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Zoey Brooks (Character)
from "Zoey 101" (2005)

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"Zoey 101: Welcome to PCA (#1.1)" (2005)
Dustin Brooks: Psst, Zoey! Psst!
Zoey Brooks: Dustin?
Dustin Brooks: Yeah, I can't root for you.
Zoey Brooks: Why not?
Dustin Brooks: Because the guys said if I root for the girls, they'll shave my eyebrows off!
Zoey Brooks: Don't let them scare you.
Dustin Brooks: Too late. I'm way past scared. Anyway, good luck!

Dustin Brooks: [opening lines, on road to PCA] Punch buggy red.
Mr. Brooks: [punch sound] Ow!
Zoey Brooks: I don't think that was a buggy.
Dustin Brooks: Oh, Sorry dad!
Mr. Brooks: Yeah, tell that to my bruise!
Zoey Brooks: [sees the sign] There it is dad hurry!
Mr. Brooks: Relax we're almost there.

Dustin Brooks: Uh, we better pull over gotta pee!
Zoey Brooks: Come on Dustin can't you wait I wanna get there!
Mr. Brooks: Zoey calm down, I've never seen you so excited to go to school before!
Zoey Brooks: Cause I never went to school with cool dorm rooms, a swimming pool and a beach across the street!
Mr. Brooks: Ya know they also have some of the best teachers in the country.
Zoey Brooks: Yeah, whatever, turn turn.
[starts distracting her dad]
Mr. Brooks: You're gonna make me have an accident.

Dustin Brooks: You don't let me outta this car I'm gonna have an accident!
Mr. Brooks: Ya can't hold it for just five more minutes?
Dustin Brooks: I've got 20 ounces of water in a 10 ounce bladder. Stop the car!
Zoey Brooks: What you're gonna go behind a tree?
Dustin Brooks: Beats my pants!
Mr. Brooks: [Mr.Brooks pulls the car over, Dustin hops out and proceeds to go on a tree] So first day in a new boarding school, living on your own, away from home, it's okay to be nervious.
Zoey Brooks: I'm not nervious. Come on where you this nervious when it was Dustin's first year? I'll be okay.

Dustin Brooks: [hopping up and down] Stupid zipper, come on, come on!
Dustin Brooks: Go, go, go, go!
Zoey Brooks: What happened?
Dustin Brooks: Hungry squirrel, don't wanna talk about it, just drive!

Michael Barret: Plus we heard you guys got pizza.
Chase Matthews: And cake.
Zoey Brooks: Oh, so you guys want pizza.
Chase Matthews: And cake.

"Zoey 101: Bad Girl (#2.5)" (2005)
[his friends tell Zoey, Chase and Nicole that Dustin got asked out]
Nicole Bristow: Oh my God Dustin has a girlfriend!
[his friends run]
Dustin Brooks: Yeah, thanks a lot!
Zoey Brooks: How come you didn't want me to know?
Dustin Brooks: Cause you're always buttin' into my life!
Zoey Brooks: That is so not true! Is that true?
Nicole Bristow, Chase Matthews: Yeah, it's pretty true.

Chase Matthews: Okay, ya gotta help me.
Zoey Brooks: What you couldn't talk Tricia out of dating Dustin?
Chase Matthews: Oh, I talked Tricia right outta dating Dustin.
Zoey Brooks: Great, so what's the problem?
Dustin Brooks: [Dustin comes in] You stole my girlfriend?
Chase Matthews: Tha-that's the problem.
Zoey Brooks: You asked Tricia out?
Chase Matthews: No, gross.
Dustin Brooks: [pumping his fists] Come on Matthews, let's go, right now!
Chase Matthews: You see what you get me into?
Dustin Brooks: I'm standin' here!
Chase Matthews: I'm not gonna fight you.
Dustin Brooks: Yeah, you are!
[pulls off his shirt]
Zoey Brooks: Dustin stop acting like a freak right now.
Dustin Brooks: Alright, but you listen to me Chase Matthews, you stole my girlfriend and you're gonna pay!
[Dustin, still shirtless, puts on his backpack and leaves]
Chase Matthews: I was just threatened by a topless boy.

Chase Matthews: You promised Dustin you wouldn't meddle in his life anymore.
Zoey Brooks: Which is why I'm not gonna.
Chase Matthews: Good.
Zoey Brooks: You are.
Chase Matthews: What...?
Zoey Brooks: You heard me. Come on, Nicole.
[drags Nicole with her and they walk away]
Chase Matthews: And my nightmare begins...
[pauses to check his watch]
Chase Matthews: ... now.

