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Michelle Tanner (Character)
from "Full House" (1987)

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"Full House: The Last Dance (#7.17)" (1994)
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: Is it okay to cry?

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: We missed you, Grandpa!
Papouli: You remember last time I was here? I told you to call me Papouli. Grandpa means someone who is old and gray
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: What does Papouli mean?
Papouli: In Greece, it means someone who is old and gray, but it sounds so much better!

Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: You remember me?
Papouli: Of course I do! Joey!
Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: No, I'm Danny.
Joseph 'Joey' Gladstone: I'm Joey.
Papouli: Of course you are!
[turns to D.J]
Papouli: And little Stephanie!
Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: No, I'm D.J.!
Papouli: Of course you are!
[turns to hug Stephanie]
Papouli: And little Michelle!
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: I'm Stephanie.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: I'm little Michelle.
Papouli: [turns to Michelle] Of course you are!
[turns to Steve]
Papouli: And... I have no idea who you are.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: You don't know who any of us are.

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: How can I stop myself from crying?
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Think of something funny, like when Joey stuffs a whole donut in his mouth.

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: [to Uncle Jesse] If I feel sad, I might cry, and I can't be brave... for you.

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: [giving Jesse the same advice he gave her] It's okay to be sad.
Jesse Katsopolis: Yeah, I heard that somewhere before.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: [tearing up] Uncle Jesse, is it okay to cry?
Jesse Katsopolis: [finally letting himself cry] You bet.
[they embrace]

"Full House: Honey, I Broke the House (#3.20)" (1990)
[there's a car in the kitchen]
D.J.: Michelle, do you know how Joey's car got in here?
Michelle: Yes, I do.
D.J.: How?
Michelle: Through the window.

Michelle: There's a car in the kitchen!

Michelle: [to Joey, who has walked in unaware that his car has been plowed through the wall] You're in big trouble, mister.
Danny Tanner: Joey, are you all right?
Joey: Yeah.
Danny Tanner: In that case, you're in big trouble, mister.

Michelle: There's a car in the kitchen!
D.J.: Yeah, Michelle, and there's a bus in the bathroom.

Michelle: There's a car in the kitchen!
D.J.: Yeah, sure. And there's a bus in the bathroom!

"Full House: Joey Goes Hollywood (#4.23)" (1991)
Michelle Tanner: Are you Annette Funny Jello?
Annette Funicello: Something like that.

Danny Tanner: That's Annette Funicello, I watched her all the time on the Mickey Mouse Club.
Michelle Tanner: That lady knows Mickey Mouse?
[to Joey]
Michelle Tanner: Give me back my autograph book!

Michelle Tanner: First we're happy, then we're sad, now we're happy again, WHAT is GOING ON?

"Full House: A Pinch for a Pinch (#4.6)" (1990)
Danny Tanner: Michelle is getting an academic foundation that's going to carry her through grades K through 12, through college, through Harvard law school. Jess, you have robbed our nation of one of the finest legal minds the supreme court has ever known.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: I gotta go potty.

Michelle: Uncle Jesse, Aaron stole my elephant.
Jesse: That's not right, take his cookie. If somebody does something to you, do it back.
Aaron Bailey: Hey, you stole my camel.
Michelle: It's in my tummy now. He, he, he.

"Full House: The House Meets the Mouse: Part 1 (#6.23)" (1993)
Danny Tanner: Now there are two candies, one of you gets the cherry and the other one gets a nut cluster.
Michelle Tanner: Nuts make me gag.
Danny Tanner: Steph, you can stomach your nuts, right?
Steph: Oh sure, punish the one with the good digestion system.

Michelle Tanner: I need a window seat otherwise I gag.
Steph: I thought nuts made you gag.
Michelle Tanner: Two things can make you gag.
Steph: [watching DJ and Steve kiss] No Michelle, three things can make you gag.

"Full House: A House Divided (#7.24)" (1994)
Michelle: Hello? I'd like to order some vermin.

[last lines]
Michelle: We all live here.

"Full House: Those Better Not Be the Days (#3.19)" (1990)
Michelle Tanner: I want my ouce cream.
D.J. Tanner: You want your ice cream.
Michelle Tanner: That's what I said, don't you listen?

Adult Michelle: I'm not really hungry, do we have any ouce cream?
Jesse Katsopolis, Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, Adult D.J., Adult Steph: IT'S ICE CREAM!

"Full House: Educating Jesse (#6.6)" (1992)
Jesse Katsopolis: You can't quit, don't you want to learn to tie your shoes?
Michelle Tanner: Don't you want to finish school?

Jesse Katsopolis: If you throw away all your shoes, what're you going to wear on your feet?
Michelle Tanner: Sandals, slippers, anything with Velcro.

"Full House: Take My Sister, Please (#5.3)" (1991)
Stephanie Tanner: I'm not sharing a room with this 4 year old kindergarten baby.
Michelle Tanner: I'm 4 and 3 quarters!

