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Insp. Gina Gold (Character)
from "The Bill" (1984)

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"The Bill: 398 (#22.21)" (2006)
PC Lewis Hardy: So basically, I've just gotta put up and shut up?
Insp. Gina Gold: That's what I like about you Lewis. Fast learner.

Insp. Gina Gold: Rationing finished in 1953, in case it passed you by - could I have another sausage, please?

"The Bill: 460 (#22.83)" (2006)
Sgt. June Ackland: Ma'am, there's a Peter Harris waiting for you in the front office.
Insp. Gina Gold: I knew that bloke was gonna turn up early!
Sgt. June Ackland: Who is he?
Insp. Gina Gold: Oh he's some local big wig. You know our safer neighbourhood campaign? He's gonna pay for the posters.
Sgt. June Ackland: Oh well that's a bit of good publicity...
Insp. Gina Gold: Oh no, he's got his own printing firm. So it's not going to cost him much, is it? It's a way to get in with the council, you know, network a bit. Forget that we can't see a thing in custody! But he's a VIP and the Superintendent wants to roll out the bloody red carpet!
[Some time later]
Peter Harris: I was discussing the posters with the Superintendent, and he suggested I come in for a guided tour and see the station in action. If I'd known you were taking me jogging I'd have put on a pair of trainers...
Insp. Gina Gold: I'm so sorry, but some clown of a workman has just knocked out the power to custody.
Peter Harris: I thought you weren't too chuffed to see me.
Insp. Gina Gold: It's nothing personal, but I must chase up my engineer. He tends to get here a bit quicker when threatened with strangulation.

"The Bill: 138 (#19.63)" (2003)
Insp. Gina Gold: There was a time i could drink any officer under the table. You ask the Super at Barton Street, I've still got the scars to prove it.
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: Ahh but you've never taken on a Dale Smith before have you?"
Insp. Gina Gold: Alright, hands up, you win, there's a good girl. Now, call us a cab.
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: You're a cab.

"The Bill: 317 (#21.44)" (2005)
Insp. Gina Gold: [to Smithy, after being presented with a large bouquet of flowers] Put those in water. Preferably the Thames.

"The Bill: 021 (#18.32)" (2002)
Sgt. June Ackland: Ma'am?
Insp. Gina Gold: Mmm?
Sgt. June Ackland: I wonder if we could start again?
Insp. Gina Gold: Why?
Sgt. June Ackland: Because, I feel we've got off on the wrong foot.
Insp. Gina Gold: Oh, no we haven't. We've got off at exactly the right foot.
Sgt. June Ackland: Well it doesn't feel like that to me...
Insp. Gina Gold: No, it wouldn't. You June, have been perfectly civil, pleasantness itself, and I have been an awkward, cantankerous cow.
Sgt. June Ackland: Well, I wouldn't say that.
Insp. Gina Gold: I know you wouldn't. You're far too nice, whereas me, I'm not nice. Not nice at all. And the sooner everyone around here knows that, the better. Save a whole lot of messing about.
Sgt. June Ackland: Well you can't be all bad...?
Insp. Gina Gold: I'm glad you think that! Be a whole lot of fun proving you wrong...

"The Bill: 342 (#21.69)" (2005)
Insp. Gina Gold: Ooh! What's this - a boyband?
DC Suzie Sim: Gay sauna raid, ma'am.
Insp. Gina Gold: Not far wrong, then.

"The Bill: Copy Cat Killer (#23.52)" (2007)
Insp. Gina Gold: The fairness at work team are sending over a Ms. Pamela Kervin to look into the bullying allegation against me.
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: I'm sure it's just a formality, Emma's told the Superintendent that she was over reacting. Anyway, I know how much you love people from HR.
Insp. Gina Gold: Anything else Sergeant Smith?

"The Bill: 035 (#18.46)" (2002)
[to DS Hunter]
Insp. Gina Gold: Now if you ever dare question my integrity again, I'll have your nuts in a jar.

"The Bill: 139 (#19.64)" (2003)
[to PC Best]
Insp. Gina Gold: Oh, and by the way, Gary, I've had to deal with enough knobs today. I'm sure it's very impressive, but keep it in your trousers, eh?

"The Bill: 254 (#20.74)" (2004)
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: I do hope you're gonna be able to sleep at night?
Supt. Adam Okaro: I don't think....
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: You do know you'r decision to hold back the ambulance, may have contributed to Kerry's death
Insp. Gina Gold: Not now Smithy, it's not the time
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: It was obvious the shooting had finished, and nobody was in danger, so why did you stop the ambulance?
Supt. Adam Okaro: We'll talk about this later
Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: No i wanna talk about this now