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Quotes for
DS Phil Hunter (Character)
from "The Bill" (1984)

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"The Bill: Pride Before a Fall (#23.27)" (2007)
DCI Jack Meadows: What the hell were you doing in a nail bar having a manicure?
DS Phil Hunter: It was a legitimate tactic to get close to the witness.
DCI Jack Meadows: Bollocks!

DS Phil Hunter: Here Guv. Stuart thinks he's gonna compromise the case we're working on because he dated the victim. What do you think?
DCI Jack Meadows: How long did you go out with her?
DS Stuart Turner: Not long Guv.
DCI Jack Meadows: How long?
DS Stuart Turner: Couple of dates...
DCI Jack Meadows: D'you give her one?
DS Stuart Turner: Erm...
DCI Jack Meadows: Well I can't see what the problem is. Get on with it and stop messing about!

"The Bill: 398 (#22.21)" (2006)
DS Phil Hunter: Did you know the detection rate audit was this week?
DS Samantha Nixon: Yeah, the DCI sent around an email last Monday
DS Phil Hunter: So why didn't I get it?
DS Samantha Nixon: Didn't get it? Or didn't read it...? Three off your target? Even DC Sim's solved more crimes than you! As if she isn't smug enough already!

DS Phil Hunter: Listen, the only thing Manson cares about is promotion. Just the thought of a top three finish in the MET's lead tables gives him a hot flush!

"The Bill: 472 (#23.2)" (2007)
DC Jo Masters: I gather we're getting a new DI to work alongside DI Manson?
DS Phil Hunter: Yeah they're holding the interviews today.
DC Jo Masters: Well I hope they find someone a little less po-faced than him. First thing he said to me this morning was 'that desk is a mess'!
DI Neil Manson: Second thing I'm gonna say is it still is...

"The Bill: Sweet Revenge (#23.20)" (2007)
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: What about Ryan Jones? When're you gonna get round to taking his statement?
DS Phil Hunter: Yeah, listen. Erm, I'll deal with that when I get back. Can you just keep him sweet for me?
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: Oh yeah sure, anything else? Date with Cameron Diaz while I'm at it?
DS Phil Hunter: Oh, that'd be nice, cheers.

"The Bill: Collateral Damage (#23.76)" (2007)
DC Jo Masters: Phil...? You sure you're doing the right thing? You moving to special projects feels like Rambo moving to Dibley...
DS Phil Hunter: Really? I dunno... I reckon its time for a new challenge. Clearly not gonna turn you straight am I?

"The Bill: Inner Demons (#23.36)" (2007)
Sgt Phil Hunter: Right... We'll run the names of all the employees through the computer, see if anyone's got any form. I also think it's worth running a financial check on the employees as well as the Morrises and the Etheridges.
DC Jo Masters: One day Phil, you should think about joining CID...
Sgt Phil Hunter: Yeah I'd like that, only I don't think I could carry off smart-casual like Stuart.

"The Bill: 325 (#21.52)" (2005)
PC Roger Valentine: I thought about going to Australia myself once
DS Phil Hunter: What stopped you?
PC Roger Valentine: I don't know, I guess I prefer my spiders without teeth and my women with them

"The Bill: 258 (#20.78)" (2004)
[on DS Samantha Nixon missing the funeral of PC Kerry Young]
DS Phil Hunter: Well you didn't miss much, well apart from Gabriel throwing a Gwyneth.

"The Bill: Hunter on the Street (#23.28)" (2007)
DC Jo Masters: Are they as painful as they look?
Sgt Phil Hunter: Yeah! It's like a guillotine injury
Sgt Nikki Wright: ...Phil, before you go out making the borough a safer place... Get a uniform that fits...

"The Bill: 228 (#20.48)" (2004)
DS Phil Hunter: We're Community Safety Unit, son, and we haven't had our dinner yet, so stop messing us about!