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Quotes for
Ryan (Character)
from Cellular (2004)

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Cellular (2004)
Ryan: "Ricky Martin"? You named your kid "Ricky Martin"?

[after he views the tape]
Ryan: I'm a dead man.

Ryan: You know, it does me no good to hand over the video tape and then you guys turn around and take us out.
Greer: I swore I wouldn't do that.
Ryan: Like you swore "to protect and serve"?

[Greer has Ryan pinned down and is about to shoot him]
Mooney: Let him up.
[Greer looks up and sees Mooney pointing a gun at him]
Ryan: Help me. They're dirty cops!
Greer: He attacked my partner. He tried to kill me.
Mooney: I said, "Let him up."
Greer: You're going to believe this lying piece of shit over a cop?
Mooney: It doesn't matter what I believe. What's important is that you believe I will put a bullet in your skull if you don't let him up.

[last lines]
Jessica Martin: I don't know if there's anything I could ever do to thank you
Ryan: I do. Don't ever call me again.

Ryan: [after stealing the lawyer's car] Ohh, I am in deep shit!

Ryan: It's Chloe!
Chad: No, dude, don't do this! Don't do this!
Ryan: I'm just gonna say "hi."
Chad: You're not gonna say "hi."
Ryan: No "hi"?
Chad: No "hi."
Ryan: I can't say...
Chad: [shouts] Come on, man! Hold it together! This girl, she *dumped* you, all right? Have some self-respect, have some dignity!
Ryan: You're right.
Chad: Be strong.
Ryan: You're right.
Chad: Yeah.
Ryan: Thank you.
Chad: All right.
[he gets distracted by girls in bikinis]
Chad: Oh! What's goin' on, ladies?
[Ryan leaves to go talk to Chloe]

Ryan: [Ryan and Ethan are discussing a place to meet] Santa Monica Pier.
Ethan: No, too busy.
Ryan: Yeah, that's kind of the idea, dickhead.

[talking to Ryan on a payphone]
Chad: Dude, I have no idea what just happened. One minute I'm talking to nipples, next thing you know, I'm wearing a whale costume handing out flyers.
Ryan: [laughs] That sucks. Sounds like she got you.
Chad: I mean, I'm not saying it doesn't have its benefits.
[to two girls that pass him by]
Chad: Hey, you guys know that a blue whale's got an 11-foot penis? Heal the Bay.

Ryan: Excuse me, are you a detective?
Detective Looking Guy: Detective? I'm a freaking victim here. Detective? Those freaks dragged me down here. And they're supposed to read me my rights.
[Ryan takes off]
Detective Looking Guy: And they - hey, where you going, you little punk?

[Ryan accidentally dials an artist on a payphone at Santa Monica Pier trying to reach Jessica's kidnappers]
Ryan: I got what you're looking for.
Vietnamese Artist: Oh?
Ryan: Yeah.
Vietnamese Artist: Okay, and what I do for it?
Ryan: What?
Vietnamese Artist: What I do for what I looking for? You tell me now.
Ryan: Wait, who's this? What number did I call?
Vietnamese Artist: You call me on the payphone. You waste my time. I have pictures to draw.
Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude. Chill out.
Vietnamese Artist: No, you don't tell me what to chill. My mother tell me to chill. I sit here, I draw people telling me to chill out all the time. You don't tell me what to chill. I chill you.

WLSUU2 Lawyer: [after Ryan swerves his car in front of him] What the hell is your problem, man? What the hell is your problem? You want to tussle?
Ryan: [pulls out his gun] Give me your phone!
WLSUU2 Lawyer: Oh snaps.

Ryan: Look, give me your phone or I shoot your car.
WLSUU2 Lawyer: Oh, hell no, hell no. Why would you do something awful like that?

Ryan: [after shooting the number taker in the store] Now who's gonna give me that goddamn charger?

Ryan: From here on out, you do as I say, exactly as I say. Or I slap this bitch on "Nightline" and call it a day, okay?