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"NCIS: Stakeout (#5.12)" (2008)
Special Agent Timothy McGee: [talking over earwigs] I'm a sworn federal agent, Tony. I can't just stand by and watch a felony go down.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: That's a good idea, blow our stake out over a $50 crack deal. If Gibbs doesn't slap you silly, I will.
Special Agent Timothy McGee: Oh, you're gonna slap me?
Goldilocks: If that's what you want, honey.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Go for it, McFreaky. Goldilocks is just your type.
Special Agent Timothy McGee: Bite me.
Goldilocks: That'll be extra.

Goldilocks: [after calling in a tip] There's a reward, right?
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Yes.
[pointing to McGee]
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: You get him.

DysEnchanted (2004)
Alice: [to Clara] A wise caterpillar once told me, "Things are not always what they seem".
Goldilocks: [to Alice] Girl, seriously, you need to lay off the hookah!

Goldilocks: [as everyone is leaving] This office is way too hot, and don't you think Doc's couch is way too soft?