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Lynn Farmer (Character)
from Double, Double Toil and Trouble (1993) (TV)

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Double, Double Toil and Trouble (1993) (TV)
Lynn Farmer: [Gravedigger sees Norman the dog and screams] He won't hurt you.
Gravedigger: Who said that?
Kelly Farmer: Me
Gravedigger: Oh.
Lynn Farmer: Yeah, that's just Norman, he wouldn't hurt anybody.
Gravedigger: But... you were over there!
Kelly Farmer: No, that was me.
Gravedigger: [Screams] You're at two places at the same time!
Lynn Farmer: We're twins, silly.
Gravedigger: Oh... ohh... twins! Oh, twins!
Kelly Farmer: Do you drink a lot of coffee?
Lynn Farmer: You might want to switch to decaf.

Kelly Farmer: Remember when fairy tales used to keep me awake?
Lynn Farmer: Yeah.
Kelly Farmer: Well, if we get out of this I'll be awake until I'm 21!

Lynn Farmer: Cross your heart... hope to die... stick a needle in your eye, shake your bottom if you got 'em.