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Priscilla (Character)
from Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

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Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
Priscilla: You put the "suck" in "liposuction" You put the "ooo" in "jiu-jitsu" You put the "ism" in "This is all just a defense mechanism".

cheerleader: You better bring it.
Priscilla: Oh, it's already been brought-en.

Priscilla: Jake, I need some T-to-the-fourth-power-Y.
Jake Wyler: Huh?
Priscilla: Some time to talk to you?

Priscilla: This is not a cheer-ocracy, I am the cheer-tator, I will make the cheer-isions around here, and I will deal with the cheer-onsequences.

[Punches Austin]
Jake: That's for taking Janie to the prom.
Priscilla: You put the...
[Jake punches her]
Jake: That's for hurting Janie at Preston's party.
Les: [Filming] This is really turning me on.
[Jake punches him]
Jake: That's for... being really weird.
[Starts to leave, turns and punches Les' floating bag]
Jake: I don't know what that was for.

Priscilla: Ok we're down a cheerleader for Friday night's state game against North Compton and that squad always tries to bring it!
Ashley: Bring what Priscilla?
Priscilla: Bring IT
Ashley: Right but, what it IT?
Priscilla: IT's just what they bring OK?,
[rolls her eyes]

Priscilla: Think you'II be prom queen? WeII, think again, Janey. You put the ass in embarrassment. The boo in taboo. And the suck in Iiposuction.
Janey: Is that the best you can do?
Priscilla: No. You aIso put the brat in bratwurst. And the eew in jujitsu. And the ism in, This is aII just a defense mechanism.