Audrey Burke
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Audrey Burke (Character)
from Things We Lost in the Fire (2007)

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Things We Lost in the Fire (2007)
Audrey Burke: Why wasn't it you, Jerry? Why wasn't it you?

Audrey Burke: What's heroin like?
Jerry Sunborne: You ever heard that expression being kissed by God?

Audrey Burke: What you did today broke my heart.
Jerry Sunborne: What did I do?
Audrey Burke: You got Dory to put his head under the water.
Jerry Sunborne: Oh, that was just a cute trick...
Audrey Burke: He's six. Harper put hers under when she was only three. It was something that Brian tried and tried to get Dory to do, but he couldn't. And that victory today of getting Dory's head to go under was not supposed to be YOURS. It wasn't meant for you to have that moment. And for me, watching you was like this, this...
Jerry Sunborne: I'm sorry.

Harper Burke: Why is Grandma sleeping all day?
Audrey Burke: She's sedated.
Harper Burke: I don't know what that means, Mom.
Audrey Burke: She's taking pills to help her sleep. She lost her son, Harper. That's the worst pain anyone can go through.
Harper Burke: Worse than losing your dad?

Audrey Burke: How'd you know about the movies?
Jerry Sunborne: Brian told me.
Audrey Burke: Hm. So how the fuck did you know about it and I didn't?
Jerry Sunborne: I don't know.
Jerry Sunborne: Maybe he knew if you did, you wouldn't let him do it again.
[says questionably]
Jerry Sunborne: Just don't take it out on her, okay? It's not her fault.

Audrey Burke: This is a list of all the things we lost in the fire. He's gone.
[breaking down]
Audrey Burke: He's gone.