Stephanie Tanner: I've turned the bathtub into a water bed, the sink into a wet bar, and I'm thinking of turning the toilet into a loveseat.
Danny Tanner: [enters the bathroom] Girls, what's going on?
Michelle Tanner: Stephanie lives in the potty now.
Danny Tanner: We'll see about that.

"Full House: The Devil Made Me Do It (#5.19)" (1992)
Teddy's sister: She's really cute, can we keep her?
Michelle Tanner: I'm a fun girl.
Henry: Well until we get things straightened out, you're welcome to stay here.
Michelle Tanner: Thanks, new Dad!

Henry: Does your dad know you're here.
Michelle Tanner: No, when you run away, you don't tell.

"Full House: Michelle Rides Again: Part 2 (#8.24)" (1995)
[Michelle has regained her memory after a bout of amnesia]
Michelle Tanner: How out of it was I?
Jesse Katsopolis: Well, you were pretty out of it. I mean, you were here, sweetheart, but it was like a part of you was missing. So it was like part of all of us was missing. But, we stuck it out and we got through it.
Joey Gladstone: Just like we always do.
Danny Tanner: Just like we always will.
[end of series]

"Full House: Michelle a la Cart (#7.20)" (1994)
Michelle Tanner: My daddy told me that if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Well, my daddy's not here, and you're a weanie!

"Full House: And They Call It Puppy Love (#3.7)" (1989)
[repeated line]
Michelle: Ah, nuts!

"Full House: Fraternity Reunion (#3.23)" (1990)
Michelle: Daddy's a girl.
Steph: No, he's a women.
Kimmy Gibbler: An ugly women.

"Full House: The Seven-Month Itch: Part 2 (#1.20)" (1988)
Michelle: [sticks out tongue] Lehhh...

"Full House: Air Jesse (#8.16)" (1995)
Michelle Tanner: Aunt Becky, I have a question. What's a boy ladybug called?
Rebecca Katsopolis: [thinks for a moment] Confused.

"Full House: I'm Not D.J. (#6.10)" (1992)
Michelle Tanner: Who can I bother?
Michelle Tanner: DJ!

"Full House: Captain Video: Part 1 (#5.25)" (1992)
Stephanie Tanner, Danny Tanner, Michelle Tanner, 1st Honeybee, 2nd Honeybee, 3rd Honeybee, 4th Honeybee, 5th Honeybee, 6th Honeybee: I pledge my love and loyalty, to all he hive and every bee, our motto is and ever was: buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

"Full House: Making Out Is Hard to Do (#8.3)" (1994)
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: I liked the Rippers better when Uncle Jesse was in it.
Jesse Katsopolis: Thanks, munchkin.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: And before they had a hit song, and before they got famous, and before they're opening for the stones...
Jesse Katsopolis: They're opening for the Stones?
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: Only on the West Coast.
Joseph 'Joey' Gladstone: Michelle, I think that's all the help he can get.

"Full House: Yours, Mine and Ours (#5.21)" (1992)
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Eew.
[looks at squid]
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Why did I order this? Here, Michelle.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: Eew, gross. Kill it, Daddy.
Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: Michelle, it's already dead.
[picks up plate and the squid has suction-cupped onto the plate]
Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: Uh...waiter? Could you take this back to the tank.

"Full House: Claire and Present Danger (#8.8)" (1994)
Danny Tanner: Look, I want you out of these clothes, changed right now, and I want all that make up off your face. Then, I want you come back here and we're going to talk about this.
Michelle Tanner: [with a stern attitude] Maybe we will, maybe we won't.
[Danny gives her an angry grin]
Michelle Tanner: [without an attitude] Maybe we will?
[she reluctantly leaves]

"Full House: Aftershocks (#3.11)" (1989)
Michelle Tanner: Daddy sleeps loud!

"Full House: The Trouble with Danny (#5.22)" (1992)
Jesse Katsopolis: Michelle, let me ask you a question, do you REALLY care if the chimney's clean or not?
Michelle Tanner: Yes I do, and so does Santa Claus.
Stephanie Tanner: She's completely brainwashed!
Michelle Tanner: EVERYTHING should be washed!

"Full House: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (#7.1)" (1993)
[Walks into old, empty cabin]
Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: Wow... it looks so different in here!
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: You're right.
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Well, that's cause we're not here right now.
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: It feels like we're here.
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: [Frustrated] Fine we're here. Let's dump the bunny and LEAVE!

"Full House: Viva Las Joey (#4.7)" (1990)
Michelle: [Joey is going to open for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas] Joey's opening a Fig Newton in Vegas!

"Full House: A Little Romance (#2.11)" (1989)
Steph: [while playing cards with Grandpa Nick] I'll see your Flintstones' and raise you three Hello Kittys. Let's see what you got.
Nick Katsopolis: Seven kings. Beat that.
Steph: Seven aces.
Michelle Tanner: [puts her cards on the table] Bingo.

