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Scruno (Character)
from Our Gang (1922)

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Let's Get Tough! (1942)
Muggs: Something smells.
Scruno: Yeah, and it ain't cherry blossoms.
Danny Connors: Whatever it is, we're gonna find out.
Muggs: You're sorta J.G., huh? Junior G-Men?
Scruno: Hey, now there's an idea. They won't let us enlist, so maybe we can help out like that.

Glimpy: You talk like you was a General MacArthur.
Scruno: Bataan or Japan, that General will fight 'em to a stand still.
Danny Connors: Yeah, you're not kidding. So long as he's got help.
Muggs: He'll have plenty of help because we're joinin' the army.

Scruno: Say, you guys sure this is Kino's store?
Glimpy: Sure, can't you smell the cherry scent?
Scruno: The only thing I ever did with a cent is spend it.
Muggs: All in one place?

Meeting Chairman: Seize those men!
Scruno: Not if I sees you first!

Scruno: I may be a Junior G, but I'm also an SBB.
Muggs: What is an SBB?
Scruno: A scared black boy!

Scruno: [at the top of a dark staircase after Muggs bribes him with a reward of loaded dice to be their point man] No, I ain't going down there first.
Muggs: Not even for the dice?
Scruno: Not even for fried chicken.

Scruno: Man, we is in here, but we still ain't no where.

The Champeen (1923)
Sammy: One minnit, gen'lemen - The champeens is still trainin'.

Sammy: Keep yo' eye peeled fo' rough stuff.

Sammy: La-dees an' gen'lemen - Interducin' 'Knockout' Mickey th' 'Irish Jiant'!... An' in this corner - 'Terribul' Jackie th' 'Bone Krusher'!

That Gang of Mine (1940)
Peewee: Hey, you know, guys, I got an idea.
Scruno, Skinny: [together] Yeah?
Skinny: Does it hurt much?

Scruno: What's 'e matter, Ben?
Ben: Go no, go on, go on...
Scruno: Wait a minute. Don't go brushin' ME off, you know, 'cause you got a funny look in your face.
Ben: Oh, my face ain't no different than the day it was yesterday.

Scruno: Your mouth ain't tellin' the same story that yo' eyes is.

Our Gang (1922)
Sunshine Sammy: Wimmin is all alike - Y' can't trust 'em.

Sunshine Sammy: Let's get customers! We can't see Mary Jane starve - She ain't any too fat now.

Spooks Run Wild (1941)
Scruno: [the tobacco jar's moving] Now look Mr. tobacco jar, I don't smoke, I'm not bothering you, so you don't bother me, okay?

Danny: Where we going?
Scruno: We're going to camp!
Glimpy: Camp? How do you like that? I thought we were going to reform school, I would've been a sophomore this year.
Danny: No kidding!
Glimpy: Yeah!

Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941)
Limpy: [at the police station] We come to see Muggs McGinnis.
Police Lieutenant: Now, isn't that nice! And did you bring flowers and candy?
Scruno: Mmm, I got a rabbit's foot.
Skinny: I brought dynamite.
Peewee: I got a saw.
Limpy: I got a machine gun.
Police Lieutenant: Oh, you think you're smart. Maybe you'd like to stay here and spend a vacation.

Scruno: [imitating Danny] Economics is a science of man's activities devoted to obtaining the material means for the satisfaction of his wants.
Limpy: [impressed] Where'd he learn that? He's absolutely illiterate!

Boys of the City (1940)
Scruno: [seeing a graveyard at the Judge's estate] G-g-ghosts!
Judge Parker: That graveyard has stood there for centuries. All my wife's ancestors are buried there. So is she. It's exclusively for the family.
Scruno: Mister, you has my word, I-I won't intrude on your family.

Big Business (1924)
Sunshine Sammy: Them lawyers is all tightwads!

Ghosts on the Loose (1943)
Scruno: [whispering] Mister, you dropped your flowers,
[normal tone]
Scruno: I guess he didn't hear me.