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Sam (Character)
from Searching for David's Heart (2004) (TV)

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Searching for David's Heart (2004) (TV)
Darcy Deeton: A team of doctor's saved your life?
Winston: Well, yeah. I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for them.
Sam: Darcy...
Darcy Deeton: And there wasn't anybody else? What about the person who donated the heart?
Winston: I don't understand.
Darcy Deeton: It's not that complicated is it? Somebody had to die so you could live.
Winston: I know that.
Darcy Deeton: And what about the people he left behind? Did you ever stop to think about them between your pinball games and watching your super-cool big screen t.v.? I doubt you even have a clue who my brother was!
Winston: Your brother?
Darcy Deeton: David Deeton.
Winston: You're David Deeton's sister?
Darcy Deeton: And the last thing he deserved was to have his heart go to somebody who took his death for granted!
Winston: That's not fair.
Darcy Deeton: What isn't fair is that my brother saved the life of somebody who doesn't even appreciate it.

Sam: Darcy, Winston never asked you to come here. He never asked anyone to disrupt his life.
Darcy Deeton: His life? What about my life? I'm the one whose brother died and nobody knows how that's made me feel.
Sam: Nobody knows because you never want to talk about it. That kid didn't know who you were. He had no reason to tell you his entire life story.
Darcy Deeton: I heard enough.
Sam: To do what? To rip into him? To make him feel like dirt?
Darcy Deeton: That's not what I did!
Sam: It is what you did because it's what you do to everyone that gets in your way. I know, because for the past year that's the way you've been treating me. You've had it rough. But so has Winston. Probably since the day he was born. You surprise me Darcy but for all the wrong reasons.