Zoey Brooks: Just tell me what happened with Trisha?
Chase Matthews: Well, I was telling Trisha why she shouldn't date Dustin, but then she thought that I meant she should date, you know, me.
Zoey Brooks: Why would she like you?
Chase Matthews: Oh, well, I guess she somehow overlooked my terrible personality and hideous face.

Chase Matthews: Zoey, we gotta talk.
Zoey Brooks: Okay, one second.
[continues to play fussball with Lola. Chase takes the ball out of the game]
Lola Martinez: Hey!
Zoey Brooks: Hey!
Lola Martinez: Give us back our fussball ball!
Zoey Brooks: Can't you just call it a fussball?
Lola Martinez: No, fussball's the name of the game, so you call the ball a fussball ball.
Zoey Brooks: Mm, maybe, but I still think you would...
Chase Matthews: I'll tell you what, why don't we just call it a fussball ball ball ball ball ball? I've gotta speak with Zoey.

"Zoey 101: Jet-X (#1.6)" (2005)
Zoey Brooks: [in response to Logan's come on] It's hard to make out with a guy while he's vomiting.
Chase Matthews: It's true.
Chase Matthews: That happened to me.

Zoey Brooks: [talking about Logan] Well, you should tell him that money doesn't give him a right to push people around.
Chase Matthews: Oh, I did.
Zoey Brooks: And?
Chase Matthews: He gave me fifty bucks to shut up.

"Zoey 101: Election (#2.3)" (2005)
Nicole Bristow: [Reading her horoscope] Zoey! Look at your horoscope. You will win a major competition. How freaky is that?
Zoey Brooks: I'm not a Virgo.
Nicole Bristow: Shh, don't tell people.

Zoey Brooks: [talking to Nicole] Mark's last name is Del Figgalo?
Quinn Pensky: [walks back in] It means "of the figs".

"Zoey 101: Zoey's Tutor (#3.5)" (2006)
Zoey Brooks: Let's shake on it
Logan Reese: Or we could kiss on it?

Ms. Bromwell: Oh, Zoey? You're friends with Chase.
Zoey Brooks: Mhm.
Ms. Bromwell: Is his hair naturally that way or is it a perm?
Zoey Brooks: Um... No, I think it's natural.
Ms. Bromwell: [slight pause] Fascinating.

"Zoey 101: Hands on a Blix Van (#3.20)" (2007)
Zoey Brooks: I am gonna win, and then I'm gonna take that Blix jet to Milan for fashion week. Hm!
Chase Matthews: Wow. That sounds horrible.

Zoey Brooks: Hey, Fuzzyhead.
Chase Matthews: You promised not to call me Fuzzyhead anymore.
Zoey Brooks: Curly Sue?
Chase Matthews: And now I'm liking Fuzzyhead.

"Zoey 101: Little Beach Party (#1.13)" (2005)
Zoey Brooks: Dustin, your toes look like raisins.
Dustin Brooks: You try being in the ocean for six hours.

Zoey Brooks: Now, tell me how to calculate the area of a trapezoid.
Dustin Brooks: Will you tell me where babies come from?
Zoey Brooks: Absolutely not.

"Zoey 101: Drippin' Episode (#3.17)" (2007)
Zoey Brooks: Everything okay?
Dustin Brooks: Yeah... well no
Lola Martinez: [whispers] It's working!
Dustin Brooks: Well you know I wanted to stay here the past couple of nights?
Dustin Brooks: It wasn't really cause I was scared.
Quinn Pensky: Hah! Up top!
[both snap their fingers]
Zoey Brooks: You're not scared?
Dustin Brooks: Well, I was the first night!... for a little while.
Zoey Brooks: Then why'd you keep pretending to be scared? Why'd you keep wanting to spend the night here?
Dustin Brooks: Because I missed you.
Zoey Brooks: What do you mean? I see you around campus all the time.
Dustin Brooks: Well yeah, we walk by each other and wave, and say Hi, but its been a while since we just hung out and did stuff together.
Zoey Brooks: Well why didn't you just tell me you wanted to hang out then?
Dustin Brooks: I tried a couple of times! It's just you're always hanging out with Lola or Quinn or Chase or Michael, never me. That's why I lied about being scared, i just missed you.
Zoey Brooks: Aww Dustin!
[they both hug, Lola and Quinn run in and join the hug]
Lola Martinez: You can stay here.
Quinn Pensky: You can move in with us!
Dustin Brooks: [they are hugging him tightly] I... can't... breath, ahh.

