Katherine of Aragon
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Katherine of Aragon (Character)
from "The Tudors" (2007)

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"The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon (#1.1)" (1970)
Catherine of Aragon: While my husband lives, I am his wife. His own true wife.

Henry VIII: I can bring a hundred learned men to prove that you are not my wife!
Catherine of Aragon: Bring your hundred learned men! I can bring a thousand learned men from all over Europe to prove that I am you wife, I always have been your wife and I always will be!

Catherine of Aragon: I would rather die than go back to Spain unmarried. I would rather die!

Henry VIII: I promise you that no one will be unkind to you again. Word of a king.
Catherine of Aragon: I would rather have word of a Henry.
Henry VIII: Word of a Henry!

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
Katherine of Aragon: [being led to court; stops in front of Mary and Anne] So, the Boleyn whores. Two former ladies of mine. Hiding in shadows. What did I do to upset you, that you should turn against me like this?
Anne Boleyn: [nose in the air] You failed to give England an heir.
Katherine of Aragon: And that upsets you so?
Anne Boleyn: What upsets the King upsets me.
Katherine of Aragon: How dare you.

Katherine of Aragon: [to Anne and Mary] I am Katherine, Queen of England, the King's one true wife and mother of the heir to the throne. Beloved of the people, and beloved of a King you have bewitched.

Katherine of Aragon: [to the physician, exhausted in childbed] Was it a boy?
Physician: [nods] Stillborn... Your Majesty.
Katherine of Aragon: [to her daughter, Princess Mary] No brother for you, to make this country safe. I'm sorry.

Katherine of Aragon: [to the king] I know you, you have decided, but it grieves you. Will you destroy your marriage, your country, your soul before God, on the whim of one girl? Because she denies you? Because she tortures you with her refusal? You think she doesn't know exactly what she's doing? She wants me to step aside. Where is my wise husband? Where is he? You are a king, so be one.

Henry VIII (1911)
Queen Katharine: I have been to you a true and humble wife.

Queen Katharine: It is you who have blown this coal betwixt my Lord and me.

Queen Katharine: I do refuse you for my judge and appeal unto the Pope.

"The Tudors: Everything Is Beautiful (#2.1)" (2008)
Queen Katherine: Wherever I go, I remain his wife.

Queen Katherine: [to Cromwell about the royal jewels] I will not give up what is rightfully mine to a woman who is the scandal of Christendom!

"The Tudors: The Death of Wolsey (#1.10)" (2007)
Queen Catherine of Aragon: I had always thought fancied that the King, after pursuing his course for some time, would turn away, would hear to his conscience and change his purpose, as he has done so often before. I believed with all my heart that he would return to reason, but now, I...
Chapuys: Madame, I pray you, don't give way.
Queen Catherine of Aragon: No Excellency, I shall never give way.

Queen Katherine: [to Henry, about scholars opinion on their divorce] For every scholar that would vote for you, I could find a thousand that would vote for me.

"The Tudors: Truth and Justice (#1.8)" (2007)
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey: [about her divorce] Your Majesty, I beg that you yield to the King's will.
Queen Catherine of Aragon: And what is his will?
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey: As His Eminence proposes, that you join a religious community of your choosing and take a vow of perpetual chastity.
Queen Catherine of Aragon: [discusted] You speak to me of chastity. Have you not a mistress and two children, Your Eminence?

Queen Catherine of Aragon: [to Henry, at the trial] My Lord. Sir. I beseech you, for all the love that has been between us, let me have justice and right. Give me some pity and compassion for I am a poor women in a stranger born out of your dominion. I have no friends here and little council. I flee to you, as head of justice in this realm, I call God and all the world to witness that I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife, ever comfortable to your will and pleasure. I have loved all those whom you have loved for your sake. Whether or not I had cause, whether they be my friends or enemies. By me you have had many children although it has pleased God to call them from this world. But when you had me at first
Queen Catherine of Aragon: I take God as my judge, I was a true maid without touch of man. And whether or not it be true, I put it to your conscience.

"The Tudors: Checkmate (#2.3)" (2008)
Queen Catherine of Aragon: Do you know something, Mr. Brandon... if I had to choose between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow, I would always choose sorrow.
[laughs ironically]
Queen Catherine of Aragon: When you are happy, you forget... You forget about spiritual things. You forget about God.

"The Tudors: Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey! (#1.3)" (2007)
Queen Katherine: Sometimes I think the king will ask me for a divorce...
Charles V: A divorce? No. That is impossible.
Queen Katherine: [quietly] Is it?

"The Tudors: Message to the Emperor (#1.7)" (2007)
Queen Catherine of Aragon: [about the plague] And your fear of The Sweat is greater than your infatuation with your mistress?
King Henry VIII: [annoyed] Katherine, she is not my mistress. I do not sleep with her. Not whilst you and I are still married.

"The Tudors: Look to God First (#1.9)" (2007)
Queen Catherine of Aragon: Have you no kind things to say?
King Henry VIII: Kind?
Queen Catherine of Aragon: To your wife, the mother of your child. You treat me so unkindly and in public neglect me.
King Henry VIII: Katherine, you must accept the inevitable. The weight of academic opinion is against us. We were never legally man and wife. And the court will decide in my favour and if the court does not decide in my favour, I shall denounce the pope as a heretic and marry whom I please.

"The Tudors: In Cold Blood (#1.1)" (2007)
Queen Katherine: Though I love Your Majesty and I'm loyal to you, in every way, I cannot disguise my distress and unhappiness.
King Henry VIII: Well, you're going to have to.

Henry VIII (2003) (TV)
Katherine of Aragon: What did I do to upset you, that a maid of mine should turn against me like this?
Anne Boleyn: You failed to give England an heir.
Katherine of Aragon: And that upsets you so?
Anne Boleyn: What upsets the King, upsets me.
Katherine of Aragon: Let me tell you this. You want me to lie before God, and admit my first marriage was consummated? Well, it was not. You want me to retire, and withdraw my daughter's claim as sole rightful heir to the throne? Well, I shall not. Not in a thousand years. Not if you rack me within an inch of my life. So, I hope you have the belly for a fight, Anne Boleyn, because I'll fight you, every inch of the way.

"The Tudors: Tears of Blood (#2.2)" (2008)
Queen Katherine: If I had to choose between extreme sorrow and extreme happiness, I would always choose sorrow, for when you are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God.But in your sorrow, He is always with you

Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)
Queen Katherine of Aragon: She's new...
King Henry VIII: The Boleyn's youngest daughter, newly returned from the French court. Do you like her, Kate? Shall I keep her here at court to cheer you?
Queen Katherine of Aragon: Whatever you command, my lord.
King Henry VIII: Suppose I command you to give me a son?
Queen Katherine of Aragon: Were it to God I could, Henry.
King Henry VIII: Amen, but you cannot - because our marriage is a curse in heaven and hell, madam!

"The Tudors: True Love (#1.6)" (2007)
Queen Catherine of Aragon: [to Anne Boleyn] You are expensive, huh? An expensive whore!