!
George Dodds: No kidding? How'd you ever develop a taste for that awful stuff?
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, no, really! I really do love it!
George Dodds: I know the perfect place. Come on, girls, follow old Cousin Fred to the land of strawberry frappe. Unless you'd rather go down the street and have a beer?
Pollyanna Whittier: You're funny.

Nancy Furman: I think it might be better if you didn't mention the ice cream to your aunt.
Pollyanna Whittier: My father taught me never to tell a lie.
Nancy Furman: Oh, Pollyanna, it wouldn't be telling a lie. But there's no reason to bring up the subject if it isn't mentioned. About Cousin Fred, I mean.
Pollyanna Whittier: I like your Cousin Fred. Very much.
Nancy Furman: Oh, he's all right, I guess.
Pollyanna Whittier: He's very handsome, and he has a nice smile. But there's something... I don't know... funny about him.
Nancy Furman: [suddenly defensive] What do you mean, funny?
Pollyanna Whittier: I know what it is! It's his name. He doesn't look at all like a Fred!
Nancy Furman: What?
Pollyanna Whittier: He looks more like a George to me!

Dr. Edmond Chilton: [finding Pollyanna hidden behind a plant] Hello. Is this the town meeting?
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, no. It's in there. In the conservatory, for heaven's sake.
Dr. Edmond Chilton: Oh. Are you one of the Ladies Aide?
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, no. I'm just a child. I'm not even supposed to *be* here! Sh!
Dr. Edmond Chilton: What's your name?
Pollyanna Whittier: Pollyanna Whittier. That's my aunt over there, the pretty one. This is her house, and I live with her.
Dr. Edmond Chilton: Sh!
Pollyanna Whittier: Sh!

Angelica: If you ask me, Reverend Ford should've taken sides with Mayor Warren. He had the chance, and what did he do? Said he never takes sides in these matters.
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: Oh, stop sticking your nose into their business and get this sherbert out there!
Angelica: We're out of spoons.
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: Well, wash some up! Don't stand there belly-achin' to me about it!
Angelica: You're in a fine mood, aren't you?
Nancy Furman: Pollyanna, I thought you could use this for your room.
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, thank you, Nancy! Oh, it's gorgeous!
Nancy Furman: Well, thanks for not spilling the beans about you-know-who.
Pollyanna Whittier: About Cousin Fred, you mean?
Nancy Furman: Mm-hm. Isn't he handsome?
Pollyanna Whittier: I knew it all the time!
Nancy Furman: You did? How did you know?
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, sure, it was easy. I saw you holding hands under the t...
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: If you two ladies have got nothing better to do than sit there gosippin' and snickerin'...
Nancy Furman: Oh, we're just talking, Tillie!
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: Well, talk on your own time. This sherbert is turning to mush.

Pollyanna Whittier: Nancy, you know that man?
Nancy Furman: What man?
Pollyanna Whittier: The man at the train station. The one who was just here. Well, what was he to Aunt Polly?
Nancy Furman: Oh. You might say they used to be friends. Sort of.
Pollyanna Whittier: Do you think he's gonna marry Aunt Polly?
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: Who's gonna marry her?
Nancy Furman: She means Dr. Chilton.
Angelica: Fat chance of that! Who'd want to marry old pickle-faced Harrington?
Pollyanna Whittier: Nancy, are you and George gonna get married?
Nancy Furman: We hope to, someday.
Pollyanna Whittier: Oh, I am glad. I think everyone should be married. And maybe, when you do get married, Aunt Polly will see how happy it makes you, she'll be very glad to get married herself, then.
Angelica: Glad this, glad that. Do you have to be glad about everything? What's the matter with you, anyway?
Nancy Furman: Oh, lay off her, Angie. She's not hurting you.
Angelica: The way she goes on...
Mrs. Tillie Lagerlof: That's enough! You heard her. Stop picking on the girl. Take that sherbert out and serve it the way you should.

Reverend Ford: [reading Pollyanna's locket] When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will. - Abraham Lincoln.
Pollyanna Whittier: He was President.
Reverend Ford: Yes, I know... but I've never heard *that* before.

Pollyanna (2003) (TV)
Pollyanna: Have you never wanted to get married, Aunt Polly? Mr. Murphy the blacksmith is awfully nice.
Aunt Polly: Yes, I'm not sure Mrs. Murphy is quite finished with him yet.
Pollyanna: Oh.

Pollyanna: When do I - just live? I know I'll be breathing, but that's not the same as living.