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Jessie Sammler (Character)
from "Once and Again" (1999)

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"Once and Again: Tough Love (#3.9)" (2001)
Jessie Sammler: This isn't how I am.
Katie Singer: What do you mean?
Jessie Sammler: Sarah's really giving the impression that... she's acting like this is just some big contest. Like you have to choose. Like, if you're friends with me then you can't be friends with her and... that is SO not how I am, and it's so stupid, and I just think that we should...
Katie Singer: I choose you.
Jessie Sammler: What?
Katie Singer: I choose you over her.
Jessie Sammler: But I don't want anybody to choose anybody.
Katie Singer: I know you don't, but... I can't help it.

"Once and Again: The Gay-Straight Alliance (#3.14)" (2002)
[arguing over Jessie finding Katie's "love letter" to her]
Katie Singer: I don't want anything you don't want.
Jessie Sammler: I just want us to be friends.
Katie Singer: Me too.
Jessie Sammler: I've just been really...
Katie Singer: Confused. I know.
Jessie Sammler: [on the verge of tears] Exactly and I didn't know what to do and that you're really important to me!
Katie Singer: I am?
Jessie Sammler: Yes, don't you see that?
Katie Singer: Because you are really important to me.
Jessie Sammler: So, can we just be friends? I'm I still your friend?
Katie Singer: Yes, of course! Oh my God!
[they hug]
Katie Singer: Of course you're still my friend. So, lets just throw this stupid letter out, okay?
Jessie Sammler: I can't.
[Katie pulls away from Jessie]
Jessie Sammler: I can't throw it away. I want to keep it forever.
[after a few seconds, Jessie suddenly kisses Katie on the lips, and then pulls away stunned by what she did]
Jessie Sammler: [whispering] Oh my God.
Katie Singer: What?
Jessie Sammler: It's just... um...
Katie Singer: [whispering] I know.
[Jessie and Katie gently kiss each other again]