"Full House: A Very Tanner Christmas (#6.12)" (1992)
Michelle Tanner: I hope Santa brings me that new Barbie doll.
Stephanie Tanner: Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, you don't ask Santa for *just* a Barbie.
Michelle Tanner: I know, that's why I also asked for a hula hoop and a doll house and another hula hoop incase the other one gets lost.
Stephanie Tanner: That's the spirit.

"Full House: Greek Week (#4.1)" (1990)
[last lines]
Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: Did you hear that girls? Uncle Jesse and Rebecca are gonna be married! Let's celebrate!
Melina Katsopolis, Michelle Tanner: You got it dude!
[Everyone dances to Greek music]

"Full House: The Greatest Birthday on Earth (#3.10)" (1989)
Jesse Katsopolis: [doing a puppet show for Michelle, since they got locked in a garage during Michelle's circus party] Hi Socko! How's your day?
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Not so good. I'm locked in a gas station... thanks to my uncle!
Jesse Katsopolis: I don't think that putting the blame on the nice uncle will help anything.
Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Well, you DID ask how my day was.
Jesse Katsopolis: Well, yes I did...
[they start to argue and Stephanie eventually pulls off the sock puppet of Jesse's hand]
Jesse Katsopolis: Ahh! Help, I'm naked!
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: That's funny.

"Full House: Dr. Dare Rides Again (#3.9)" (1989)
Michelle Tanner: The doggie ate my ouce-cream!

"Full House: The House Meets the Mouse: Part 2 (#6.24)" (1993)
Danny Tanner: Sounds like you were trying to be the boss.
Michelle Tanner: The princess *is* the boss.
Danny Tanner: *Bruce Springstein* is the boss.

"Full House: The Day of the Rhino (#7.9)" (1993)
Joey Gladstone: [Michelle shows Rigby and the kids at the mall her midget Rigby] Hold it up, we can't see it!
Michelle Tanner: I AM holding it up!
Denise Frazer: I was going to take mine to show and tell, but there's NOTHING to show!
Stephanie Tanner: You know, Rigby, you don't just rip off kids' money, you rip off their dreams. How do you sleep at night? Especially with that big horn?

"Full House: The Play's the Thing (#6.8)" (1992)
Jesse Katsopolis: All right, here we go!
[starts Yankee Doodle auditions in a montage]
Michelle Tanner: [singing nicely] Yankee Doodle went to town...
Paul Revere: [off key] Riding on a po-ny...
Aaron Bailey: [shouting] STUCK A FEATHER IN HIS HAT!
Denise Frazer: And... ooh...
Terri: [with pom-poms] Yankee Doodle, keep it up...
Little Girl: [does nothing]
Denise Frazer: ...and with the girls be handy!
Little Girl: I never liked this song.

"Full House: Stephanie Gets Framed (#4.16)" (1991)
Michelle Tanner: [after meeting Steve Urkel] Why you talk like Mickey Mouse?
Steve Urkel: That's 'cause I was born in Chicago.

"Full House: Happy Birthday, Babies: Part 2 (#5.10)" (1991)
Michelle: Is it almost time for my party?
Becky: You have two and a half hours still.
Michelle: How long is that?
Jesse: A Sesame Street and a Mister Rogers.
Michelle: Wow. Turning five is going to take forever.

"Full House: Middle Age Crazy (#2.10)" (1989)
Steph: You think you're so cute.
Michelle Tanner: Don't worry... Be happy.
Steph: Oh no! You ARE so cute!

"Full House: Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor (#4.2)" (1990)
Michelle: Can I watch Arsenio?
Danny Tanner: What do you think?
Michelle: I think it's time for bed.
Danny Tanner: That's right. It's time for bed. To bed, I said.
Michelle: Daddy, am I still your little princess?
Danny Tanner: Oh, you got it, dude.

"Full House: Shape Up (#4.8)" (1990)
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: [the family has arrived at the gym to work out and Jesse is holding Michelle, to a bodybuilder] Hey, mister, you are very lumpy.
Jesse Katsopolis: I hope you're not offended. And if you are, that's her father over there.

"Full House: The Wedding: Part 2 (#4.19)" (1991)
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: [being the flowergirl] Stop the wedding! Stop the wedding
Danny Tanner: What's wrong?
Michelle Elizabeth Tanner: I ran out of flowers I'm sorry
[start's picking them up]

"Full House: Working Girl (#4.14)" (1991)
Michelle Tanner: May I have that cupcake, please?
Stephanie Tanner: No, you may not.
Michelle Tanner: But I was polite and I said please.
Stephanie Tanner: I was polite, too; I said, "No, you may not."
Michelle Tanner: Guess what? Politeness Week is over!
[grabs Stephanie's cupcake and runs off, followed by Stephanie]
Stephanie Tanner: How rude!