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Killer Croc (Character)
from Suicide Squad (2016)

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Suicide Squad (2016)
Harley Quinn: [at a bar] Whatcha having, K.C.?
Deadshot: Bloody Mary, right?
Killer Croc: Drink dulls the mind.
Harley Quinn: K.C., it's the end of the world. Have a drink with us.
Killer Croc: Beer.
Captain Boomerang: There he is. Give the man a beer.
Harley Quinn: How about you, hot stuff?
Diablo: Water.
Harley Quinn: That's a good idea, honey.
[pours water]
Harley Quinn: Ninja? You want some sake?
Katana: Whiskey.
Harley Quinn: Whiskey, okay.
Deadshot: [points to shot glass] What am I, 12?

[upon meeting Killer Croc for the first time]
Killer Croc: Ain't you scared?
Rick Flag: Why'd they put you down here?
Killer Croc: I asked.

Captain Boomerang: [to Diablo] And the kids?
Harley Quinn: He killed them. Didn't you?
Harley Quinn: Own that shit. Own it! What'd you think was gonna happen? Huh?
Deadshot: Hey, Harley. Come on.
Harley Quinn: What, you were just thinking you can have a happy family and coach little leagues, and make car payments? Normal is a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don't get normal!
Captain Boomerang: [yelling] Why is it always a knife fight every single time you open your mouth? You know, outside you're amazing. But inside, you're ugly.
Harley Quinn: We all are. We all are!
[looks at Killer Croc]
Harley Quinn: Except for him. He's ugly on the outside, too.
Killer Croc: Not me, shorty. I'm beautiful.
Harley Quinn: Yeah, you are.

Amanda Waller: Any other requests?
Harley Quinn: Oh! An espresso machine.
Killer Croc: B-E-T!

Harley Quinn: Why do you eat people?
Killer Croc: Gives me their power.
Harley Quinn: Would you like to eat me?
Killer Croc: Hell no.
Harley Quinn: Aw, why not?
Killer Croc: I don't want your crazy.
Harley Quinn: Says the guy who lives in a sewer.
Killer Croc: At least I know it's a sewer.
Harley Quinn: Oh, I get it! Because, like, this is a sewer, too. Only with nice shops and restaurants, right?
Harley Quinn: You hate mankind much? Let me guess, mommy didn't take you to Chuck E. Cheese on your sixth birthday. I can recommend a good therapist!
[Croc growls]
Diablo: Why?
Harley Quinn: Because I'm bored! I need a victim. A mind to pry apart and spit in.
Captain Boomerang: Just leave it, mate. She's a rabbit hole. Don't fall in.

Harley Quinn: [reaction to seeing Waller] No way.
Rick Flag: Let's go home.
Captain Boomerang: Yeah, let's go home. That sounds good. You guys wanna go home? Hmm? Or you wanna go back to prison?
Harley Quinn: I'm not going back to prison.
Captain Boomerang: What I'm saying is we kill the pair of them now before they kill us.
Amanda Waller: [holds Katana back] I got this. You all made it this far. Don't get high-spirited on me and ruin a good thing.
Killer Croc: I like her.

Killer Croc: [to GQ] I'm going with y'all!
Lieutenant GQ Edwards: We got this.
Killer Croc: I'm not asking bro.
[takes off Hoodie]
Killer Croc: I live underground y'all are just tourists.

Killer Croc: [to everyone] Y'all don't mind, I got me a sewer to crawl back into.
Deadshot: Yeah, and I got some business to handle back in Gotham.
Harley Quinn: I'm going to hotwire a car. Need a ride?
Deadshot: Your ass is not driving.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Almost Got 'im (#1.35)" (1992)
Two-Face: Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy: It's been a long time, Harvey. You're still looking around halfway decent.
Two-Face: Half of me wants to strangle ya.
Poison Ivy: And what does the other half want?
Two-Face: To hit ya with a truck.
Poison Ivy: We used to date.
The Joker, The Penguin, Killer Croc: Ah.

The Penguin: So, I hear You-Know-Who nailed The Mad Hatter last week...
The Joker: No kidding! He sure gets around for one guy.
Two-Face: Yeah, well, that's where you're wrong. I don't think it is one guy.
Killer Croc: Huh?
Two-Face: The way I figure it, Gordon's got a bunch of them stashed someplace, like a S.W.A.T. team. He wants you to think it's one guy, but...
The Joker: Ah, you're always seeing double.
The Penguin: It's obvious our caped friend suffered some crime-related trauma when he was younger. Perhaps an over-anxious mugger blew off a piece of his face.
The Joker: Sure, he could be all gross and disgusting under that mask!
[Dent, who was adding cream to his coffee, crushes the carton]
The Joker: Uh, no offense, Harv.
Two-Face: Just deal...
Killer Croc: Well, you know what I think?
The Joker: Not the robot theory again...
Killer Croc: Well, he could be.

