Pablo Picasso
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Pablo Picasso (Character)
from Surviving Picasso (1996)

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"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Paris, September 1908 (#2.13)" (1993)
Pablo Picasso: [During a bar brawl] I love this town!

Pablo Picasso: [referring to Degas] Once he was the master. Now his mind has grown old, stale and closed. I can paint him into the ground!

Pablo Picasso: Now for the final stage.
[throws away the canvas and puts a fresh one on the easle]
Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: Final stage?
Pablo Picasso: To get Degas right, you must do it as he does: from memory.

Pablo Picasso: See, I can do a Degas, but he can't do one of mine.

Pablo Picasso: [addressing two ladies of the street] Come with us!
Prostitute: Non, non, we are working.
Pablo Picasso: But you must eat! Come, it will be fun!

Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: When did you decide to become a painter?
Pablo Picasso: Most men, they have a choice. Become a banker, a lawyer, a tailor, a mechanic. Me, I have no choice. No true artist has choice. I must create in order to feel alive.

Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: But when you paint a wild horse, what does it look like?
Pablo Picasso: You might not see the horse, but you will certainly see the wildness.

Pablo Picasso: Don't move!
[aims his pistol at Miss Seymour]
Miss Seymour: You can't frighten me.
Pablo Picasso: If you don't keep quiet, the drawing will frighten both of us.

Miss Seymour: [Picasso has drawn a portrait of Miss Seymour] Good Lord.
Pablo Picasso: It is not a religious drawing.
Miss Seymour: No, I know, but you really can draw.
Pablo Picasso: Better than anyone alive.
Miss Seymour: Don't boast.
Pablo Picasso: Why not, it's true.

Surviving Picasso (1996)
Pablo Picasso: You are in the labyrinth of the Minotaur. You should know that the Minotaur consumes at least two maidens a day.

Pablo Picasso: I really like intelligent women. Sometimes, of course, I like stupid ones too.

Pablo Picasso: I love wild cats. They are always pregnant because they think of nothing but love.

Pablo Picasso: I make a lot of mistakes, but so does God.

Olga: He's useless. Nothing but drink and girls. Just like his father.
Picasso: I don't drink.

Pablo Picasso: You've loved women even more than I have, but you haven't hated them at all.
Henri Matisse: I leave that to you.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Barcelona, May 1917 (#2.4)" (1992)
Pablo Picasso: [Indy is getting reacquainted with Pablo Picasso] Don't tell me you're...
Indiana Jones: Yup!
Pablo Picasso: Norman! How's the painting coming along, huh?
[gives Indy a hug]
Indiana Jones: No, Norman Rockwell was another kid, I'm Indiana Jones.
Pablo Picasso: Ah, well, we can't all be talented.

Indiana Jones: Well, I just wondered if you wanted any help with...
Pablo Picasso: [grabs Indy by the lapels] Picasso wants help in painting? You think any pagan just walks in off the street to paint like Picasso paints?

Modigliani (2004)
Pablo Picasso: Why do you hate me so much?
Amedeo Modigliani: I love you, Pablo. It's myself I hate.