Detective Ethan Bennett
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Detective Ethan Bennett (Character)
from "The Batman" (2004)

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"The Batman: The Rubberface of Comedy (#1.12)" (2005)
Chief Angel Rojas: Wouldn't you say, Detective?
Detective Ethan Bennett: Chief. BACK OFF!
Chief Angel Rojas: Bennett.
Detective Ethan Bennett: This is not my fault, chief! No, no.
The Joker: So we have issues with the boss, eh? Well, who doesn't? Bosses make terrific tormentors. Tote that barge, lift that bail, rewrite that script, sort that mail. All it takes is one too many orders to make the cuckoo call.
[Joker's origin is shown]
The Joker: All it takes is one rotten day to transform a normal man into a monster! Well, in my case, a rotten day and a chemical bath.

Chief Angel Rojas: He made you look like clowns. Six months ago, Gotham had the lowest crime rate in the nation. Yesterday, we were declared the world's scariest city! And that was before Joker's latest escapade.
Gotham P.D. Member #1: But, chief, most of the guys on that board are in prison now, or Arkham.
Chief Angel Rojas: And who received credit for those busts? You? Or you, Yin? I know it wasn't you, Bennett. So tell me, who?
Gotham P.D. Member#2: Well, the Batman, I guess.
Chief Angel Rojas: That's right. The Batman. Well, I'm tired of clowns and vigilantes turning my department into a laughing stock. So say hello to my new zero-tolerance policy against all these freaks. No exceptions. And, for starters, I want Gotham's finest to take down Joker before the Batman does. Capeesh?
Detective Ethan Bennett: Chief Rojas, I'm going out on a limb here, but I've been thinking maybe we'd have more success if we tried working with Bats.
Chief Angel Rojas: Working with the Batman? Maybe you could wear spandex and be the Bat's sidekick! You'd better figure out where your loyalties lie, Detective, and fast!

Chief Angel Rojas: Joker remakes the largest monument in Gotham in his own image. In effect, telling us he owns this city. And you let him and the Batman get away?
Detective Ellen Yin: Chief Rojas, Bennett nearly had the Bat, but the scaffolding gave way -
Detective Ethan Bennett: Yin, it's all right.
Chief Angel Rojas: No, Bennett, I don't think it is all right. One more blunder like tonight and you can kiss your badge goodbye.

Chief Angel Rojas: Are you out of your mind, Bennett? I suppose you let the Bat waltz out of here too.
Detective Ellen Yin: Chief, it wasn't Bennett's fault. I -
Chief Angel Rojas: I don't wanna hear it, Yin. I warned you, Bennett. You're suspended.
Detective Ellen Yin: Chief, you got it all -
Detective Ethan Bennett: It's all right, Yin. I'm not so sure the badge suits me anymore.

Chief Angel Rojas: Wouldn't you say, Detective?
Detective Ethan Bennett: Chief. BACK OFF!

The Joker: So the giraffe turns to the police chief and says: "The last thing I saw was that screwloose detective trying to pick the nuts out of the fruitcake!"
Detective Ethan Bennett: [Laughs] "Nuts out of the fruitcake".
[They both laugh]
The Joker: Detective, my therapy worked. It seems you and I finally share the same sense of humour
Detective Ellen Yin: Don't fool yourself, Joker. Bennett plays for my team.
Detective Ethan Bennett: Yin?
The Joker: A yin to his yang.

Detective Ethan Bennett: Rojas is gonna eat me alive.

"The Batman: Clayface of Tragedy (#1.13)" (2005)
Clayface: Come on in, Batman. It's time to say our goodbyes to Chief Rojas.
Batman: Let him go.
Clayface: What, you don't approve, Bats? After all, to Rojas here, we're both on the wrong side of the law.
Batman: It doesn't matter what he thinks. It's the code you live by that matters. And you don't wanna cross a line that you can't uncross.
Clayface: Maybe you haven't noticed, Bats, but my line's been crossed for good!
Detective Ellen Yin: Ethan, no!
Detective Ethan Bennett: It's not cool anymore to reveal secret identities, Yin.
Detective Ellen Yin: Not that it matters.
Bruce Wayne: When I can be anyone I choose.
Batman: And when I'm no longer sure what I am.
The Joker: Except a freak!
The Joker: You know what separates the freaks from the normals? Just one rotten day. Ever had a really rotten day, Batman?
Clayface: Thought so.
Batman: Joker's rotten to the core by choice. A choice that's still yours to make, Detective.
Detective Ellen Yin: Turn yourself in, Ethan. We can help you.
Clayface: You don't get it, do you? Joker didn't just melt my skin, he melted my mind! I am a freak, inside and out! And Chief Rojas has zero-tolerance for the likes of me!