Killer Croc: Hey, I don't get it. You just knocked out Catwoman and left her?
The Joker: Ah, c'mon, Crockers, didn't I say there's more than one way to get someone? Even as I speak, Catwoman is being trussed up at the Pussykins Pet Food Factory. First thing tomorrow I'm sending a lovely case of cat food to Batman. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Killer Croc: I don't think so!
[Croc tosses Joker to a nearby table]
The Joker: [weakly] Was it something I said?
[the villains take a closer look at Croc, and realise it's Batman]

Two-Face: [finishing his "almost got him" Batman story] ... And if it weren't for this blasted coin... I would have got him.
The Joker: Gee, that's too bad, Harv, but I guess you'll always come in second. Anybody else want to go?
Killer Croc: [hits the table] ME! There I was, holed up in this quarry, when Batman came nosing around. He was getting closer... Closer...
Poison Ivy: And...?
Killer Croc: I threw a rock at him!
[everyone stares in dead silence]
Poison Ivy: So, Harvey, what became of the giant penny?
Killer Croc: It was a big rock...
Two-Face: They actually let him keep it!

[a woman approaches the archcriminals' table]
Killer Croc: Scram, lady! This is a private...
[Poison Ivy kicks the chair out from underneath Croc]

Killer Croc: You'd think one of us would've got 'im by now...
The Penguin: I've come the closest.
Poison Ivy: Are you kidding? I was the one who nearly...
Two-Face: [pounds the table] Nobody's come closer to stopping the Batman than ME!
[a squabble breaks out, which the Joker ends with a whistle]
The Joker: The fact is each of us has their own "almost got 'im" story to tell...

[the Joker wins the poker game]
Poison Ivy: Awww...
Two-Face: No way!
Killer Croc: Forget this!
The Penguin: Let me see those cards!

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) (VG)
The Joker: [as he is being transferred to his cell, the elevator comes up carrying Killer Croc] Can you smell the excitement in the air? No? Hmm... must have been one of the guards, then. Croc, old boy, is that you?
Frank Boles: Get ready: keep your weapons trained on it at all times.
Guard: He looks angry.
[Croc stands]
Guard: Man, that thing looks pissed.
Frank Boles: What's it doing?
Killer Croc: [Croc sniffs the air, then lurches forward] I've got your scent, Batman. I will hunt you down!
Louie Green: Power up the collar! Get that animal under control! Now! Get that thing outta here, now!
Killer Croc: [Croc is shocked with the collar] A toy collar won't stop me from killing you, Batman. I'll rip you apart, eat your bones...
[he is taken away]
The Joker: That reminds me, I really need to get me some new shoes.

Dr. Gretchen Whistler: [during a patient interview] Hello. My name is Dr. Gretchen Whistler. Do you understand me?
Killer Croc: Yeah, I hear you, bitch. So when's dinner? I'm hungry.

Killer Croc: I will find you!

Killer Croc: So, is this the part where you try and reason with me? Figure out why I did it, DOC?

Dr. Gretchen Whistler: [patient interview tapes] Patient interview, Waylon Jones. Progress has been slow. What happened back in that house?
Killer Croc: Just business.
Dr. Gretchen Whistler: Business? What kind of business practices result in a house full of mutilated corpses?
Killer Croc: I don't like having my time wasted. Someone doesn't pay, they need a lesson. They owed me.
Dr. Gretchen Whistler: So you killed them. Tore up their bodies. The police never found all the pieces.
Killer Croc: They should have looked in the sewers.
Dr. Gretchen Whistler: Are you saying you hid them there?
Killer Croc: After a while. Usually takes about eight hours.
[cackles cruelly]

"Batman: The Animated Series: Vendetta (#1.21)" (1992)
Killer Croc: Terrific. Just what I need now. The freak job in the cape.
Batman: You're no prize yourself.
Killer Croc: What can I tell ya? Bein' a reptile man ain't pretty. But it's got its upsides. Like having the strength of a crocodile, for instance. But I guess you've learned that by now, huh? The hard way.

Killer Croc: You know, they used to call Killer Croc the meanest dude in the wrestling federation. Now, they'll call him the guy who iced the Batman.
Batman: Don't hold your breath.

Det. Harvey Bullock: Croc? How did you?
Killer Croc: Escape? Simple. The guards don't think about the sewers. No one does except me.
Det. Harvey Bullock: It was you who set me up for Spider and Joey?
Killer Croc: You got it. I wanted you to sweat it out in a cell for a while, like I did. To know what it feels like, the way I do.

Killer Croc: It would have gone down smooth if you hadn't butted in. But hey, I'm adaptable. When you grow up looking like I do, you gotta learn to go with the flow.