"Zoey 101: Trading Places (#4.1)" (2008)
Zoey Brooks: Why did you go there?
Chase Matthews: Because you wouldn't go there! To PCA. Or I thought you wouldn't go there. Which clearly you did. Why did you?
Zoey Brooks: I missed you.
Chase Matthews: I missed you too.
Zoey Brooks: And, um... I... kind of overheard you... say something.
Chase Matthews: What do you mean?
Zoey Brooks: Well... A few weeks ago, when I was there, and you were here...
Chase Matthews: Yeah?
Zoey Brooks: I guess you and Michael and Logan left your video chat on.
Chase Matthews: Okay.
Zoey Brooks: And I heard you say something.
Chase Matthews: Uh, could you be more specific?
Zoey Brooks: I heard you say you're in love with me.
Chase Matthews: [pauses] Oh. That's, uh, pretty specific.
Zoey Brooks: Uh-huh.
Chase Matthews: And that's why you went back to PCA?
Zoey Brooks: That's why.
Chase Matthews: Uh... Could you just hold for one sec?
Zoey Brooks: Sure.
Chase Matthews: Good.
[clicks the mouse]
Chase Matthews: OH MY GOD!
[clicks the mouse again]
Chase Matthews: I'm back.

"Zoey 101: Spring Fling (#1.9)" (2005)
Dustin Brooks: Zoey!
Zoey Brooks: Hey, Kiddo.
Dustin Brooks: Is it true?
Zoey Brooks: What?
Dustin Brooks: That you're going to get Drake Bell to perform at Spring Fling?
Dana Cruz: Sorry, kid. Drake's not coming.
Dustin Brooks: How come?
Nicole Bristow: His manager wants 5,000 bucks.
Dustin Brooks: So, get it.
Dana Cruz: [sarcastically] Sure, we can just go but it at the 5,000 dollar store.

"Zoey 101: School Dance (#1.12)" (2005)
[Chase tries to convince Zoey she doesn't know everything about him]
Zoey Brooks: Look I've got to go to class. We'll talk later.
[Zoey walks away]
Zoey Brooks: Don't be sad.
Chase Matthews: [shouts] Did you know that, when I was little, I thought babies came from outer space?
Boy: [walks up to Chase] Don't they?
Chase Matthews: [sighs] Run along.

"Zoey 101: Girls Will Be Boys (#2.7)" (2006)
Zoey Brooks: Are roof is lame!
Nicole Bristow: It has bugs and there is a tree above it with a bunch of squaris so it smells like squrial pee.

"Zoey 101: New Roomies (#1.2)" (2005)
[Dustin asking for money]
Zoey Brooks: Sorry. I only get 15. And I gotta live.
Dustin Brooks: [to Chase] What about you?
Chase Matthews: Sorry, kid, if I had money I'd lend it to myself, which I don't... So I'm outta luck and so are you!
Dustin Brooks: What did he say?
Zoey Brooks: No!

"Zoey 101: Goodbye Zoey: Part 1 (#3.24)" (2008)
Quinn Pensky: [after Zoey she will talk to Chase about leaving] Chase doesn't know about this yet?
Zoey Brooks: No, and his opinion means everything to me.
Michael Barret: Well, why haven't you asked him yet?
Zoey Brooks: 'Cause, you know... we're really close friends. And it's just hard to tell him I might be leaving.
Lola Martinez: Yeah, but you better go talk to him.
Quinn Pensky: You're his best friend.
Michael Barret: [coughs] Excuse me?
Quinn Pensky: [rolls her eyes] His *female* best friend.
Michael Barret: [satisfied] All right, then.
Logan Reese: What about me?
Michael Barret: You're my female best friend.

"Zoey 101: Broadcast Views (#2.6)" (2006)
Jesse Freeman: We're only putting Zoey and Logan on K-Coast.
Zoey Brooks: But it's The Chase & Michael Show!
Chase Matthews: And we're kind of Chase and Michael.
Michael Barret: Michael.
Chase Matthews: Chase.
Michael Barret: Hello.
Chase Matthews: Yo.

"Zoey 101: Chase's Grandma (#3.12)" (2007)
Zoey Brooks: I've spent the last three hours with Quinn and Lola, trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday.
Chase Matthews: You can give me my coffee back. But seriously, you don't need to get me a present.
Zoey Brooks: You're getting a present.
Chase Matthews: Oh, thank God!