"The New Batman Adventures: Love Is a Croc (#1.13)" (1998)
Judge: Have you anything to say before I pass judgment?
Killer Croc: Yeah. I'm a victim of prejudice. Look at me. Nobody understands how rough my life's been, just 'cause I'm... different.
Judge: Nevertheless, it is the judgment of this court that you, Killer Croc, are competent to stand trial for murder in the first degree. Court is adjourned.
Killer Croc: Competent? Competent? That's an insult, you old bag of gas! I'm not just competent... I'm as good as it gets!

Guard: Hey Croc. You got a visitor.
Killer Croc: Get lost.
Mary Louise Dahl: I brought you something. They told me you liked chicken.
[Baby Doll tosses a entire fried chicken into Croc's cell]
Killer Croc: What do you want?
Mary Louise Dahl: I heard what you said to the judge. I want you to know that I understand about being different. You've never let the way you look undermine your self-confidence. I admire that. I feel somehow that we're kindred spirits.
Killer Croc: Too bad we didn't meet sooner, babe. They're sending me up the river tomorrow night. My number's up.
Mary Louise Dahl: Don't lose hope. Maybe fate will take a hand.

Killer Croc: Hey, babe. I'm home.
Baby Doll: Crocy-Wockle!
[Baby Doll leaps onto Killer Croc and delivers some kisses]
Baby Doll: Where have you been? Baby misses her precious soo much!
Killer Croc: All right, all right, enough of the mushy stuff. I went out to get our reviews.
[places some newspapers on the table, all of them headlining Killer Croc and Baby Doll's crime sprees. Baby Doll notices one with the headline "Gotham's Bonnie and Clyde"]
Baby Doll: Ooh! Bonnie and Clyde! How romantic!
Killer Croc: That's nothing, Doll. Even the out-of-town rags like us.
[places down a Daily Planet newspaper. It too headlining Croc and Doll]
Killer Croc: We got the whole city panicked. I love it!
[Croc starts walking towards the exit]
Baby Doll: Where is Crockle going?
Killer Croc: Don't wqrry. I'll be back for dinner.
Baby Doll: No! Baby wanna come! Baby wanna come!
[Killer Croc raises his arm to smack Baby Doll away, but stops and calms down]
Baby Doll: Don't go, precious. We can plan our next job. It's gonna be a whole bunch of fun!
Killer Croc: That's your territory, Doll. I got things to do.

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) (VG)
Killer Croc: 'Thought I caught your scent.
Batman: I know I caught yours.

Killer Croc: Wait 'til Black Mask's assassins get through with you. Whoever wins is gonna be famous... and rich.
Batman: [knocks him out] At least we know he won't be ugly.

Killer Croc: [appears out of a doorway and grabs Batman] Will you look who's back for more.
Batman: I've had enough of you for one night.
Killer Croc: Not yet you haven't.
[a sniper aims at Batman, Gordon strikes the sniper, causing him to misfire and hit Croc]
Killer Croc: Screw this. Want the Joker? Take him.

"The New Batman Adventures: Judgment Day (#2.9)" (1998)
The Penguin: My dear fellow, I contacted all my usual sources, but I'm afraid it's just not a seller's market.
Killer Croc: What's that supposed to mean?
The Penguin: [pulls out a briefcase] $50,000 for the diamond. Not a penny more.
Killer Croc: That's robbery! That rock's worth 10 times that much!
The Penguin: Don't forget, as a legitimate businessman, I have my expenses too: taxes, overhead, labor.
Two-Face: And they call me two-faced.

The Judge: You are accused of murder... mayhem... manslaughter. How do you plead?
Killer Croc: You're nuts!
[Dives away from The Judge]
The Judge: You can't escape justice.
Killer Croc: Watch me!

Son of Batman (2014) (V)
Batman: You look like you've been working out, Croc. The tail's new.
Killer Croc: Yeah, got an upgrade.

Killer Croc: You know, Bats... the problem with steroids is I get the munchies.

Season of Infamy (2015) (VG)
Killer Croc: [after Scarecrow's unmasking of Batman] Wayne!

Killer Croc: [after Scarecrow's unmasking of Batman] I bet you taste rich!

"Batman: The Animated Series: Sideshow (#2.7)" (1994)
Killer Croc: You're guano, bats!

"Batman: The Animated Series: Trial (#2.9)" (1994)
Scarface: Court is now in session! The Good People of Arkham Asylum vs. the self-righteous vigilante called Batman! Our prosecutor is ready, likewise our fair and impartial jury!
The Mad Hatter: Hang him!
Harley Quinn: Shoot him!
Killer Croc: Hit him with a rock!
Scarface: And now, all rise for the most honorable, most benevolent, most merciful Judge Joker!
The Joker: [bangs gavel] Guilty!
D.A. Janet Van Dorn: I was promised a chance to defend my client!
The Joker: Oh, very well. Like it'll make a difference.